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This slide was presented to Oakland principals on October 5, 2012. The slide presents research findings conducted by Macheo Payne. The research sought to identify effective discipline practices that reduce the disproportionality of suspension of black male students in Oakland schools.
The presentation came after the Oakland school board passed a voluntary resolution plan with the office of civil rights, to address the problem.

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OUSD Principals

  1. 1. APPLIED CRITICAL RACE THEORY Addressing disproportionality of suspension of black males using CRT as a theoretical frame. Macheo PayneKEY TENETS RESEARCH APPLYING CRT TO CRT REVIEW IN THETwo tenets of CRT used Primary causes for CLASSROOMto frame the root cause disproportionality cited Effective elements for & intervention for in research significantly reducing or disproportionality eliminating out of class Teacher Bias referrals of black male Centrality of Hidden stereotypes students Whiteness lead adults to hold a (addressing white more negative Expansive View: presupposition of “If you fail, Iprivilege) Why the black males. failed.”‘doll test’ produces the same results Institutional Bias Emotional today. Inequality is Flexibility: reproduced Utilizing a wide The Challenge to regardless of who array of tools todominant ideology leads the institution, manage their own i.e. zero tolerance. (Challenge the emotions.colorblind myth) or Culturalrace neutral path to Mismatch Black Beliefs equity (Brown v. students culture is InformingBoard & abolishing pathologized and Practice: affirmative action, viewed as Commitment to incompatible with social justice and etc.). the educational equity. setting.
  2. 2. Elements of Effective Discipline with Black Male Students Using the CRT lens to view how teachers effectively address disproportionality of suspension of black males at the classroom level Macheo Payne using CRT in Discipline EXPANSIVE EMOTIONAL BELIEFS VIEW FLEXIBILITY INFORMING“If you fail, I fail.” “Utilizing a wide PRACTICE array of tools to “Commitment to Learning manage their own Social Justice and Focused: emotions.” Equity.” Academic engagement is Emotional Background prioritized over Attunement: Beliefs: Teacher rule compliance. Able to “read” and can relate to respond to student institutional racism In Class disruption from a through reflection Flexibility: social emotional of personal Multiple in class lens. experience strategies and variety of Productive Personal Charge: opportunities for Struggle with ‘Authentic caring’students to access Practice: Teacher & love for the learning. reflection and students and the art examination of of teaching.Student Centered own practice.Discipline Policy: Override Reinforcing Oppression:policies to support Deliberate attempt building student to address capacity, not institutional racismsetting them up to and inequity. fail (3 strikes). 2