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Zone Data Systems client presentation

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  • Here is one screen from inside the proprietary software called Valytics. This is the sofware appraisers use to appraise every home.Every property in the Zone is laid out for view. The red number is the current value. Sales are compared against all comparable homes based on GeoScores, which the appraiser assigns to each house. You see them here. These are scores from 1-10 for all the key value attributes. If the appraiser increases the score for condition the Red value goes up.
  • Valytics allows the appraiser to analyze data and appraise homes in high volume. The target can be to appraise and entire city OR an entire Mortgage Pool. Or a portfolio of homes in default etc. The is Porfolio Viewer. You can open an account and manage all your portfolios in real time.Once a home in being monitored in the system its value is being accurately tracked every month as the local appraiser reviews listings and sales in its market virtually…as they happen. The system can also generate various appraisal forms on the fly, because every field in the appraisal is stored in the database and adjusted by the local appraiser as necessary. The result is: more research time, better valuation, Unbiased valuation, Real Time access and lower cost. If the industry is going to need millions of appraisals over the next few years…appraisers are now ready to meet that challenge. The database can easily output millions of appraisals in real time with high quality local research.You will see here the current value of the home, the total value of the portfolio and the change in value over the past month. Data can also be exported to a spread sheet so that you can analyze the equity position on any home every month.
  • General Client Presentation

    1. 1. Why You Need ZDS Value Research Today… Local Appraisers Providing Real Time Residential Values Powered by
    2. 2. Introducing Zone Data Systems LLC National Appraisal Company 239 Partner Offices - All Independent Fee Appraisal Firms Coverage includes critical areas of the country Exclusive Valuation Research Technology – Zaio Valytics tm Ability to correctly model Market Conditions in a database Real-Time Appraisal Values Highest Regulatory Approval Data feeds as you need them Powered by:
    3. 3. Valuation Research Completed in AdvanceRetrospective Current Appraised Appraised Values One Values (Q4- 2011) Database Organize All The Facts Value Trends Individual and Indexing Liquidation Reports orGIS Data Maps Value Portfolio Viewer Tracking for REO
    4. 4. A Whole Market ApproachEntire Cities or Portfolios Valued and GeoScore Rated All Home values are LocalSales areisAppraisers All Licensed Scored Every Home Reviewed Homesand modify their test are Grouped measured and canfor it’s key value is and the Market correctly positioned based on common value measurement as attributes in a Central Modeled (Location, within the market criteria. new Sales and Listings Condition etc.) Database model. Occur
    5. 5. GeoScore TM and ValyticsTM Technologies Every home in a city is compared to ALL possible comparable sales in it’s market group. Values This is the value of the dynamically change as home, positioned sales and listings occur. correctly in the market at a certain Point in Time.Appraiser analyzes Datato determine the dollar value of certain GeoScore rating allows property attributes. the appraiser to “balance” why homes sell for different amounts New selling prices are dynamically compared against the appraiser’s pre- existing value Powered by Technologymeasurement. Appraiser accuracy can be measured.
    6. 6. Best of Breed at Every LevelThe cheapest exterior Market offers an is a purelyZDS generatesisWhole next step an appraiser’sValuationsStandard AppraisalZDS The Gold through local theResearch and Appraisalscomputer Appraisal valuecomeinspectiongenerated at Theanalysis from the desk.same price as interior priceappraisers full Whole Valuation includes a formats andin differentat the same Pricecalledincludes a Broker priceZ-Val an Automated Marketpointsas an with theoffersidealpoint depending onunique ZDS inspection alsoOpinion. It AVM.includesScopeResearch plus ZDS the aModel (AVM). the This is the traditionalof WorkMarket Research Whole (SOW) trend analysis.ZDS Whole Marketsuperior solution. Research.for statistics anddesktop. More economicalthan a traditional “one-off”.
    7. 7. All Properties in any Portfolio Valued Monthly Total Value of Portfolio Current value of this house. Value Change Over Time IntervalAlso available by data feed, with accurate matching to your records.
    8. 8. Get an accurate number fast at this Full Appraisal fee is point. Ideal solution Efficiency discounted by Z-Val for Brokers and Cost. Wholesale too.Origination Low Cost Full Loan Z-Val Accurate Appraisal Processing Application Check G.F.E. ZDSSave Z-Valable to may be and Docs Portfolio Viewer is a Value provide it’s$values to you real-time appraisal through your existing update for all Asset Management data properties in any stream. portfolio.Servicing Constant Arrears or Z-Val + Info on Link to Loan Mod. Default Portfolio Value + Asset Man. Or REO Occur Viewer or Property Inspect. Data Feed Status
    9. 9. Values are more Work load The RMBS buyer can know is accurate than AVM Secondary Markets and RMBS automatically value of each home the or BPO and available distributed to and the value trend going local at the same price appraisers forward. pointDue Diligence for RMBS Buyer or Properties Local View, Portfolio Seller are tagged Appraisers manage values provides and loaded Measure and export monitored Spread Values are more accurate to Portfolio Values data as going sheet than AVM orViewer BPO but accurately needed forward ZDS has access to available at the same price exterior photos of 20 point. Local Licensed million homes taken Appraisers have greater 2005-2008. credibility.Due Diligence for buy-backs (Due for release Q4 2011) Spread Current Historic Old photos Buyer can sheet of Value also sales data retrieved use buy-backs tracked in applied for from Portfolio loaded to Portfolio retro value Database. Viewer too Valytics viewer
    10. 10. GIS Value Mapping and Indexing6 Month Value Trend* Properties, or The Database Records Neighborhoods can Indices can be more Value be Value Trends map to Zip Code. They can plotted on a on a than granular Monthly Basis broken down to actual show Value Trends be competing market groups (Homes with the same location, style, type and size attributes). Conceptual Data Only. Value analysis has not been completed.
    11. 11. Overview of the Valuation Research Process Local appraisers review and CORRECT existing public data as necessary. Output will be exactly what you need...matched directly with your records. ZDS has a photo database of historical images for 20 million Appraiser-Backed homes and can mass Valuation photo-shoot cities and Database neighborhoods if necessary.
    12. 12. We Are At Your ServiceIn Conclusion….ZDS products are created by Certified Appraisers, unlike ALL other highvolume products on the market today.You can have you valuation supply chain backed by local licensedappraisers, at the same price point as AVM (Automated Value Models)and Broker Price Opinions.ZDS is the ONLY appraisal organization capable of delivering millionsof appraisals on pace for today`s lending, securitization, servicing,default, loan modification and risk review needs. Thank-You for considering the future!