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Samuel Mc Clellan Portfolio 1

  1. 1. I’m anIndustrialDesigner.
  2. 2. 2 Hello. 3
  3. 3. I’m an Hello, my name is Samuel McClellan and I’m an Industrial Designer. I’m a graduate from Brunel University with a 1st Class Honours BA in Industrial Design and Technology, aswell as spending a year at Industrial San Francisco State University studying Product Design. I’ve always had a strong desire to be a designer and to create Designer. change through means of design. From taking drawing classes at a young age, I’ve had the ability to express my creativity and design thinking on paper and this is where my passion in design lies. I apply a very thorough and holistic design process throughout my work and am drawn to areas such as humanistic and inclusive design. When I say I want to create change, I ultimately want to design to help people and am not seeking to create a name for myself through products that bear no real purpose in life. I want my designs to have meaning and to change the way people go about their daily lives for the better. I believe in timeless design and hope to achieve greater sustainability in a products life through means of design.4 5
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  5. 5. “I apply athorough andholistic designprocess throughoutmy work.”8 9
  6. 6. Contents. Product Design. 13. Graphic Design. 69. Sketching & Illustration. 105. Contact Me. 131.10 11
  7. 7. Product Design. The section showcases a wide spectrum of product design skills through a collection of design projects, company collaboration briefs and classes undertaken at San Francisco State University. Concepts range from a smart water meter to a new sex toy.12 13
  8. 8. Pivot Kettle. Arthritis can reduce motor capability in people’shands, resulting in difficulty performing basic tasks in the kitchen, such as using a ket- tle. Redesigning ‘domestic water processing’ to remove exclusion due to physical impairments should not carry stigmatism. In fact, an‘inclusive’ product can carry usability benefits for everyone. The Pivot Kettle can improve people’s kitchen experience by address- ing water filling, lifting, carrying and pouring. It does this byoffering a non-prescriptive handle design, providing posturally neutral hand positions to relieve physiological stress. Iterative development alongside physically impaired people pro- vided a rich context for a relevant solution that appeals to a broad market. Furthermore, the design principles of the Pivot Kettle are ready for extension into other water products.14 15
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  11. 11. ...with around 615,000 people having difficulty with the lifting and transporting of the product.” “a kettle is one of the most frequently used and problematic domestic products...20 21
  12. 12. The design of the cross handles incorporates a rotational limiter mechanism at each pivot point which provides the user with a greater sense of security when using the kettle when limiting the level of forward rotation. Torsion springs placed inside the rotary limiter mechanism, automatically retract the kettle back to its original position if accidently let go of. The springs open up during pour- ing and close back when the front handle is released. A soft close dampener was integrated into the design to prevent the front handle from snapping back into place and shocking the user. Iterative development in prototyping through to user testing fuellled the design process and was vital to the overall design solution of the project.22 23
  13. 13. TheiTidy. CorKase.Gear4, a company that offers an exclusive range of accessories for A high performance, waterproof case to protect your Ipad on andIpod and Iphone, set a brief to design a new Ipod accessory. iTidy o board. The design incoporates natural cork handles to ensureaims to tackle the ongoing frustration with tangled headphones. bouyancy if ever in water, aswell, as providing aesthetic tactileBy attaching two small clips to the side of the Ipod, the user can touchpoints for the user. The spongy Santoprene casing presentsneatly wrap up their headphones without every having to worry comfort whilst in use aswell as a waterproof wipe clean surface.about the frustration of untying knots whenever they want to listen The CorKase is aimed towards those who require maximum func-to music again! tionality along with high aesthetic appeal.24 25
  14. 14. Futureconceptfor Wrangler.Flash floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and forest fires arecommon but devastating occurrences. The people who are worseaffected are often urban dwelling civilians with no concept of basicsurvival skills. These disasters strip people’s lives down to a primitivelevel and their daily struggles become based around primary needs,such as how they will be sheltered.Wrangler embodies the concept of the true survivor; the individualwho is able to meet his or her needs through knowledge and rawphysical capabilities. Wrangler empowers survivors of natural disas-ters by providing them with the necessary tools they need to beginrebuilding their lives.26 27
  15. 15. “the concept responds to the post natural disaster effects of bushfires.”28 29
