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M2M Now magazine explores the evolving opportunities and challenges facing CSPs across this sector. And in our exclusive interviews passes on some lessons learned by those who have taken the first steps in next gen M2M services.

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M2M March 2013 edition

  1. 1. M2M Now: ISSN 2046-5882MARCH 2013 PROFIT FROM A WORLD OF CONNECTED DEVICES VOLUME 3 ISSUE 2 BILLING FOR M2M Time to look closely at your billing system!TALKINGHEADS MM2M is shifting to anew ‘battleground’,says Wyless’ McDuffieSMART CITY CASE STUDYPortugal shows utilitiesthe way to sustainabilityCONNECTED HEALTHCAREGSMA leads the peloton totackle global diabetes threatPREDICTIONS FOR 2013What’s coming next in M2Mand Connected Devices?+ BARCELONA MSUPPLEMENTOur 16-page CEO Guideto Mobile WorldCongress 2013 ENVIRONMENTAL M PROTECTION M2M tracks trees to protect Brazil’s Amazon rainforest! ALSO INSIDE!Telit’s CEO: How to benefit from LTE! • Jasper deploys Policy Server• Dutch Super Grid Research Unit opens • Garmin expands TelematicsAPI platform • The Contract Hot List • Market, People, Product &M2M News • Latest News & Videos at www.m2mnow.biz
  2. 2. CONTENTS Check Out Our Website! www.m2mnow.biz 10 CONTENTS 3 COMMENT – by the Editor, Jeremy Cowan 4 Prepare the ground, you never know what will grow! TALKING HEADS MARKET NEWS 5 Strategic Research Unit in Holland; M2M market grows 14% PEOPLE NEWS 6 Kroh new CEO at Orga Systems; TIA and ORBCOMM appointments PRODUCT NEWS 7 Partners enhance home control; Telit and Qualcomm CONNECTED DEVICES 8 GSMA partners to maximise mobile opportunity. We report from Brussels TALKING HEADS 10 Dan McDuffie says he believes that M2M is shifting to a new ‘battleground’ CONTRACT NEWS 13 Jasper deploys Tekelec Policy Servers; MobileHelp® uses u-blox for GPS, 2G and 3G THE CONTRACT HOT LIST & EVENT DIARY 14 Our unrivalled List of connected device Contracts; Plus What’s On in M2M C-LEVEL VIEW 1622 EXPERT OPINION Telit’s strategy evolves as the M2M market matures. Jeremy Cowan reports CASE STUDY Cargo Tracck and Gemalto protect Brazil’s rainforest with M2M technology 20 EXPERT OPINION: BILL & CHARGE 22 Telcos should look closely at their M2M billing & rating systems, says Jim Dunlap S4 C-LEVEL VIEW OPINION Alexander Bufalino explains the ‘Family’ approach to 4G CASE STUDY Smart Grids in Portugal show utilities the way to sustainability 27 30 MWC 2013 BARCELONA SUPPLEMENT S1 Our 16-page guide to Mobile World Congress, and connected device developments S12 PREDICTIONS WELCOME TO BARCELONA Be ready to be amazed by MWC’s Connected City. Plus New Horizons at new venue C-LEVEL VIEW Numerex’s CEO, Stratton J Nicolaides, says Service is our Platform S2 S4 CONNECTED DEVICES S8 GSMA and International Diabetes Federation get on their bikes. Will you? PREDICTIONS S12 What’s ahead in connected devices and M2M in 2013? Some expert views EVENT REVIEW S14 Global attendance at DC event advances mobile and personalised health Cover Sponsor: Wyless is a leading © WeKnow Media Ltd 2013 global M2M managed services provider. Its resilient platform, delivered in All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied, stored,partnership with the world’s largest network operators, provides published or in any way reproduced without the prior written consent ofsecure, reliable communications with wireless devices in over 120 the Publisher. M2M Now is distributed free to selected named individuals worldwide whocountries. Powerful management tools offer real-time reporting and meet the Publishers terms of Circulation Control. If you would like to applycontrol over all devices connected to its network. Wyless delivers a for a regular free copy supplied at the Publishers discretion visit www.m2mnow.biz If you do not qualify for a free subscription, paidcomprehensive suite of managed services with unrivalled expertise, subscriptions can be obtained. Subscriptions for 5 issues per year costprofessional support and competitive pricing. Wyless enables its £125.00 worldwide (or US$210 / €160) including post and packing. M2M Now magazine is published 5 times a year.customers and partners to deploy M2M applications and services faster,cheaper and more effectively. www.wyless.com Send your News to the Editor: j.cowan@m2mnow.biz • www.m2mnow.biz CONTENTS M2M Now March 2013 3
  3. 3. COMMENT Prepare the ground, you never what will grow! If I’m at a party and I’m asked what I do, I don’t say I’m a journalist. Half the guests will slap you just for good measure, the rest just expect salacious gossip which I’m always the last to hear. And if I tell them I’m a telecoms journalist you can see them saying to themselves, ‘Oh my God. Why me? My one night out all week and now this …’ A few will ask what’s going to happen next in mobile phones. But, whether it’s mobiles or M2M, none of us really have a clue, do we? Sure, we know that we’ll launch this new wireless Jeremy Cowan product or that new M2M service, but we’ve no idea if it will succeed. Some of the greatest successes in communications have been unexpected. Take SMS, for example. Aside from Facebook and Clearasil, after two decades it’s still every teenager’s best friend. According to MobileFuture we sent 8 trillion texts globally in 2011. The first SMS was sent on December 3, 1992 from a PC via the UK’s Vodafone network, and it just said ‘Merry Christmas’. Initially, the marketing types said it would be used by secretaries to tell their bosses about diary changes. Wrong. Millions of bosses ignored SMS completely, until finally they learned from their children how to avoid expensive mobile calls. Operators loved it because the profit margins on SMS traffic were huge, and who was worried about latency? My point is this, while it’s entertaining to try and guess the next M2M ‘Killer App’, (see our Predictions for 2013 on page S12 in our Mobile World Congress supplement) it is probably also fruitless. Will it be a service in e-health, agriculture, automotive or smart cities? I don’t know and I suspect you don’t either. What really matters is creating the right pre-conditions for new services to blossom; such as effective global partnerships, scalable M2M platforms, repeatable business models, and standardisation for tomorrow’s services (not yesterday’s). Most of this we can prepare for ourselves. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the magazine and supplement. EDITORIAL ADVISORSEDITOR & PUBLISHER CIRCULATIONJeremy Cowan CircdataTel: +44 (0) 1420 588638 Tel: +44 (0) 1635 869868j.cowan@m2mnow.biz PUBLISHED BYDIGITAL EDITOR WeKnow Media Ltd. Suite 138, 70 Churchill Square,Nathalie Bisnar Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4YU, UKTel: +44 (0) 1732 808690 Tel: +44 (0) 1732 807411 Erik Brenneis, Alexander Robin Duke- Baard Eilertsen, Ann Hatchell,n.bisnar@m2mnow.biz Head of Vodafone Bufalino, Woolley, CEO, President & CEO, Bridgewater DISTRIBUTION M2M SVP, Global Beecham Maingate Systems UK Postings LtdBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR Marketing, Telit. Research Tel: +44 (0) 8456 444137Cherisse JamesonTel: +44 (0) 1732 807410c.jameson@m2mnow.biz M2M Now is distributed free to selected named individuals worldwide who meet the Publishers terms of Circulation Control. If you would like to apply for a regular free copy © WeKnow Media Ltd 2013OPERATIONS & EVENTS DIRECTOR supplied at the Publishers discretion visit www.m2mnow.biz IfCharlie Bisnar you do not qualify for a free subscription, paid subscriptions can All rights reserved. No part ofTel: +44 (0) 1732 807411 be obtained. Subscriptions for 5 issues per year cost £125.00 this publication may be worldwide (or US$210 / €160) including post and packing. copied, stored, published orcharlie@wkm-global.com in any way reproduced Marie-Paule Odini, Fergus OReilly, without the prior written Tony Jackson, Gwenn Larsson, consent of the PublisherDESIGN Director, Telecoms, Head of HP CMS Chief SolutionJason Appleby Convergys Smart Marketing, Telenor Expert, SAP M2M Now: ISSN 2046-5882Ark Design Consultancy Ltd Revenue Solutions Connexion Consume to CashTel: +44 (0) 1787 8816234 M2M Now March 2013 COMMENT
