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Girls State Presentation

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Kgs for-public

  1. 1. June 26 thru July 2, 2011
  2. 2. What is Keystone Girls State (KGS)? A week long, in-house conference held at Shippensburg University A mythical state within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania An opportunity to live as self-governing citizens of KGS
  3. 3. Who is Keystone Girls State for? Have completed their Junior year in high school A strong desire to learn Have a high moral character Possess strong leadership abilities Have an interest in government, politics, and/or current events Agree to comply with the rules and regulations U.S. Citizenship
  4. 4. A training process in: Governmental processes Politics Campaigning Elections Patriotism American Legion Auxiliary Programs
  5. 5. How is KGS designed: KGS and the dorm are the “State” Each floor is a county: Red, White, Blue and if needed Gold Each floor is divided into 3 to 4 cities, named after their Senior Counselor
  6. 6. About the citizens? Citizens are assigned to a fictional party- either Federalists or Nationalists Each room has a Nat and a Fed Parties are balanced as much as possible Randomly placed into cities – trying to separate Unit’s multiple sponsorship to encourage a new experience for the girls
  7. 7. Schedule of Elections: Sunday - City Primary & General elections Monday – County Primary & General Elections Tuesday – State Primary Elections Thursday – State General Elections
  8. 8. City Government: Headed by elected Mayor and 3 Councilwomen Appointments of the following committees or positions: City Clerk City Treasurer Board of Health & Health Commissioner Emergency Management Chief of Police City Prosecutor City Public Defender Fire Chief Public Relations Director City Magistrate Mail Carrier Superintendent of Parks Newspaper Editor City Council Resolution Committee
  9. 9. County Government: Elected Positions: 3 county Commissioners Sheriff County Treasurer District Attorney District Judge Appointments of the following positions (possible): 3 Deputies – Commission, Circuit Court & County Jailor Assistant County Prosecutor Magistrate Judge Clerk magistrate
  10. 10. State Government: Elected Positions Governor Lieutenant Governor Attorney General Treasurer Auditor General Superior Court Judge Supreme Court Justice State Party Chairman 5 Senators from each City All other citizens are Representatives
  11. 11. ALA Programs incorporated into KGS: Americanism Children & Youth Community Service Education Girls State Juniors Leadership & Parliamentary Legislative National Security Poppy President’s Project VA & R
  12. 12. Americanism: Saluting of Flag Folding of Flag Advancement & retirement of Colors Flag raising and lowering POW/PIA table Flag history & protocol American & State history Proper Flag retirement ceremony
  13. 13. Children & Youth: Promoting the “Good” in children Reinforce positively for the week Be future references for attendees Provide entertainment: City Song Contest Talent Show Refreshments and games with Keystone Boys State
  14. 14. Community Service By preparing them to be active citizens once they reach “adulthood” Promote involvement in their schools and communities
  15. 15. Education: Education pertaining to the governmental process ROTC and Armed Forces – financial aid for post-secondary education Awareness of scholarships available to them Available college credits for attending KGS and requirements
  16. 16. Juniors: Addressed by past or present ALA Honorary Junior President Information on involvement with the American Legion Auxiliary
  17. 17. Leadership & Parliamentary: Through elections and appointments, citizens build upon leadership and team-work skills Parliamentary procedure: City meetings Mock Legislation Session run by newly- elected Lieutenant Governor Debates
  18. 18. Legislative: Proper way to hold an election through County Election Boards Proper voting & requirements Writing of KGS Resolutions Understanding of governmental positions and professions
  19. 19. National Security: Awareness of need for support of the Armed Forces and their families Awareness of crime prevention through guest speakers Stress involvement in community organizations
  20. 20. Poppy: Presentation of Poppy history and story Awareness of ALA Poppy & disabled veterans Present each participant with a Poppy
  21. 21. President’s Project: Awareness of President’s Project Operation Military Kids- Hero Backpacks
  22. 22. VA& R: Awareness of being a Volun-teen Presentations by veterans of different eras and branches of the Armed Forces ROTC seminar from Shippensburg University
  23. 23. Example of a Session day Schedule: Monday: 6:30-7:15 Rise and Shine 7:30-8:15 Breakfast 8:20 Flag Raising 8:40 Opening Exercises ~Remarks – KGS Chairman ~Americanism Program ~Announcements ~Introductions of City Officials ~Voting Instructions ~County Party Caucus ~Girls Nation Speaker 10:15-10:45 Campaign for County Primary Elections 12:00-12:45 Lunch 1:00 Resume in Memorial Auditorium ~Superior Court Judge, Cheryl Allen
  24. 24. Example Schedule con’t: Monday: 2:00 County primary Elections – Naugle Hall Introduction of County Primary Officers Campaign for County General elections 4:00 Work on City Song & Poster/Chorus Practice 4:45 Flag Lowering 5:00-5:45 Dinner 6:00 County General Elections 7:10 Return to Memorial Auditorium ~Remarks by KGS Chairman ~Closing Exercises 7:30 Joint Abraham Lincoln Presentation 9:00 City Meeting 10:00 Reflection on the day 10:30 Citizens prepare for Tuesday in their rooms 11:00 Lights out
  25. 25. Extra-curricular Activities: Visit and tour of State Capital and political officers Clean County Awards (treats) Trivia Question of the Day (treats) City Song Contest City Poster Contest Refreshments & games with Keystone Boys State Talent Show Graduation & Banquet ceremony
  26. 26. Possibilities: Samsung Scholarship KGS State Officer’s Scholarship Girls Nation participation (2) in Washington D.C. Potential possibilities of future and professions Making memories and friends that will last a lifetime
  27. 27. Past KGS Guest Speakers: Mayors County Commissioners Election Board members Sheriff Treasurers District Attorneys Superior Court Judge Members of Attorney General’s Office ROTC Officers Vietnam Veteran Abe Lincoln impersonator ALA Department President Legion Department Commander Legion Department Adjutant
  28. 28. Past Girls State Participants: Jane Pauley – NBC Broadcast Journalist Ann Richards – Former Texas Governor Jessica Mitchell – VP of Design/Director of Appeal for Liz Calborne Captain Michelle Johnson – first woman to serve as Wing Commander, US Air Force Academy Kate Shindle – Miss America 1998 Ericka Dunlap – Miss America 2004 Lynne Cheney – Wife of past Vice Pres. Dick Cheney Jennifer Dunn – US Representative of Washington Constance A Morella – former US Representative of Maryland Barbara Cubin – US Representative of Wyoming
  29. 29. New to Keystone Girls State: 65th Anniversary – Sapphire & Silver KGS Hoodie Keystone Girls State Facebook page- Keystone Girls State - American Legion Auxiliary, Dept of PA Girls State webpage on Department website ( applications and forms will be posted Students page (scholarships & programs) on Department website
  30. 30. Cost for Attending: $0.00Contact your local American Legion Auxiliary Unit Hope to see you at the next session of Keystone Girls State!!!