  16. 16. The Wrangler Smoke Mask responds to the post-natural disaster effects of bushfires. The respiratory conditions exacerbated by the smoke and haze produced from fire results in hazardous condi- tions. The mask aims to prevent health risks by providing residents with vital inhalation protection from toxic fumes and dust. High risk areas will be automatically supplied with the mask during a residential meeting that highlights the vunerable areas of the town/city. Those caught in sudden disaster will recieve the mask from fire fighters dispatched across the area. The mask sits within a protective leather pouch that slips neatly inside a wallet, purse or pocket. The mask folds out revealing two ear straps that attach to the face and offers maximum performance of up to three uses.30 31
  17. 17. Smart Water Meter. A “Smart Water Meter” aimed at reducing the amount of water consumed within a domestic environment. The intelligent display uses Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) to record the amount of water used at different daily time intervals and provides the user with consumption data that they can upload to their computer as well as receive tips on how to reduce their water footprint. The concept is the result of a group project at Brunel University and was designed in response to the RSA brief ‘Make Something Disappear’, which required the use of design to eliminate waste, over production, or excessive consumption.32 33
  18. 18. “The concept has received a high level of online recognition.”34 35
  19. 19. ‘All in One’Culinary Starter Kit.The project named DINKY (Dual Income No Kids Yet) required My concept (right) is an ‘All in One’ culinary starter pack that notworking in a team of 4 to create a company with a distinctive only provides all the necessary tools to cook a simple meal but isbrand which core values focused on helping people enjoy food. an object of focus and aestheic appeal in the kitchen. The baseEach team member designed individual concepts reflecting the of the design is made up of 5 nesting bowls; 2 baking, 1 salad,brand essence. ‘Bish Bash Bosh’ (team brand) targets those with a colander and cheese grater. A chopping board lays snug overlittle time and little space to cook food and provides them with the the bowls to seal the base. A set of 3 utensils is attached to thenecessary tool to cool quick and easy meals. underside of the lid with the rest of the lid houses a set of scales.36 37
  20. 20. “The scales simply twist out from the38 top of the lid.” 39
  21. 21. 40 41
  22. 22. Tilt. A design concept and aesthetic models of a pair of salt and pepper shakers made from beech with cork lid and twist grinder base. The shakers, named ‘Tilt’, are weighted with a with a flat angled base so that they sit at a slant on the work surface and can be re-filled easily by removing the cork stopper. The concept was developed in a class undertaken during my time in San Francisco and aims to evoke fun and excitement when eating.42 43
  23. 23. Loving Joy Gloria. ‘Gloria’, a design concept submitted to Net 1On1 for their adult toy brand Loving Joy. The brief was to design a product that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing and to be the “next big thing in adult toys.” No more late nights in dark toilets, this product brings glory holes to the home. The flatpack ‘sexcessory’ is ideal for couples who enjoy the naughty and adventurous side of sex. “the UK’s biggest distributor of adult toys.”44 45
  24. 24. RCL A lighting concept in response to a brief set by ArchitecturalArchitectural Liighting company RCL Lighting. A mulit-functional spotlight to be recessed inside entrances, corridors and walkways of waterfront developments. The effect created resembles that of rippling waterLighting Project.46 to provide a sense of ‘walking on water.’ The fixture adopts a 360º rotational mechanism that allows the light to be projected onto different surfaces from the same fixed position. 47
  25. 25. “creates a sense of walking on water.”48 49
  26. 26. Design for Manufacture. The project required working in a team of 4 to carefully select an existing children’s toy or piece of office equipment to re-design. The re-design not only involved introducing a new concept but a concept that was designed for manufacture, resulting in producing detailed component drawings of each component. Each teams drawings were passed onto another who went on to manufacture five identical copies of the design. My initial concept of a children’s push-along wooden car was taken forward. The design integrated cam mechanisms into the wheel axis, that when pushed along would bob the passengers up and down creating visual excitement for the child. The passengers were made up of different shapes and required the child to slot each one into its correct hole. The design aimed to be intellectually aswell as emotionally stimulating.50 51
  27. 27. 52 53
  28. 28. Yao Loong Nationality Chinese Age 47 Marital Status Married Social Class Upper Mr. Yao Loong is the CEO of China Top Real Estate Co., Ltd, one of the reputable realty agencies comprised of highly quali ed realty brokers in Beijing. He is married but has no children, which allows him to focus on the what he considers are the important things in life, his work and the luxuries that come of it. He excels in his job due to his vast experience in the line of work combined with his natural sales skills. His job earns him a disposable income that he wastes no time on spending. Lao is a private man but does enjoy He is part of the growing sophistication of Expensive high performance cars is the fastest showing o his luxurious lifestyle with Chinese car buyers that rivals big spenders growing segment in the Chinese car industry high quality, expensive purchases such in other markets. He is design-driven and and Yao ts right in. For Yao foreign luxury as his Mercedes Fascination that he up