  4. 4. MARKET NEWS Strategic Research Unit for smart and super grids to open at DNV KEMA HQ DNV is to open a new Strategic Research UnitBjørn at DNV KEMA’s globalHaugland,DNV: Need for headquarters inmodernisation Arnhem, theof electricity Netherlands. It willinfrastructure focus on the further development of smart grids and super grids; these are a prerequisite to integrate large-scale renewable energy in the future energy system.Theo Bosma,DNV Smart grids and super “There is a global need for extra capacity said Bjørn Haugland, chief technologyResearch & grids are essential for and modernisation of electricity officer (CTO) of DNV and a member ofInnovation: the further development infrastructure to meet the growing the Supervisory Board of DNV KEMA.DNV’s 2,300 of future energy electricity demand. By opening up aenergy experts systems. In November strategic research unit for smart grids Theo Bosma, head of DNV Research & 2012, DNV KEMA and super grids in Arnhem, DNV is Innovation in Arnhem, said, “There areannounced a €70 million investment to preparing the practices and tools we 2,300 energy experts in DNV. As far ascreate the world’s first laboratory in need to meet the growing demand as known, this is the only research centre inextreme testing for the upcoming super well as facilitate the integration of large- the world that concentrates on smartgrids market. scale renewable energy to the grids,” grids and super grids exclusively.”Global M2M market grows 14% on 2011 to reach €22bn in 2012The DigiWorld Institute by IDATE has consumer electronics and utilities. opportunities beyond connectivity.published its annual, global M2M market While they will theoretically drive the Despite low and declining ARPUs, M2Mreport. Among the report’s principal market, some barriers could obstruct offers them attractive opportunities asfindings are: growth in automotive and utilities M2M. projects offer high lifetime value, Some applications in these verticals are reduced churn and average deals forThe M2M market is growing quickly. recurrently delayed (as with the eCall thousands of SIM cards. ConnectivityIn 2012, the cellular market is expected regulation in Europe, and high-scale alone should represent €8.2 billion into represent 140 million modules utility deployments) and have a potential 2015 worldwide (€3 billion in Europe)worldwide for a total market of €22 impact on the traditional M2M market. and more than 5.7% of mobile databillion – of which €5.1 billion is for Most smart meters will be connected to revenues for European telcos.connectivity. M2M market growth was the cellular network through aaround 14% per annum in value and concentrator, and large utility players will MVNOs are being pushed out of the36% in volume. try to drive down the unit price. market and so are repositioning themselves as platform providers, whileMost revenues came from software and The embedded SIM (eSIM) has module providers are challenged toIT services – around two-thirds of the animated the debate on M2M and break even amid falling unit prices.total market value. beyond. eSIMs refer to SIM cards welded into the modules at "The M2M market is growing very fastThe world M2M market should grow by manufacturing and the capacity for but its development is not spread out30% in volume to represent almost 370 remote activation and provisioning over- homogeneously over the vertical markets,"million modules in 2015. Asia-Pacific the-air (OTA). It offers the possibility of says Samuel Ropert, project manager andshould dominate Europe and North switching from one carrier to another senior consultant at IDATE. "We predictAmerica in volume only. The DigiWorld one. Some hurdles to eSIM an average growth rate (AGR) of 40%Institute expects that Europe will still lead implementation exist in the M2M until 2016 (volume) for the automotivein value, followed by North America. industry, but it could be a strong driver industry worldwide. Consumer Electronics for market development. has an AGR of 15% and will representM2M market growth will be driven barely a third of the M2M volume for theby three verticals: automotive, Telcos are still looking for automotive industry in 2016." M2M Now March 2013 5
  5. 5. PEOPLE NEWS TIA brings in B&B certification complexity struck a nerve with the audience that spilled into the Electronics’ Conley hallways after his TIA presentation. for oneM2M standards “Conley’s wireless expertise and his intuition of how carriers and Wolfgang Kroh replaces organisation manufacturers can work together will help oneM2M achieve global standards,” Ramez Younan as Orga said Blum. “We are reaching out to bring B&B Electronics’ cellular device product Systems chief executive manager and wireless expert, Bill Conley, expertise from many M2M-related has been called on by the market segments to the oneM2M Wolfgang Kroh has Telecommunications Industry development table, and B&B can help us been appointed as Association (TIA) to participate as a TIA in vertical markets such as telematics, the new chief delegate to the newly formed oneM2M intelligent transportation, and industrial executive of Orga (www.onem2m.org). This organisation of automation.” B&B Electronics has Systems GmbH. global standards bodies, launched in July joined oneM2M, which now has over Kroh succeeds Ramez 2012 by seven of the world’s leading 130 members. Younan who has left information and communications the company to technology (ICT) Standards Development pursue other Organisations (SDOs), aims to ensure Wolfgang Kroh interests. The global functionality of machine-to- Executive Board of machine (M2M) communication systems. Orga Systems now oneM2M plans to develop the technical ORBCOMM hires Patrick consists of Kroh and and the company’s specifications that enable M2M devices Shay as EVP for Sales chief financial officer (CFO), Johannes to communicate worldwide. Nussbickel, who joined in 2011. and Marketing Conley’s TIA 2012 Kroh is an experienced executive from presentation on the ORBCOMM Inc., a global satellite data the information technology and telecoms need to simplify the communications company based in Fort industry and was formerly chief executive cellular network Lee, New Jersey and specialising in two- of LHS Aktiengesellschaft. LHS was an certification process way machine-to-machine (M2M) independent vendor of customer care prompted TIA to communications, has announced the and billing solutions and Frankfurt Stock broaden its focus to appointment of Patrick Shay as executive Exchange-listed company that was include issues such as vice president (EVP), Sales & Marketing. acquired by Ericsson in 2007 and fully certification and integrated into the Ericsson Group in Bill Conley deployment, and “We are pleased to bring Patrick on 2010. Kroh will bring broad general brought about his board,” said Marc Eisenberg, chief management skills and his long-standing delegate nomination. executive officer of ORBCOMM. “With international experiences in sales and Conley demonstrated the complexities his wealth of experience, we can marketing into this new role. and inconsistencies that device makers anticipate a major contribution by him to and developers encounter while our continued success. As we lead up to Younan joined Orga Systems three years certifying M2M devices, and that users the launch of our next generation ago from Oracle. Under Younan, Orga encounter while attaching and using satellites, we expect Pat to play a Systems achieved financial growth, M2M devices on various carrier leading role.” adding global customers and expanding networks. He then proposed a common into new territories and industries. cellular network provisioning and Mr. Shay has 25 years of leadership connectivity framework, including a experience in the GPS and wireless central, industry-supported M2M markets. Most recently, he was vice certification centre that would encourage president & general manager for more collaboration between developers DeLorme. Prior to DeLorme, Mr. Shay For all the latest and carriers. Mr. Conley’s TIA served as vice president & general presentation is entitled: A Framework for manager of Data Services at Iridium News go to: “Plug and Play” Industrial M2M Solutions. Communications. Mr. Shay has also www.m2mnow.biz According to Cheryl Blum, TIA vice previously held vice president positions at Hughes Telematics, Sirius Satellite Radio president, Mr. Conley’s ideas to eliminate and Rand McNally.6 M2M Now March 2013
