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Addressing lgbtq issues in schools


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Published in: Education
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Addressing lgbtq issues in schools

  1. 1. Addressing LGBTQ Issues in Schools Brianne Mack Tawny Sammons Rachel Zuroff Cody Lang
  2. 2. The Gay Stigma
  3. 3. What does it mean to be LGBT?
  4. 4. The Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
  5. 5. Bullying of LGBT Students.O 85% of LGBT youth have been verbally harassedO 40% of LGBT youth have been physically assaulted in the past yearO 92% of middle and high school students have frequently heard homophobic remarks in school O 99.4% heard these remarks from other students O 63% heard these remarks from school facultyO 30% of LGBT students have skipped at least one day of school in the past month because of safety concerns (compared to 6.7% of heterosexual students)O 45% of gay, lesbian and bisexual youth have attempted suicide (compared to 8% of heterosexual youth)O 30% of 7th grade students claim they would not remain friends with someone who came out as gayO 45% of 7th graders would prefer to go to a school with no gay or lesbian students
  6. 6. Bullying of LGBT StudentsO Only 16 states prohibit discrimination or harassment in schools based upon sexual orientation.O 33 states have anti-bullying laws that explicitly do not protect LGBT studentsO In a study of comprehensive anti-bullying programs in middle and high schools, none covered issues regarding sexual orientation and homophobia.
  7. 7. Gay Straight Alliance Network•Goal: provide a safe and supportiveenvironment for students in theLGBTQ community.•Currently, there are 33 states with aGSA network.•They participate in nationalcampaigns to raise awareness,such as the Day of Silence, NationalComing Out Day, No Name CallingWeek.In 2008, there were over 4000registered GSA’s.
  8. 8. Gay Straight Alliance Network• LGBT students feel safer at school, skipschool less and have a greater sense ofbelonging when their school has a GSA• GSAs provide significant opportunities foryouth leadership development and moreopportunities for involvement for these studentsin the school • GSAs give a more positive school environment
  9. 9. LGBT-friendly Sex EducationO LGBT issues ignoredO The same risks still applyO Transgendered students should have access to health informationO Viewed as a criticism of abstinence-only curricula O How can you wait for marriage if you are not legally allowed to marry in your state?O Parents can exempt their child from sex-ed
  10. 10. LGBT-friendly Sex EducationO Available information reduces greater risksO Opponents fear “encouragement” of homosexual behaviorO Open discussion leads to a better sense of individual identity O References:O Lee, Carol (2002-02-10). "Gay Teens Ignored by High School Sex Ed Classes". WeNews.