Mac-Jordan Degadjor: Ghana's Technology & Innovation Boom - Africa Gathering 2013. London, UK


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Africa Gathering 2013 - “Hands on technology: The rise of the makers, the dynamic and the disruptive thinkers of Africa”

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  • Ten years ago, none of all that we’ve done would have been possible without the Internet and the Mobile Phone.
  • Founded in 2001 by Mark Davis, BusyInternet brought a change in the ways Ghanaians now conducted business and communicated with their relatives.
  • Currently, Ghana have 4 undersea cables (SAT3, Main One, Glo-1 and WACS) in operation. The introduction and installation of Undersea cables was a step in moving Africa into a front-runner position in the digital age. The cables provide added connectivity, more affordable bandwidth rates and now allowing even the most remote individual access to information.
  • Across African cities from Accra to Nairobi; Cairo to Cape Town, technology innovation hubs are mushrooming around the continent and are playing a central role in the fledgling tech and entrepreneurial scenes in Africa.Their purpose - to encourage collaboration and act as physical nexus points between investors, academia, various technology communities, NGO’s, and the wider private sector. 2. Hubs do not only offer access to physical infrastructures but also to information and networks. In many African cities, hubs have become the entry point to the technology community, bringing together people working on creative and innovative technological ideasThe network AfriLabs connects hubs across the continent and enables networking and knowledge exchange between African hubs. Networks like AfriLabs are very important in order to make sure that the current boom taking place in Africa can be scaled-up and have a wider economic impact - For instance by creating synergies between hubs and improve their chances of success by sharing best practices, enhancing visibility for its members.
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  • Mac-Jordan Degadjor: Ghana's Technology & Innovation Boom - Africa Gathering 2013. London, UK

    1. 1. Ghana’s Technology & Innovation Boom...
    2. 2. Sharing African & Ghanaian stories on Technology, Innovation and Ideas.
    3. 3. Blogging for Social Change
    4. 4. Bloggers in Ghana – BlogCamp 2013
    5. 5. Where Technology + Governance (Politics) meet...
    6. 6. Ghana Decides: An Election Monitoring Project by @BloggingGhana
    7. 7. @GhanaDecides – Innovation Heroes Award
    8. 8. Internet/Mobile Phone in Ghana – 10yrs ago
    9. 9. SMS & Calls Only – 10yrs ago
    10. 10. Internet/Mobile Phone in Ghana – Present Day!
    11. 11. As of February, 2013 - Ghana’s mobile subscribers has reached 26.33m representing 100.1% penetration
    12. 12. Internet enhancing Education
    13. 13. At least 1 out of every 10 Ghanaian owns 2 mobile phones
    14. 14. The penetration of mobile technology in Africa has been radical and unprecedented.
    15. 15. Technology and Innovation Hubs in Africa…
    16. 16. AfriLabs – Network of Tech Hubs & Innovation Centers across Africa. Credit:
    17. 17. 2013 Graduating Class of Technology Entrepreneurs from MEST – Accra, Ghana Credit: MEST Facebook Page
    18. 18. New Technology Starts-ups in Ghana - 2013
    19. 19. This is the AFRICA they want you to see Credit: The New Ghana FB Page
    20. 20. This is the AFRICA we believe in Credit: The New Ghana FB Page
    21. 21. See Africa Differently video on World Fastest growing economy in the world….
    22. 22. Sharing African & Ghanaian stories on Technology, Innovation and Ideas. @MacJordan