  6. 6. PRODUCT NEWSIBM, STMicroelectronics and Shaspa enhanceIoT heat, light and security control at homeIBM (NYSE:IBM), STMicroelectronics connected on the home network by year- and time-based preset scenarios.(NYSE:STM) and Shaspa are collaborating end 2015.1to use cloud and mobile computing to The companies anticipate that this initiativeenable consumers to manage and interact The three companies recently could allow consumers to use any devicewith their homes’ functions and demonstrated a TV linked to ST’s Home capable of running apps to manage aentertainment systems. Together, the Gateway, running software from business variety of personal activities such ascompanies are using multiple user partner Shaspa, and connected to the IBM viewing their home’s energy consumption;interfaces such as voice recognition and cloud. Through sensors, the system can controlling security, heating and lightingphysical gestures to “create a smarter monitor home parameters such as systems; activating home appliances suchhome”. temperature, carbon dioxide level through as washing machines; monitoring health a wireless or ‘batteryless’ IPv6 network. It and assisted living conditions; or engagingA ‘smart home’ brings networking can also monitor human motion within in e-commerce. For example, a person withfunctions together, developing a gateway the home. limited mobility could gesture to the TV tothat connects a television, computer or unlock the front door, turn up the heat ormobile device with smart meters, lights, The data can then be communicated to a check vital signs. This project represents theappliances, plugs and sensors within the smartphone or tablet via a wireless router, future of electronics technology, as sensinghome as well as services from outside. so that the home owner can offload much devices and equipment respond seamlesslyAnalysts Parks Associates forecast that of the home management to the cloud, to user needs and requests, emulating themore than 8 billion devices will be and interact with the system using event way humans sense their environment. Reference: 1 http://www.parksassociates.com/whitepapers/parks-serviceproviders-wp2011 For the full article, go to: www.m2mnow.biz New Qualcomm-based modules expand Telit’s 3G HSPA and HSPA+ offerings Raleigh, North Carolina- V2 is based on Qualcomm Technologies’ UE910 V2 and HE910 V2 modules enable based Telit Wireless QSC6270 chipset and delivers a top the Telit xE910 family to enhance cross- Dominikus Solutions, a global 3.6Mbps downlink data rate. The HE910 technology compatibility with its other Hierl, CMO vendor of M2M modules V2 is based on Qualcomm Technologies’ global air-interface technologies. at Telit and value-added services, MDM6200 chipset and delivers up to Wireless has introduced the UE910 14.4Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink These are Telit’s new 3G products “launched Solutions V2 HSDPA and HE910 V2 data rates. in response to increasing demand for dual- HSPA+ modules based band HSDPA, and HSPA+ modules,” saidon Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. chipsets. The new products are said to be fully Dominikus Hierl (pictured), chief marketingEach module is to be banded for European compatible with Telit’s xE910 family and officer at Telit Wireless Solutions. “Theyand North American markets. can be easily dropped into existing or come to address the need from application planned designs for xE910 modules areas and regions requiring easyBoth machine-to-machine (M2M) products requiring no additional rework. Positioned interchangeability between CDMA orfeature dual-band 3G and GSM/GPRS/ at entry-level and mid-range respectively, UMTS lines of air interface technology,EDGE support. The entry-level 3G UE910 the new Qualcomm Technologies-based particularly in the US, and Europe.” NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF Garmin expands its navigation device designed specifically for Greenvity’s Hybrii® system-on-chips (SoCs) Telematics API platform the fleet service provider in mind, the fleet that integrate HomePlug Green PHY 590 integrates a black box, cable and powerline communications and ZigBee® Garmin International, a unit of Garmin, a antenna with Garmin’s user-interface. wireless technologies into a single chip. global leader in satellite navigation, has expanded its Telematics API platform and The two companies will collaborate in the the integration of the fleet 590. This is Mitsumi and Greenvity to development of Mitsumi’s DRT-A600 and the company’s first portable, connected develop ‘robust’ energy DRT-A520 modules, as well as systems fleet management GPS. management systems and software, “enabling robust and intelligent connectivity for a variety of With vital fleet-tracking abilities and Greenvity Communications is partnering home and building energy management driver-enabled capabilities, the fleet with Mitsumi Electric to provide modules and electric vehicle applications,” said a 590 delivers an integrated tracking and systems for electric vehicles, plug-in spokesman. The DRT-A600 and DRT-A520 and dispatch fleet system for hybrids, battery-charging systems, smart modules will be powered by Greenvity’s business owners and their meters and smart energy management Hybrii-XL GV7011 and Hybrii-PLC GV7012 drivers. As a Telematics systems. The products will leverage single-chip solutions, respectively. M2M Now March 2013 7
  7. 7. CONNECTED DEVICESCONNECTED EUROPE EVENT, BRUSSELS:GSMA says partnerships are key tomaximising the ‘mobile opportunity’ The GSMA recently hosted an event in Brussels, Belgium called Connected Europe: Supporting Growth with Mobile. The event highlighted the need for European industry Anne Bouverot, GSMA: We are now and governments to seeing the third work together to wave with mobile encourage mobile networks communications to delivering connectivity to drive growth, increase devices ranging employment, from health stimulate innovation monitors and smart meters to and improve connected cars sustainability. Connected Europe Europe’s GSM success – connected innovation will be vital for building a also explored how people on the move. The second wave Connected Europe, with partnerships mobile-enabled brought mobile broadband at ever- between industry sectors and between services can increasing speeds to hundreds of millions industry and government. However, EU revolutionise core of Europe’s citizens and businesses. We institutions can enable accelerated European sectors are now seeing the third wave with development of a Connected Europe by including transport, mobile networks delivering connectivity taking a supportive policy and regulatory healthcare and to devices ranging from health monitors approach that addresses key demands utilities. (For more