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  1. 1. SUBJECT: ATTN: Beginner Forex Traders Dear {!firstname_fix}, ATTN: Beginner Forex Traders "Become A Profitable, Confident Forex Trader In Less Than A Day!" Now is the time to get special trading tactics, especially created for beginner and developed so everyone can become a profitable trader! Have you ever wondered: - If it is possible to make money even when the economy and stock market are bad? - Where you can find an amazing opportunity to earn money without fear and worry? It's in the Forex market... Today is the best time to learn the tactics and secrets of a Forex Master trader and you can do it in just hours! The #1 Mistake Most Untrained Traders Make Warning! The worst mistake new traders make is to invest money without knowing exactly how the market works. Watching a show on television, even one specializing on the market, does not make you ready for trading. Do not think just because you talked to a friend who you think knows what the markets are all about, that trading is easy? The market is risky. Trading in the market without some training is like someone jumping in a pool without knowing how to swim.
  2. 2. Forex traders who jump in without training usually end up losing their investment and more. Caution! Trading without understanding the basics of how the market works, how to trade, and techniques to turn any investment into MAJOR profits will lead to LOSS OF MONEY! Making Profits in the Forex Market Research takes a lot of time. Advice from friends and others is often unreliable. Information you can get about the Forex market may leave you more confused after you get it than before you started to learn. Why? Information about the Forex Market is technical and complex. Trying to learn the theories and strategies without help could take years. New Forex traders do not have to spend years learning the complex theories and strategies. Some of the most profitable traders, including me, dont know half of the information available on the Forex market. Knowing what information is useful and what is not is more important than knowing everything! Knowing the basics and important strategies that work can result in big, consistent profits. Basics and important strategies that work is exactly what I am going to offer you today "Forex Trading For Newbies" Check out my getting started report and learn how you can access over 4 hours of video training right now click here: To Your Success, YOUR NAME
  3. 3. P.S. Do not chance throwing your money away by investing without the proper training! Get started today learning everything you need to know to trade safely.