Nascar campaign final project


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Nascar campaign final project

  1. 1. M A C K E N Z I E K L I N E NASCAR Campaign
  2. 2. Research  60% male 40% female  50% more likely to be registered Republicans  Typically older, middle class, white audience  Growing Hispanic fan base  Less event attendance in recent years
  3. 3. Strengths  NASCAR tickets are relatively cheap  Events are held in many accessible places  2nd most watched sport in the US  Interesting history
  4. 4. Strategy  Highlight NASCAR’s rebellious roots  Advertise in Spanish  Use #livefast to connect online  Create excitement about being at races
  5. 5. D O U B L E - S I D E D M A G A Z I N E A D S Print
  6. 6. In the time it took for you to flip this page the race has ended. Fortunately, it only takes a minute to reserve a ticket. Don’t regret. Don’t forget.
  7. 7. By the time that power line gets fixed the race will be over. At least you still have time to reserve a ticket. You should be there. Just pick, click, and print at
  8. 8. A U D I E N C E O U T R E A C H Commercial
  9. 9. Copy  There’s sitting at home watching TV and there’s feeling the roar of blasting engines. You can see the action or be a part of it. Drivers put everything on the line to earn the extra inch. Many have tried and many have failed. Some will take the leisurely path and earn nothing, but others who live fast will take hold of their dreams.
  10. 10. #livefast
  11. 11. V I R A L R A C E P R A N K Online Video
  12. 12. The “fake” race tickets. Two unsuspecting friends will go from thinking their day at the races is ruined to having the best time of their lives. Show us how you #livefast and buy tickets for a chance to win more amazing prizes.
  13. 13. I N S T A G R A M A N D S H O R T H I S T O R Y A D S Digital Media Platforms
  14. 14. nascarlivefast An instagram account created to show off the rich history and most exciting moments of NASCAR. The account uses #livefast and #nascar to connect with other users.
  15. 15. Short History Ads  YouTube “ads” that don’t push a product  Link to website with all the short stories  Provide a look into early NASCAR  Appeal to younger crowd
  16. 16. Chapters of the Story  Chapter 1: Prohibition  Chapter 2: Evading taxation, beginning to race  Chapter 3: Setting speed records in Daytona Beach  Chapter 4: The first race
  17. 17. The Story of NASCAR
  18. 18. Research Citations  tical-report-offers-beyond--stereotype-look-/  a-republican-k_b_3992677.html  sports/nascar-woo-hispanic-youthful-fans-new- campaign-article-1.1047701  %20Base%20Demographics.pdf  media/articles/2012/11/01/moonshine-mystique.html