on and smart meters to connected cars, from the European mobile industry: Thibaut Kleiner, EC: the GSMA’s work in transforming the face of industry and the Described the healthcare, see pages lives of individuals.” • Connectivity – encourage investment digital contribution S8-9 in M2M Now’s in mobile broadband networks and to smart, reduce obstacles to their deployment sustainable and Mobile World Europe has the highest mobile inclusive growth in Congress penetration rate in the world, with total • Content and services – enable Europe supplement.) Despite connections equalling 135% of the development of innovative content, recent setbacks for continent’s population in 2012 (versus services and business models the European mobile 87% in Asia and 108% in North • Confidence – help build consumer industry with decreasing revenues that America). This is predicted to rise to trust in new services and encourage will impact future investment, mobile 152% by 2017. their take-up. communication is still a key European Bouverot continued: “Europe has been industry, comparable in size to aerospace Across Europe, it is forecast there will be an innovator and leader from the and larger than pharmaceuticals, with 2.1 billion mobile connections by the end inception of mobile communications, total revenues amounting to around of this decade, an increase of more than although this leadership position has €174 billion. 60% from 1.3 billion today. Advanced weakened in recent years. The third wave mobile broadband networks are of mobile and the delivery of connected Speakers included Anne Bouverot, delivering faster data rates, low latency services present a new and substantial director general, GSMA; Thibaut Kleiner, and expanding coverage, with currently opportunity for future growth.” member of the Cabinet of Vice-President 326 million mobile broadband Neelie Kroes, European Commission; connections in Europe alone. Karsten Ottenberg, CEO, Giesecke & Sector Euros Devrient; and Morten Karlsen Sørby, EVP Mobile connected devices in Europe are Healthcare 23 billion and Head of Strategy and Regulatory predicted to soar to almost 1 billion by 2020, Smart Cities & Utilities 46 billion Affairs, Telenor Group. with the total number of connected devices estimated to reach almost 6 billion. Automotive & Transport 48 billion “Europe is experiencing successive waves of mobile connectivity,” said Anne Table 1. Total revenues per year forecast for How to connect Europe key industries in Europe through mobile Bouverot of the GSMA. “The first wave – Private investment, enterprise and connectivity by 20208 M2M Now March 2013
  8. 8. TALKING HEADS A connected set of new products are being offered by Wyless in 2013. These end-to-end solutions are called Wyless Gears. (Photos: Courtesy of Sue Welch) Changing the M2M battleground in 2013 Dan McDuffie’s career spans more than 20 years in the telecom, internet and wireless industries. Wyless’ CEO began by working in the long distance communications industry with Comtel Group and served as senior vice president of Interoute, the pan-European fibre network operator. In 2006 he was Wyless’ first North American employee, becoming Group CEO in 2011. In his spare time he is a stand-in drummer for several over-the-hill ’80s cover bands (his words, not ours), and says he likes to think he can surf. Here, Jeremy Cowan, the editor of M2M Now, asks him to explain Wyless’ belief that M2M is shifting to a new “battleground”. M2M Now: Dan, the obvious question is; Why do the horizontal value stack. We have a managed you feel that the M2M battleground needs changing network, a software platform, a support infrastructure in 2013 and what is Wyless doing about it? and an ecosystem of partners. Most important is that we have experience… nearly 10 years of experience in Dan McDuffie: You know, Jeremy, the other day I working with partners who are deploying M2M took a look back at the interview that we did way projects of all kinds, of every scale, all around the back in September of 2011, my famous ‘SIM Card / world. All of these assets and experiences can be Deck of Cards’ Cover shot and then at Steve Priestley’s leveraged into a modular range of services that are interview last year, and in both pieces we spoke a lot designed to address the needs of our partners and to about the evolution of the M2M business, about deliver solutions to our customers. becoming more end-to-end, morphing from MVNO to MSP, et cetera. During 2012 we put a lot of the building Today most of our peer group continue to push blocks of our evolving business model into place. managed connectivity, and layer it with support. Many are really good at it, some maybe not so good, In my mind it’s all about leveraging our assets and at but we won’t name names! Tomorrow is all about the same time building more and more services along solutions. So, that’s what we’re doing to change the10 M2M Now March 2013
  9. 9. battleground, we are delivering solutions to the you see a limit to the number of MNOsmarket, and this year we are bringing them all that you can partner with successfully?together into a coherent set of products. Dan: That’s a tricky question because realistically theWe are calling these end-to-end solutions Wyless answer is, that you can’t have a strategic relationshipGears. It’s a modular set of products and services that with everyone. But, that said, if we don’t have astarts at infrastructure and basic connectivity and connection to a particular operator, we are doing “Without a solidmoves across the entire value chain to hardware, ourselves, our customers and that operator aengineering, software, support, billing, branding and disservice. That’s three parties losing out. relationship-even the physical installation of end devices. Our goal building strategyis to listen to what our customers and partners need I mean, you have to draw the line somewhere, we’reand then provide it. If we can’t provide it, we not going to necessarily need two mobile operators in … you are sunk.guarantee that we have a partner who can, and we Latvia (sorry in advance to the operators in Latvia!),will make that solution available as a true partner. but at the same time we have this philosophy that if a It’s ‘Business 101’.” customer really needs a connection to a mobile Dan McDuffieIt’s an extension of the same basic multi-carrier operator somewhere then we’re just going to do it, itphilosophy that has been the cornerstone of our just becomes a time vs. money ROI discussion betweenbusiness for the past 10 years… we have moved from ourselves, our customer and the operator and weNational operators to Global operators to what I call a really truly look at it that way.Multi-Domestic strategy. It means that, no matterwhere you go, you need access to a blend of carriers I don’t think anybody else is crazy enough to say theyin order to effectively deploy a global project with will connect to any cellular carrier, anywhere, given themore scope and less risk. The same actually applies to right set of circumstances, but we’ve backed it up withmany other aspects of the M2M Value chain… an results, so please don’t challenge me; my Projectopen and agnostic service layer. It’s critical. Managers will hate you for it!So, we believe that this is the only way forward in an So, during 2012 we connected to many more carriers,increasingly complex and ever-evolving market. ending the year with over 15 separate MNOCustomers are demanding a full end-to-end solutions connections, and in some cases up to five or sixpartner and we intend on delivering that promise to managed connections into each of them. At any giventhe market. If I’m right, and that’s the new time we are working on three to four morebattleground, then my goal is to be the first guy on it. connections, sometimes new