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Driving discovery through social media


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Driving discovery through social media

  1. 1. Driving Discovery through Social Media Or… What’s the Haps?
  2. 2. Book Discovery In 2011, half of consumers changed their book buying behavior 39% of books were sold online, 26% were sold in-store Of the consumers surveyed, 21% cut down on their overall book buying, 13% bought used books, or swapped books 5% of consumers bought more e-books
  3. 3. One Example of BookDiscovery: Goodreads Goodreads is a social networking site for book lovers With over 10,000,000 members, Goodreads is one of the largest websites for readers. It allows them to discover new books, write reviews, update their reading lists to include what they’re currently reading or what they have read, and interact with others who have the same interests they do Not only that, but Goodreads is a social media site using OTHER social media sites to gain an even wider audience
  4. 4. The Many Faces of Goodreads reads
  5. 5. There are 44 different waysto discover new books People who own e-books discover books differently than those who own tablets, those who shop online and those who purchase books at different retailers People of all demographics discover books differently: no two tablet owners will discover books in the same way just because they own tablets Readers of different genres discover books differently
  6. 6. Imagine This: Tablet owners discover new material through free excerpts on their devices 15% of the time Free excerpts are a great way to market to this audience, since it is the second largest way to reach them, after word-of-mouth recommendations But not every tablet owner reads the same genres and can’t be marketed to the same way While 15% may discover new material through free excerpts, readers of young adult fiction only discover new material this way 6% of the time!
  7. 7. Confused Yet?
  8. 8. How the heck do I market to all these people? Fantastic question, and one publishers “The secret of have to deal with every day promotion in the age of social It comes down to knowing your market: media isnt to  Know who your reader is promote yourself. Its to  Know where you can find your reader promote others.”  Know what marketing strategies your – Tim O’Reilly reader will respond to
  9. 9. The Good Stuff: Social Media and Publishers Social media is one of the best ways for publishers to get to know their readers Since publishers are not just publishing one book at a time to one specific person, they need a variety of different methods to reach their audience(s) online
  10. 10. But I don’t want to talk to a faceless drone Neither do I. In this day and age, publishers can’t simply create accounts on Facebook or Twitter and then only post generic information Consumers want and expect a more personable approach Online marketing is about the one-to-one conversation between the consumer and the business, or, in this case, between the publisher and the reader Companies want to add a new face or voice online in order to find new ways to interact to their customers, and get them more involved
  11. 11. It’s All About the Personal Publishers need a personal voice in order to be successful online Not only that, but they need to find a personal voice that stands out for readers, because they are not just competing against each other, but everybody else online that’s vying for a reader’s attention
  12. 12. Social Media for Publishers: the Nitty Gritty So how can social media drive value for publishers? And how can publishers utilize social media to their advantage?1) Use social media to source content2) Drive traffic to main site3) Build relationships and grow commitment4) Research new markets and find new customers Sourcing content
  13. 13. Anything you can do I can do better!/search/?q=%23readpeng uin&src=typd a?fref=ts oup?feature=BF
  14. 14. In Summation Publishers need a personal voice online to be successful Publishers should decide how social media can add value to their business Find out where audience is and prioritize accordingly Determine who from the company should be in charge of which channels Link back to own site Promote social media networks on all media channels Participate in discussions Publish social content on main website Monitor traffic, and then try to quantify its value