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Ci 350 assure assignment


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Ci 350 assure assignment

  1. 1. Mackenzie Watson Dr. Blanco CI 350 Assure Method Assignment Analyze the students: 4th grade students, 20 all together, 11 girls, 9 boys. 2 Muslim students, 3 Jewish students, and 2 African American students. State the objectives: teach students about Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Winter Scoliotics, Boxing Day and other holidays. Audience: Students in the class Behaviors: will learn the holidays Condition: will learn by listening to traditional songs, creating art and listening to lecture. Degree: all students will know 80% content by the end of the lessons. Select methods, media and materials: I would have the students who celebrate different holidays tell about how they celebrate and what they do. I would use: Computers, to look up information and show pictures/movies/clips of the holidays. Books, go to the library and check out books about the holidays and pass around. drawings music: I would find traditional music for holidays and play them for the students. Utilize methods: I would have each student take some notes, draw some pictures, sing traditional songs and hang up artwork in the classroom about the different holidays they celebrate.
  2. 2. Require participation: I would have the students be able to tell me a little bit of information about each holiday in a test/quiz. I would hope they would be able to write at least 1 paragraph (3-5 complete sentences) about each holiday. There are about 4-5 holidays and I would expect them to get at least 70% or higher. Evaluate and revise: If the students could not write about the holidays I would them with a student who knew about the holiday/celebrated the holiday. After teaming up with a student I would hope that the student who did not know about the holiday to be able to write a paragraph about what they learned.