managed APNs or MPNsIn fact, we’re already swarming the castle, I can assure into operators we already have infrastructure with, foryou! a new project, and sometimes to entirely new MNOs. I have no doubt that we’ll be connected to 20M2M Now: So what is the full range of services separate cellular operators by the end of this year.that a Managed Services Provider needs to offertheir customers and partners? That to me is part of the new battleground as well because, let’s be frank, the more places we are withDan: We have grown our products to include our multi-domestic strategy, the more projects we willEngineering, Professional Services, which includes get involved with. And when you go beyond justProject Management, Hardware and Embedded selling and fighting in the connectivity layer toSoftware Engineering, Software Design and Value delivering real solutions, then the more projects youAdded Services where we have a whole new range of have and the higher value you are creating, not justservices including handling billing and customer for your company, but for your customers and yoursupport on behalf of our customers. We have added partners along the value chain and this includes thenetwork design and configuration as well as many MNOs. They’ve all invested billions in theirelements of the supply chain, including hardware infrastructure and we owe them a lot for building theselection through warehousing and installation superhighways that all of our innovative solutionsservices. Then, on top of that, we continue to expand travel over. I want to give them my business and atthe feature set of our Porthos platform, offering not the same time, provide solutions for them to drivejust a service delivery, but an entire ‘MSP in a box’. more business on their networks.As we move into 2013 you will hear more and more M2M Now: Do you see any particular verticalfrom Wyless about our Gears strategy, putting more markets and solutions that will get more focus inemphasis on the key elements that are required to 2013 and beyond?provide a complete global end-to-end solution with atrue modular and consultative approach to our Dan: That’s a difficult question Jeremy, because all ofpartner’s requirements. We are moving from a the verticals are just booming, we’re literally seeing ittransactional to a project-oriented business model. come from everywhere. Of particular focus and interest to Wyless are ‘green projects,’ driverM2M Now: Picking up on some of the points that behaviour, and telemedicine. But we’re seeing newyou have mentioned, the multi-carrier strategy innovations in security and also working on lots ofcomes through very clearly as one of the key new high bandwidth applications including into theplays in ‘changing the M2M battleground’, do enterprise mobility space, which blurs the lines M2M Now March 2013 11
  10. 10. TALKING HEADS between M2M and VPs heading to Panama, another one is booking a trip traditional mobile to Jakarta, a group of Project Managers just back from services. We’ve Tokyo, a partner just back from South Africa with a talked about new project in hand, a key partner with a parking many of meter installation in Israel, a green energy project in a these in the new Smart Building in Singapore, and the list goes on past, of and on. course. Our target expansion markets this year are Latin In the eHealth America and Asia, and later this year we are going to vertical we have a start making a concerted effort to push into Africa and perfect storm finally the Middle East. I’m not sure what’ll be left after that, Wyless has moved to a coming together… an ageing population and maybe some Pacific Islands!Multi-Domestic strategy, continuing cost pressure on in-hospital care, so that remote homecare, self-diagnosing kiosks in M2M Now: So, what you’ve outlined here, Dan is offering an open and pharmacies, and healthcare apps will become the an extremely broad strategy. How do you keep agnostic service layer norm. I think Sam Lucero of IHS up with it all? (www.imsresearch.com) puts the case for remote healthcare services very clearly with a CAGR of 80.7% Dan: It’s pretty stressful, Jeremy, I can assure you! I do for M2M connectivity services revenue over the next get accused of throwing more and more in the mix few years. It’s clearly a market that cannot be ignored, just to keep people on their toes, and not a week goes and Wyless has long been partnered with some of the by without one of my senior managers rolling their leading healthcare companies in delivering these next eyes and saying, ‘So now we’re doing that?’. generation services and we will continue to do so. Actually, for me it comes down to two things; good In the green agriculture segment, we have an article in people and good partners. Without a solid your January 2013 edition of M2M Now that really relationship-building strategy that comes from within sheds some light on that growing mark; irrigation and emanates without, you are sunk. It’s ‘Business control, water savings, all that fun and innovative 101’ but it’s amazing to me how many companies in stuff. But I have to say, Jeremy, that I truly love this the industry don’t get it, they are all about me, me, me. business of M2M that we’re in, and the promise of every vertical that is in it, because of the immense and In this new era of ever-increasing cycles spinning faster innovative changes that they bring across virtually and faster, without constant evolution and an ever- every industry. expanding partner strategy, you are tomorrow’s M2M Now dinosaur. I’d like to say that we have chosen our Jargon Buster So, we are really horizontal across all the verticals, and partners carefully, but truly they have chosen us, and continuing to try to expand at least as quickly as the together we’ve built a relationship based on trust, APN = Adaptive Private market is expanding around us. I’m at the point where council, and an open, strategic plan that is a Network if I see someone doing something new and innovative win/win/win. Customer, Supplier, Partner. The lines CAGR = Compound in the space and we are not involved in either that between those three are getting fuzzy here at Wyless, Annual Growth Rate project or something similar I get really upset! and that’s when you know you’re doing something right. MNO = Mobile Network It’s also pretty rewarding seeing the MNOs now run What keeps me up at night is the tremendous Operator these M2M-focused Ads during Sunday Football in responsibility that our customers, suppliers and MPN = Mobile Private America, where they’re lauding the power of wireless partners have given us. I’m terrified at letting them Network networks to change the world. I like the fact that down, and it’s what keeps us going here at Wyless when you lift up the covers on a lot of that business, and what I hope continues to drive us outside of our MSP = Managed Service you find Wyless inside. comfort zone. I want to take on more and more of Provider that responsibility, embrace the discomfort, and truly PR = Public Relations M2M Now: Traditionally you have focused on add immense value to our ecosystem. Europe and the USA. What can you tell us about ROI = Return on your global expansion plans? You all know who you are, you are on our web site, in Investment our PR, in our offices and we are in yours and we SIM = Subscriber Identity Dan: Well, let’s just say that the global strategy is thank you for your trust, your council and your Module currently in full play. As I write this I have one of my business. It’s good to be well connected. 12 M2M Now March 2013