to date with modern technology. He is brands have a certain built-in-brand advantage drives to work everyday. He is a high not interested in loud, ‘in your face’ design over domestic carmakers and he is particularly end consumer and loves prestige but is attracted by classy, re ned design attracted to classic British automotive design brands that emphasise his wealth. that is both subtle and elegant. such as Rolls Royce and Bentley. his wealth enables him to in all aspects of life Yao stand out thrives from on the crowd among friends and colleagues success Bentley Motors Why China... By 2015 emerging Asia will be the fastest growing region, led by Subtle Symbols of Wealth. break-out candidates China and India, whose economy already comprise 1/6 of global GDP. In 2012 there will be more Bentley’s sold in China than the USA and China is already contributing more to global GDP than the USA. Sales were up by 93% in China, a strong indicator that Bentley is breaking into emerging - and potentially huge - markets. Its economy grew by 11.9% in the year 2007 to the second quarter. ‘Subtle Symbols of Wealth’ was a runner-up design submitted to Since 1978 it has grown by an average of almost 10% a year. Bentley Motors out of a total of 215 submissions. The one week Estimates have China consuming 29% of the world’s consumer charette required a 15 year target market projection for Bentley goods by 2015. combined with a new automotive design concept suited to a American and European markets are slowing down while Bentley expects to sell 1000 units annually in China. created persona within that market. Backgorund research into the The market for wealthy car bu s is booming in coastal markets company’s current sales figures and market share was conducted such as Beijing and Shanghai. to help identify the potential future market.54 55
  29. 29. “Because of The concept I am proposing is all to do with the number eight the fruitful and the Chinese beliefs associated with the number. In Chinese culture, certain numbers are believed by some to be associations auspicious or inauspicious based on the Chinese word that the number sounds similar to. In Chinese the word for ‘8’ is with the associated with Bentley Concept prosperity Bentley Concept and Subtle Symbols of Wealth number eight, wealth. Subtle Symbols of Wealth I propose to incorporate the Chinese many Chinese The introduction of an 8th presents consum- ers with the ultimate driving experience. It’s ‘Stitch in 8’s’ is probably the most subtle but e ec- tive design out of the lot. Within the embroidery of citizens make associations with the number ‘8’ into the lucky gear and when in it you are driving the vehicle there is a gap after every 8th stitch. speci c design aspects of a Bentley, at a level above everyone else. It’s a gear that Passengers will notice such detail and automati- therefore creating a only the high-end consumers can a ord. cally realise the wealth of their friend/colleague. cultural an e ort to connection between the consumer and the product. The design features will be as subtle as pluck up items that bear its having the stitching in sets of 8 or displaying only 8 switches/control but- tons on the dashboard. These features may mean nothing to any other culture but for the Chinese they act as subtle symbols of wealth which is a key market- ing aspect of the Bentley brand. likeness.” On the main control panel there is a selection of 8 radio stations that only Bentley has access to. Again I am incorporating the number 8 into the spokes of the alloys. In China you have to pay extra to have the number 8 in your phone number or license plate, and this is the same policy for A telephone number with A man in Hangzhou o ered these design details. So whoever has such design details in their Bentley is seen as someone where money is no object, some- all digits being eights was to sell his license plate read- one of immense wealth. sold for USD $270,723 in ing A88888 for RMB 1.12 mil- You can cut the number 8 in half vertically or horizontally, and both halves mirror themselves perfectly. Perfect symmetry Chengdu, China. lion (roughly $164,000 USD). lends itself to perfect balance. In Chinese Astrology, perfect balance is considered the ideal. In China, the word for ‘8’ is assocated with wealth and prosperity; two words that are heavily embodied within the brand Bentley. The concept plays on this Chinese perception of the number ‘8’ by incorporating the idea into delicate features of the cars design. For example, within the embroidery of the car there would be a gap after every 8th stitch.56 57
  30. 30. CADModelling.A selection of Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling andrenderings using software such as Pro-Engineer, Autodesk AliasStudio and SolidWorks.58 59
  31. 31. Sony60 Headphones 61
  32. 32. 62 Biro Pen 63
  33. 33. Eco Redesign. Using the Cambridge Eco Audit Tool, a streamlined LCA analysis was carried out on a pair of Mikomi Hi Fi headphones to identify the stages in their lifecycle that consumerd the highest amount of energy. The Material Extraction and Manufacturing stages of the lifecycle proved most significant. The new design is stripped of any unnecessary components or features and uses a greater source of environmentally friendly materials including a cork headband.64 65
  34. 34. ModelMaking.Polyurethane model of a computer mouse finished with spray paint.66 67
  35. 35. Graphic Design. A selection of my work displaying different elements of graphic communication including book design, personal branding, web design and advertising.68 69
