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A new campaign idea for Oakley Inc. (Oakley Ballclub Campaign

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Oakley powerpoint

  1. 1. Oakley Ballclub Campaign<br />William Mach<br />
  2. 2. History & Products<br />History<br />-Founded in 1975 by James Jannard<br />-Initially made motocross grips and goggles<br />-Popularized by Tour De France Cyclists by wearing their original ‘Eyeshade’ sunglasses in the early 80’s<br />Products<br />-Sunglasses<br />-Clothing<br />-Watches<br />-Shoes / Sandals<br />-Watches<br />-Goggles<br />-Prescription Eyewear<br />
  3. 3. Company / Campaign Goals<br />Company goals<br />To build on its legacy of innovative, market-leading optical technology<br />Redefine eyewear through art and HDO (High Definition Optics)<br />Further their reach on the female market<br />Campaign goals<br />Expand the companies customized apparel market<br />Bring the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL market all into one mixing pot<br />Increase the number of sponsors through Major revenue sports in order to increase future profits<br />
  4. 4. COMPANY CHALLENGES<br />Increase sales of products other than their eyewear<br />Increase their <br /> target market<br />
  5. 5. Oakley Ballclub Campaign<br />New online campaign starting June, 2010<br /><ul><li> Through www.Oakley.com people will be able to customize their apparel (Sunglasses, Clothing, Watches, Shoes) to fit any professional athletic team. Never done before by Oakley, in the past only offered MLB Logos on Eyewear
  6. 6. Use professional athlete endorsers to blog, make videos and sponsor all of the new Oakley gear
  7. 7. Collaborate with Google and Youtube to launch the Ballclub Campaign, starting in June, 2010</li></li></ul><li>TARGET MARKET<br />Psychographics<br />demographics<br />Majority men ages 15-45<br />Middle to Upper class<br />Active Occupation such as driving or sporting<br />Lifestyle eyewear targets single men and women; Prescription eyewear targets younger married couples people who hold professional dressing occupations<br />Athletic lifestyle (whether participating or following)<br />Active lifestyles<br />People who live in warmer climates such as California and Florida<br />
  8. 8. BUDGET & TIMELINE<br />Budget: 20 million ($5 million more than their current Customize. Personalize. Identify campaign<br />Timeline: June, 2010 – May, 2011<br />
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA IN CAMPAIGN<br />YOUTUBE-Will collaborate with Youtube<br />having videos with celebrity endorsers wearing<br />the Oakley product while wearing their team’s<br />gear customized by Oakley. <br />TWITTER- Will open a Twitter account (do not have one as of now) giving out deals for new products, pictures of different teams gear and retweeting consumers positive tweets regarding product <br />FACEBOOK- Create a interactive fan page with direct links to the Oakley website, so that consumers can create their own glasses using any teams Logo sketch on their lenses, purchase Oakley team gear and also allow consumers to respond to what they think about the new product<br />
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA continued…<br />SEOs- Purchase space on SEOs such as Google, Bing etc. to have Oakley Inc. first to show up when consumers search for eyewear or athletic clothing<br />BLOGGING-Have sport icon endorsers hold a daily blog talking about the Oakley product, why they chose to be with Oakley Inc. and how Oakley apparel and eyewear help them in their respective sport <br />GOOGLE-Will use Google Adwords to promote the Oakley Ballclub Campaign. Will also pay Google to show up at top of search list, this way Oakley will have more clicks <br />
  11. 11. HOW SUCCESS WILL BE MEASURED<br />YOUTUBE<br />-See how many views on videos<br />-See replies and response videos<br />BLOGGING<br />-See how many people view blog posts<br />-Look at responses to blogs<br />TWITTER<br />-Monitortweets using hoot suite<br />-See if posts are positive/negative<br />FACEBOOK<br />-Look at fan pages, see what the consumers are saying about the campaign / product<br />-Search fans Facebook pages for pictures wearing product<br />GOOGLE<br />-Monitor using Google Analytics<br />-Use SEO to see how competitors are doing<br />SEOs<br />-Search for product, see what critics are saying<br />-See how many people are searching for your product<br />