  11. 11. CONTRACT NEWS Jasper Wireless deploys Tekelec’s Policy Server to enable global machine-to-machine services Jasper Wireless, a leading capacity over 3G and LTE networks. It can billing and usage reports, to ensure connected devices apply different qualities of service to customers benefit from an enhanced platform for M2M and different machines and implement flexible user experience.” consumer electronics, is service plans based on transactions,Doug Suriano: deploying Tekelec’s Policy connections, time of day, location, “Jasper’s services are helping mobileTekelec’s Server (PCRF) to provide applications, or data usage. operators capitalise on an M2M revenuePolicy Server the scalability and opportunity that will grow to nearly US$1.2will ensure flexibility M2M services “Our operator partners rely on us for best- trillion by 2020 according to the GSMA,”that Jasper require. in-class solutions and that’s a big reason said Doug Suriano, CTO of Tekelec.can quicklyscale its why we selected Tekelec," said Jasper “Tekelec’s Policy Server will ensure thatdeployment Tekelec’s PCRF sets rules Wireless CTO, Daniel Collins. "Our highly Jasper can scale its deployment ofof connected governing when devices configurable solution offers automation of connected devices and services quicklydevices transmit information in operational processes, including custom and profitably.” order to minimise device provisioning, instant activation, congestion and maximise real-time diagnostic tools and detailed MobileHelp® can deliverMobileHelp® medical alert utilises personalised medical data to an emergencyu-blox GPS and 2G/3G capabilities response centreu-blox, the Swiss positioning and wireless people are choosing to remain independentchip and module company, has been for as long as possible,” said Robert Flippo,chosen for global positioning and president of MobileHelp. “With the help ofembedded 2G/3G wireless technologies by u-blox’ reliable, low-power positioning andMobileHelp, a provider of M-PERS (Mobile- wireless technologies, our MobileHelpPersonal Emergency Response System) medical alert systems are giving a wholetechnology in America. Based on u-blox’ generation of people the freedom to live inLISA 2G/3G wireless modem and MAX GPS their homes and travel independently,modules, the comprehensive system knowing that simple and fast emergency The system is integrated with nationwideincludes compact, portable alert devices assistance is just a push button away.” wireless voice, data and satellite GPSthat function in and around the home, and technology to provide real-time medicalwhile travelling. MobileHelp devices deliver instant monitoring services, location tracking, and positional information to an emergency instant voice contact with trained“As the population ages, more and more response centre at the touch of a button. emergency response operators. NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEF I NEWS IN BRIEFVodafone approves global use “Customers are (now) in a position to Installation manager, Brian Hansen,of M2M smart services kit deploy our M2M Smart Services from Østjysk Energi explained: “In Developer Kit globally. We continue to the selection process we wereKontron’s M2M Smart Services Developer offer wider deployment options for our interested in usability as well asKit has passed the extensive 2G and 3G customers with cellular connectivity on system performance andtests carried out by the Vodafone Test & various Tier 1 carriers worldwide.” security aspects. Especially dataInnovation Centre and is now approved to security must be weightedoperate globally on Vodafone cellular when implementing a future-networks. OEMs can use this application- First order for new smart grid proof smart meteringready machine-to-machine (M2M) technology signed in Denmark system. Our main focus,platform to connect their distributed though, has been on thesystems via GSM-based 2G/3G networks The energy supplier, Østjysk Energi (DK), functions that will give usto the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and to has signed a contract on a complete an advantage in termsembedded cloud applications. wireless smart metering system, including of grid optimisation 30,000 smart meters. This makes ØstjyskKevin Rhoads, vice president, Embedded and improved Energi the first utility to order the newProducts Business Unit at Kontron, said, maintenance work.” smart grid-platform, OMNIA from Kamstrup. M2M Now March 2013 13
  12. 12. THE CONTRACT HOT LIST M2M Now March 2013 Its free to be included in The Contract Hot List (below), which shows the companies announcing recent contract wins or product deployments. If your contract is not listed here just email the details to us now marked "Hot List" <j.cowan@m2mnow.biz> Vendor/Partners Client, Country Product/Service (Duration & Value) Awarded All Stop Vending USA Technologies, USA To use ePort® for cashless payment and telemetry hardware platforms 12.2012 Axiros Vision Net, USA Contract to bring remote device manager service to Tier-3 markets 12.2012 Efacec ACS (Smart Grids) City of Griffin, Georgia, USA To provide PRISM™ Real-time Outage Management System (OMS) 1.2013 Eurotech ThingWorx, USA Pre-integration partnership to simplify and cut costs of M2M deployments 12.2012 Gemalto Svyaznoy Bank, Russia Deploying the first large scale prepaid card offer for customers in Russia 12.2012 Gemalto Yokosuka, FUJITSU TEN, ERTICO, Japan Launch eCall testing facility to help auto makers meet EU eCall standards 1.2013 Gemalto Cargo Tracck™, Brazil Wireless connectivity in a programme to thwart illegal Amazonian logging 1.2013 Giesecke & Devrient CIBC, Canada Chosen as TSM for CIBCs NFC credit card payment services offering 12.2012 Harris Utilities SmartWorks Braintree Electric Light Dept, USA Deploys MeterSense to turn smart meter data into business intelligence 1.2013 IBM Shaspa and STMicroelectronics, USA Collaborate to enhance IoT control of home heating, lighting and security 1.2013 Kamstrup Østjysk Energi, Denmark First order for new smart grid technology signed in Denmark 1.2013 Kontron Vodafone Group, International M2M Smart Services developer kit approved for use on Vodafone networks 1.2013 Kordia O3b Networks, New Zealand Installation of a Tier-1 satcomms terminal for Telecom Cook Islands (TCI) 1.2013 Mitsumi Greenvity, USA Partner to provide robust energy management systems 1.2013 Sony InterDigital, USA JV to combine consumer electronics expertise and wireless M2M research 1.2013 Telit Wireless Solutions Digicom SpA, Italy Modules to optimise T-LOG, a meter reading device for gas, LPG & water 12.2012 u-blox MobileHelp, USA GPS and wireless enabled instant assistance during medical emergencies 12.2012 Key: Kontrons Smart Services CIBC = Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce JV = Joint Venture developer kit has been eCall = Emergency response for drivers NFC = Near Field Communications approved for global use EU = European Union TSM = Trusted Service Manager on Vodafone networks More information on all these and other News stories can be found at www.m2mnow.biz DIARY Event Diary Dont forget to add the following events to your organiser. As M2M Now is Official Media Partner for many of these events we look forward to seeing you there. V2X for Auto Safety and Embedded World 2013 M2M Forum 2013 Mobility Europe 2013 February 26-28, 2013 May 14, 2013 February 20-21, 2013 Nürnberg, Germany Milan, Italy Le Meridien, Park Hotel, www.embedded-world.eu www.m2mforum.it/eng Frankfurt, Germany www.telematicsupdate.com/vehicle- Smart Utilities Scandinavia CommunicAsia 2013 to-vehicle-conference- 2013 June 18-21, 2013 europe/index.php April 17-18, 2013 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Stockholm, Sweden www.communicasia.com www.smartutilitiesscandinavia.com M2M Telematics: Fleet Smart Utilities Management & Usage Based MVNOs World Congress Scandinavia 2013 will be Insurance April 22-24, 2013 Rome, Italy held in Stockholm February, 20-21, 2013 Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK www.mvnosworldcongress.com www.smi-online.co.uk/m2m28.asps M2M for the Security Industry Mobile World Congress 2013 May 8-9, 2013 February 25-28, 2013 Copthorne Tara Hotel, London, UK Barcelona, Spain www.smi-online.co.uk/m2m- www.mobileworldcongress.com security1.asp14 M2M Now March 2013
