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Duplicate Finder Mac - to get rid of duplicate files easily

With Mac duplicate finder program it is meant all easy for users to clear duplicate & redundant & other temporary files which aren't useful, still it continues to occupy system space reducing its speed and ability to perform. So, get rid of these duplicate files to improve Mac performance.

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Duplicate Finder Mac - to get rid of duplicate files easily

  1. 1. Mac Duplicate Finder
  2. 2. Mac Duplicate Finder Table of Contents Introduction – About Mac Duplicate Finder  Causes of Slow System Performance  Common Problem Arising as a result of slow system  performance  Mac Duplicate Finder – to get rid of slow Mac  performance Mac Duplicate Finder Software Features  User Guide – How to use duplicate file finder for Mac
  3. 3. Mac Duplicate Finder Introduction to Mac Duplicate Finder Overtime use the speed & performance of system reduces, all this happens due to large number of temporary as well junk or unused files present on the hard disk volume. These would keep the system space occupied & the resources of the system are utilized as well for no good. Any task performed on a system as such would be slowest of all and it is thus necessary to have the same rectified, for which Mac duplicate finder software is helpful.
  4. 4. Mac Duplicate Finder Causes of Slow System Performance Altogether, the causes responsible for slow performance of Mac are many, given as follows - Large number of duplicate & redundant files scattered over the hard drive Junk, unused & temporary files occupies the system Lack of required disk space System lacks required memory & resources
  5. 5. Mac Duplicate Finder Problems caused as a result of slow system speed - When the system speed decreases, all operations carried upon are slowed down say that of OS booting to that of, application load time & any processing so done The backup & sync time increases System may behave unusually at times and may not answer to user queries made System may stay non-responding at times System resources are utilized unnecessarily
  6. 6. Mac Duplicate FinderHow to get rid of slow Mac Performance?As known duplicate files & other files alike say the temporary & junk files alike are the sole cause behind slow down in system performance & speed. It is necessary to get those cleared off from the system in easy & safe way and the same is possible using Mac duplicate finder.Mac duplicate finder thoroughly scans the Mac volumes to locate those dupe files, while letting the system files untouched in any way. It works on highly skilled algorithms for checking & eliminating duplicate file entries from the system with same or different names.
  7. 7. Mac Duplicate FinderKey Features of Mac Duplicate Finder –3. Scans the system by byte-by-byte & CRC32 algorithm to find duplicate files with same or different name5. Capable of Finding all sorts of duplicate files –photos, videos, MP3, documents &7. Finds duplicates from application database –iPhoto, iTunes, Aperture etc8. Previews duplicate from where the same can be deleted10. Works with all Mac OS X systems viz. OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5 & 10.4
  8. 8. Mac Duplicate FinderHow Mac Duplicate Finder Works?Using the software is easiest of all provided with graphical self explanatory user interface.5. First of all download & install the utility and launch the same from shortcut created6. Select the drive location or database to be scanned for finding duplicate items7. Click start, to get the process started. Once it is done the dupe files will be listed on the side, whereby you need to select the unwanted ones for deletion8. Your system is now free from duplicate and junk items completely.
  9. 9. Mac Duplicate Finder Thank You!  Please Visit