Some of your vendors should be full time providers


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Depending on the type of business you're running and the service needed you should use full time vendors.

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Some of your vendors should be full time providers

  1. 1. Some Of Your Vendors Should Be Full Time ProvidersMcMillan Insight -- Augustus McMillanMcMillan Consulting’s founder started McCo part time while working for someone else. Many of ourclients are micro/small businesses whose owner(s) are developing the business while earning a steadypaycheck somewhere else. Additionally, many people have setup their business to moonlight and add totheir regular job with no intention to leave their job. This article isn’t a knock on any of these businesses.But sometimes you need a full time vendor.Depending on the type of business you’re running and the particular service you need. For example agraphic designer is someone that can almost always be someone with PT availability if that’s the personyou want to go with. When you need a logo, brochure or other collateral designed it’s not likely thatyou’ll require turn around in hours. And graphic design is something that can be done from just aboutanywhere at just about any time. So if you really need something done today and you call your guywhile they’re at work they can make adjustments on their lunch break if they have their computer withthem.Now your web designer is a different scenario. If you’re running a part time venture and have a simpleinformational 3-7 page site you can get away with a part time web designer. If you’re changing prices orservices on a particular date, get the necessary information in the agreed upon front time and you’regood. But if your website is your sales channel or you’re in a field like law or real estate you’re going towant a full time designer. Imagine your site is designed to ship your book from a distribution pointautomatically when payment is received. Instead of your book being listed on your site for $20.00 it’slisted for $2.00. Now if your web designer can’t fix your site until tomorrow or the next day and youwere just on a radio/TV show urging people to buy your book, that’s a ton of lost revenue. What aboutthe lawyer who incorrectly placed information about a new law that affects many of their clients andpotential clients. If the information about the law is added incorrectly, their practice can really beharmed. Yes there are disclosures on the site. But don’t we have certain expectations of professionalswe’re paying $150-500/hr? The same is true for tax consultants.While your graphic artist can always be a part time person and your web designer can be part time orfull time depending on your needs, an attorney should be full time. Even if you can’t get a meeting withyour attorney at a moment’s notice you need some type of response. Many legal issues are urgent.Lawsuits, notices, and other legal issues can get worse in 24hrs without any action. Most lawyers are fulltime professionals. Just be aware of your needs if you’re going to work with an attorney with limitedavailability.