  13. 13. C-LEVEL VIEW Oozi Cats is CEO of Telit Communications PLC Telit’s strategy evolves as the M2M market matures It’s been a busy year for Telit Communications PLC, with the integration of several businesses acquired in 2011 plus the launch of m2mAIR, its managed service. So, when M2M Now caught up with Oozi Cats, the company’s CEO there was no shortage of things to discuss. M2M Now: It’s now six months since Telit to expand their relationships with their valued launched m2mAIR. What reaction have you had customers. from the market as a whole, and how do your clients view it? M2M Now: Has anything about m2mAIR changed since it was launched? Oozi Cats: Very positive – m2mAIR is being very well received as we expected. We continue on track, OC: Indeed – we have further enhanced our service helping more and more of our customer base to proposition with several new and value-rich features engage us with m2mAIR services. When you look at and our module management topping the list. One of some of the causes for slower than expected adoption the features allows our customers to locate their of M2M, you start seeing that a great number of the application in the field even without GPS. These are all really innovative M2M applications come from small solutions that provide our customers with real-time, companies with minimal resources to address the business-critical information on where their devices demanding relationships in the M2M value chain. are, their network coverage, and diagnostics. Plus they can quickly troubleshoot the most common issues. The m2mAIR value proposition was designed with They can use this information plus their business these customers in mind. It helps them get all the operating parameters to set alerts and limits to contain M2M value added services they require for their overages and eliminate unwelcome surprises from applications, including pricing that is competitive with data run-away devices – for total cost control. Really those reserved for very large customers; getting them designed to streamlined logistics, operations, and started with the very best at very low administrative troubleshooting. cost since it is all coming from us. Our channel partners like it as well, because most of these Telit One of the key components we have added to customers are buying modules and other services and m2mAIR to achieve this level of control is called products from them, so this gives them an opportunity Intelligent Performance Analyzer or IPA. It is an M2M Now March 2013 15
  14. 14. C-LEVEL VIEW16 M2M Now March 2013
  15. 15. innovative service that allows customers to set specific more cellular-based residential broadband internet “… that takes caredeployment wide performance indicators enabling connection boxes and gateway products.monitoring of behaviour of an entire M2M of the 2G issue –deployment with individual real-time alerts designed M2M Now: What is the strategy behind this if it is an issue.”to identify problems even before they start to affect launch?that customer. Oozi Cats, Telit OC: Until recently, a large network equipment providerAnd we recently announced the acquisition of and chip set provider had over 50% market share ofCrossBridge, a US-based telecommunications services the data cards used in Mobile Computing products,provider focused on the M2M space which in the primarily using the Mini PCIe data card format.coming months we will be fully integrating into the However, this supplier has exited the market and thatm2mAIR business unit effort. Having already acquired represents a potentially disruptive development in theGlobalConect, the acquisition of CrossBridge Solutions supply chain, which requires confidence in long-term,is consistent with our philosophy of providing high-volume supply as well as a strong global andadditional products and services to our target local support structure.customers as described above, in a manner that helpsthem reduce their time to market and better manage So, since we are the industry’s only pure-play M2Mtheir technical risks. module supplier, we have licensed the new M.2 LTE and HSPA+ reference designs in a move to meet theCrossBridge Solutions has a long history of providing demands from notebooks, Ultrabooks™, tablets,M2M services dating back to private radio days and routers, cameras, gateways and other electronicthe Ardis® network. Because of this rich history, the OEMs, in addition to the industrial and commercialCrossBridge Solutions team is the best in industry markets we started serving last year with the mPCIeexperience which will allow us now to offer more form factor. The 30x42mm M.2 data cards supportcomprehensive coverage in M2M solutions to m2mAIR GNSS, are certified for Windows™7 & 8 and includecustomers. remote firmware update switching. To accelerate time to market for the PC OEMS Intel has validated theseThe key success factor for m2mAIR is its market M.2 cards for use with the Intel Tablet andpositioning. We are completely aware of this Ultrabook™ reference designs.requirement and now have some of the best minds inthe industry helping us execute a market plan with M2M Now: Since these are used in mobileexacting accuracy. computing is Telit moving towards 3G or 4G, or are you still content to use 2nd Generation (2G)M2M Now: In the mobile computing arena Telit mobile communications?recently launched the PCIe form factor and nowthe NGFF. Can you describe these products and OC: 2G is still doing well everyplace else other thantheir significance for our readers? the US. In the rest of the global markets we don’t hear of short-term plans to sunset 2G. We have, in fact,OC: As cellular data speeds approach DSL’s and other upgraded our top-selling 2G modules with brand newwired Wide-Area-Network (WAN) technologies, the chipsets and technology which will guarantee supplyindustrial and commercial PC markets start to warm for the long term. These new generations of modulesup to the adoption of cellular as a replacement are very energy efficient which, coupled with their veryconnection for their hardware. It is, after all, a lot small physical dimensions, are now enabling somesimpler to connect a PC to the internet by just very exciting emerging application areas such asplugging it into power than having to run wires from wearable technology.patch panels or access points, securing approvals fromIT managers and other issues. In the US we are seeing strong demand for our xE910 form factor which supports 2G/3G, CDMA/HSPA. AndCouple high-speed with competitive data rate plans we are seeing many customers now coming to marketand all adoption barriers disappear. That is why we with 3G solutions based on the 910 form factor, likehave expanded our relationship with Intel on the the recently launched HE910 HSPA+ or the UE910 V2development of these industry standard data card for HSDPA.form factors, and why we plan to continue adding toboth the mPCIe and NGFF M.2 product families in the M2M Now: How will M2M users and serviceyears ahead. Particularly as LTE deployments become providers benefit from Long-Term Evolution tomore prevalent and the IT industry moves to supply 4G (LTE)? M2M Now March 2013 17