  36. 36. the colour of innovation. I was a key member of a small team of Brunel designers who worked to produce and publish the 2011 Made in Brunel book. My role was in partnership with another designer to design and format the layout of the book, cover to cover, aswell as edit the contents of the book. The book showcases the talents of 2011’s Brunel graduate designers and is sold worldwide from China to New York, aswell as being found on 71
  37. 37. “everything from typography and layout to brand understanding was taken into account.”72 73
  38. 38. 74 75
  39. 39. 76 77
  40. 40. “published worldwide with 7500 copies now in circulation.”78 79
  41. 41. PersonalBranding.I used a number of graphic skills to develop a personal brandidentity package, consisting of a logo, business card, cover letter,envelope, portfolio and website.80 81
  42. 42. 82 83
  43. 43. 84 85
  44. 44. 86 87
  45. 45. Icon 093 OLAFUR ELIASSON The Icelandic artist builds a bridge, a concert hall and a corporate HQMagazine DESIGN/SUSTAINABILITY March 2011 DAN GRAHAM The master of mirrors talks about the 50 pavillions he has designed SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN REPORT Our first regional supplement, withArticle. 40 pages of new design from Scandinavia UK £5.00 EUR €8.99 USA $9.99A contextual essay written on “The worsening gobal water footprint WATER IS THE NEWand how design can change the consumption patterns of everdayconsumers.”Written and designed in the style of ICON Magazine. CARBON88 89
  46. 46. water footprint WORDS: Right 080 Below Right consumer patterns Samuel J. A UK water footprint A ‘Save Water’ Irrigation supermarket consumer patterns campaign ad sprinklers on a McClellan shelf farm in Africa option however Ridoutt stresses otherwise. sented to consumers rather ments and guidelines and Surprisingly the pasta sauce contributes 10 than a number of bath tubs suggest that instead of pro- times as much to water scarcity than do the filled with water or a series viding methods of calculating bag of M&M’s. This is down to the tomatoes of water droplets lined up ones water footprint it would Others Global in the sauce being watered using irrigation against each other. be more positive to address challenge systems that draw water from the same loca- Including Ridoutt, aspects such as the benefits Ridoutt’s work tion as human drinking water whereas the conservationists around the of decreasing ones water and say we peanuts and cocoa in the M&M’s do not require world are trying to work out footprint. ISO state that due currently dont irrigation as they adopt water directly from the best possible ways in to the current lack of inter- know enough the ground. Ridoutt’s solution provides an displaying the environmen- national standards in this about the Earth’s water water crisis alternative to volumetric water foot-printing tal impact of water foot- area, business organizations cycles to accu- methods, which combine green and blue water prints so that they can be around the world apply dif- rately measure consumption from water scarce and water shown on food packaging. ferent definitions and criteria environmental abundant regions such that they give no clear The International Organi- to report water use in their impact indication about where the actual potential for zation for Standardization environmental reports, or in harm exists (Ridoutt, 2009). This suggests that (ISO) is currently setting product packaging or docu- a more in depth visual display needs to be pre- out water footprint require- mentation (ISO, International Organization of Standardiza- In order to begin to shift consumption in a way that consumers can fully understand tion). For this reason others patterns it’s not just about which method of than it’s useless. One idea is to incorporate the challenge Ridoutt’s work footprint analysis is most beneficial, it’s also information into a wider sustainability label and say that we currently about how that information is presented in a that covers fair trade and carbon as well as DESIGN/SUSTAINABILITY don’t know enough about the way that the consumer can relate too. WWF’s water. T Earth’s water cycles to accu- freshwater-footprint manager, Stuart Orr, Raising users’ awareness can ultimately The worsening global water he water footprint of an individual, rately measure environmen- stated that because the ecological analysis influence sustainable behaviour and consump- footprint and how design can business or nation is defined as the tal impact. Organisations of water footprints is complex, everyone is a tion. There’s an emergent body of research and total volume of freshwater that is used change the consumption such as the Water Footprint bit confused about just what to include, how experimentation looking into using product to produce the goods and services consumed Network and the World Wild- to measure it, and what the numbers mean design to influence sustainability awareness patterns of everyday by the individual, business or nation (Chap- life Fund (WWF) denounce (Treehugger, 2011). Research from the Future and related consumption behaviours (Velden, consumers. again, 2005). Virtual or embedded water is the notion of a more detailed Foundation (a business that focuses on iden- 2003). Consumer awareness can be provided the amount of water used in the production footprint calculation and tifying and forecasting social and consumer using a number of applications other than of a good or service, for example a single cup believe that simply reporting trends) highlights the widespread