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Rets class


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Rets class

  1. 1. Operating the Remote Ranges At Ft. Indiantown Gap Mace Smith
  2. 2. Click Range users
  3. 3. Click RangeMaster 2000
  4. 4. Once your at the home screen click and drag to highlight all of the green triangles. The triangles represent a single target.
  5. 5. Once all of the green triangles are highlighted. Click (Expose FL) to expose all of the targets. Then Click (Conceal) to unexposed the targets. Expose FL Conceal
  6. 6. After you have exposed and concealed all of the targets you can input the names of the firing line. To do this take the mouse and hover over (Report) then click on (Personnel) in the drop down box. Report Personnel
  7. 7. You must input the name of the firers before you start the program. (1)To Input names first click on (Add) select the lane. (2) Then select the lane. (3) Then input the information of the firer on that lane. Once the program is complete you must click on the (Delete All) to delete the names of the last firing order. 1 2 3 Delete All
  8. 8. Once all information is complete for the firer clicked on (Add). Then input the next firer.
  9. 9. To start a scenario take the mouse and hover over the (Program) then click on (Load). Program Load
  10. 10. Chose what program to load then double click the program.
  11. 11. Now that the program is loaded notice the change in the right hand side of the screen. From here you as the RETS operator just need to know the (RUN) (PAUSE) and (RESET) options. (RUN) starts the program (You may need to hit run 2-4 times on programs with the first 4 steps being the show the odd and even lanes sreps) (PAUSE) will pause the program then click (RUN ) to continue. (RESET) will reset the program. RUN PAUSE RESET
  12. 12. Once program is up and running you can track what step is being executed by viewing the table under the commands. The program will pause automatically between tables. Once all tower commands are complete just click (RUN) to start the next table.
  13. 13. When the program is complete follow the directions and click (RUN) to display the report .
  14. 14. FINAL REPORT
  15. 15. To print the final report click on (FILE) then (PRINT) FILE PRINT
  16. 16. Once final report is printed to start a new firing order just click on (RESET)