  16. 16. C-LEVEL VIEW “For those OC: For most M2M applications, 3G speeds are more risk dimensions pertaining to cellular generational than enough and with coverage now beginning to transition issues. adopters that match historical 2G coverage in the US we believe 3G have not yet will take on the role 2G once had of being the Take a device freshly designed for 2G, based on the standard fall back for less densely populated and rural GE910 or CE910. When the adopter feels it is time started to look at areas. The US has been a leader in deploying LTE and we and conditions with rate plans and coverage hit the see the highest level of interest for LTE in that market. necessary points, all they have to do is drop in the short range, this HE910 or LE910: whichever and whenever it makes is probably a Other than automotive applications which take three sense. And that takes care of the 2G issue – if it is an to four years to develop and mobile computing where issue. great time to demands are at the cutting edge, we don’t see LTE volumes for M2M growing until 2014/15. Most We believe M2M adopters should really at this point start.” customers are choosing HSPA and CDMA 1xRTT for be taking more time to understand other dimensions Oozi Cats, Telit new designs as coverage is ubiquitous, costs are related to M2M integration. One is the rising play that reduced and applications requiring voice are well short range wireless will continue to have as markets served. LTE will enjoy a healthy boost as silicon prices demand more things connected and fewer wires to begin to become more competitive and the connect them with: sensors, actuators, readers, and requirement to provide legacy 3G connectivity ceases. so on. So, for those adopters that have not yet started to look at short range, this is probably a LTE will be, for the vast majority of global cellular great time to start. infrastructure deployments, an urban and metropolitan proposition for a good time to come. Similarly, it is time to develop a more thorough However, the higher data rates, faster latency, understanding of location awareness for devices. We lowering prices points and the improved processing are at a crossroads where positioning and GPS are no power available in such M2M designs will inevitably longer synonyms. Technology providers like Telit are mature the M2M landscape. This is in much the same redoubling efforts to bring about this revolution that way as how the voice and SMS cell phone has been decouples satellite location from positioning. Soon it eclipsed by the ever increasing use cases consumers will not be enough to be only satellite location-aware. and businesses find daily for the smartphone. Satellite fixes cannot be reliably obtained in garages and inside buildings. M2M Now: Who are the early adopters of LTE in M2M? Additionally, satellite-only positioning devices can be disrupted by jammers. So, whereas satellite will OC: Automotive OEMs have to start designing in continue being an important component of technology now for model years many years out. So positioning, it will quickly be replaced by much you see many of them adopting LTE now in response smarter technology that can look at a group of to the need to support internet-based infotainment different sources to give devices an accurate and and intelligent navigation systems. So we should reliable fix no matter what. expect to see higher end vehicles equipped with LTE connectivity from 2014 onwards. And finally, I would definitely start looking at the services necessary to support adopters through all this. We expect that IP TV, streaming video content will be This is a good time to question the make-up of the a rich space for LTE but it is unclear how it becomes an services that I can get, and what will I get from my M2M play. Mobile computing, of course, will continue M2M services and connectivity providers in the years to demand ever quicker and faster connectivity. Fixed to come. This is perhaps the area where most changes Internet Home Gateways are likely to surface strongly will happen and where adopters need to spend a great soon to replace and compete with DSL and Cable- deal of time looking for answers to questions about delivered internet services. the progress of the services structure they either already use or plan to be using going forward. M2M Now: How long will 2G remain relevant as a service technology? Would you still recommend M2M Now: Will M2M lead automatically to the a design on 2G? Internet of Things (IoT)? When will we see this happen? OC: In the US, the movement in M2M from 2G to 3G is already under way, and in 2013 we will ship a lot of OC: Yes, we believe it will. The blog by Steve Hilton, 3G modules in the US and elsewhere. Generation analyst for Analysys Mason‘s carried by M2M Now on transition should definitely NOT take centre stage for December 18th last, is for us spot on. I believe we are product evolution plans for M2M adopters. This is on the very verge of its start. The convergence with understandably a concern particularly in the US but Cloud technology and Big Data will definitely have a with our family concept, customers are protected in all lot to do with when and how fast this happens.18 M2M Now March 2013
  17. 17. The ideal footprint No. LIS LISA-U2 IS SA-U2 SA U2 Industry’s Industr ’s Industry’s nd try dus sm lle t smallest smallest les 6-band H PA + 6-band HSPA+ ba a HS PA module module oddule
  18. 18. C ASE STUDY Cargo Tracck and Gemalto protect Brazil’s Amazon rainforest with M2M technology The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is vital to stabilising the earth’s environment, producing oxygen, absorbing greenhouse gases and providing natural habitat for 30% of the world’s plant and animal species. However, strong global demand for rainforest wood combined with the enormous profitability of illegal logging operations is fuelling decimation of this precious global resource at an alarming rate. Ten of the The Challenge on Sustainable Development, Cargo Tracck and More than 4,000 square miles of Brazilian rainforest Gemalto devised and executed a successful pilot devices were programme and sting operation that demonstrated has been destroyed in the last two years alone, with 224,000 square miles decimated since record how powerful machine-to-machine (M2M) covertly keeping began in 1980. technology can be used to catch thieves in action installed in and stop deforestation. With current lumber prices at an eight year high, remote active Designed by Cargo Tracck, the discreet tracking lumber gangs unlawfully felling trees for profit have become increasingly pervasive – and with solution uses Gemalto’s Cinterion® BGS2 M2M harvesting module that is said to be tiny and powerful, to devastating environmental consequences. areas deep in enable cellular communications between trees and Traditionally, satellite and radio monitoring were law enforcement. New Radiation Data Exchange the jungle (RED) technology boosts the range of wireless effective at policing the massive Amazon rainforest, which is roughly the size of the United States. But communications extending the reach to extremely as sophisticated thieves abandoned clear-cutting for remote areas that lack mobile network coverage. stealthy new logging strategies that target small Smaller than a deck of cards, the tiny tracking tracts of the most prized trees, new monitoring device is camouflaged in a resin case made to blend methods and strengthened protection were in with the tree trunks. needed. So, IBAMA, Brazil’s environmental Ten of the devices were covertly installed in remote protection agency, enlisted the help of Cargo active harvesting areas deep in the jungle. In Tracck to develop new technology to help locate addition, specialised night-vision cameras were and identify thieves and bring them to justice. installed in nearby trees to capture visual evidence of illegal logging activities. Successful ‘sting’ operation In June 2012, with international attention tuned to The sophisticated power management system of Brazil and the United Nations’ Rio+20 Conference the Cinterion module enhanced power efficiency,20 M2M Now March 2013