confusion product labelling. Information can be made of coffee embeds about 140 litres (246 pints) of the total volume of water is of existing green labelling and suggests that available through the Internet with companies water. The amount of virtual water imported currently the best and clear- water footprint labelling looks set to add to that such as M&S and WWF collaborating to help by developed countries such as the UK and the est way to communicate to confusion. “The main thing is confusion: con- reduce their own water footprints as well as USA is worsening water shortages and putting the consumers. “The paper sumers do not understand the language that providing information on how their custom- significant pressure in the developing world. Brad has written has quite a is being used,” said FF’s director of research ers can do the same. However, existing online Virtual water accounts for more than two high value, but there is a long Karen Elton. “When somebody goes into a shop footprint calculators available through com- thirds of the UK’s water footprint and with this way to go,” says the World to buy a product they are being asked to consid- panies such as the Water Footprint Network taken into account, the daily water footprint of Wildlife Fund’s Ashok Chap- er a wide array of different things before they (WFN) and M&S, attempt to provide the user an individual person in the UK is 4,643 litres, again, who has been study- can make their choice.” (Food Manufacture, with a quick and simple overview of their foot- of which 3,000 litres is imported. These are ing water footprint methods 2011). To really get to grips with monitoring print but in fact succeed in doing the opposite, staggering figures that are hidden from the for over five years. He states their own water footprint, consumers need to leaving the consumer more confused than they knowledge of everyday consumers across the that without an agreed-upon be provided with a greater detailed amount of were before they entered the site. For example, world. Forecasts suggest that when the world’s standard, reporting water information but in a manor that is still easily the WFN calculator requires four fields of population soars beyond 8bn in 20 years time, footprints simply as volumes understood. With Ridoutt’s view in mind, the information to determine ones water footprint; the global demand for food and energy will is the easiest for consumers consumer doesn’t want to be left confused over country of residence, gender, dietary habit and jump by 50%, with the need for fresh water and businesses to understand what they see in front of them otherwise they gross annual income and then expect the user rising by 30% (BBC News, 2011). The UK must (Scienceline, 2011). Ridoutt wont want to take the time out to fully appreci- to go away with some form of understanding recognize its own water footprint and how it is argues “if you want to com- ate the impact of the products they’re buying. of where they can begin to change their con- exacerbating the water stress in already water- municate something to the Clear, visual and highly semiotic information sumption patterns. The M&S carbon calculator strained countries if it’s going to want to make public in a simple way, you graphics need to be displayed to connect with displays the result in the form of ‘planet’ icons, change. have to express it in a way the customer. It’s all good and well providing revealing to the user that they have a footprint Reducing water footprints can be done that gives the [environmen- the correct information but if the companies of rating of “3.4 planets” and again expect the in various ways; from adopting production tal] impact.” (Ridoutt, 2009). the products cannot display that information user to take something meaningful away “it’s time to promote the concept of water footprint to everyday consumers.”90 91
  47. 47. Book A Typography class undertaken during my time in San Francisco required the making of a book based on the renowned literature “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” written by R. Buckinster Design. Fuller. I designed the layout and format of the book in a way that thought best refelcted the writing of Fuller. I used a traditional book binders in South San Francisco to print and bind the book. A website and poster were also designed to accompany the book.92 93
  48. 48. 94 95
  49. 49. 96 97
  50. 50. net Golden PHOTO [X]press The Golden Gate [X]PRESS ADVISER Gate[X]press FOCUS: ONLINE: Though their lenses: Don’t forget to staff photographers Ken Kobre follow us on tour around San Newspaper. Twitter: Francisco @XpressNews PAGES 8&9 Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011 @XpressSports VOLUME LXXXX — ISSUE 3 ONLINE ADVISER President OKs UPAC proposals Scot Tucker During my year in San Francisco I worked for the Golden Gate [X] press, the San Francisco State University Newspaper. I partnered I built client relationships to meet needs and specifications of each within the FRANCISCO required advertisements had situations in which weekly in a two-member Graphic Design team SANAdvertising advertisement. I thrived from pressurized numbers of Theatre closure be fulfilled; followed to Corrigan accepts six-college adjustment of a “six-plus-one” structure that will create a On Feb. 11, the Academic Senate will give faculty an op- After 100 years, curt freestanding Graduate School of Education. portunity to vote and comment on the placement of units Department, involving the designing and collating of advertisements through every week exceeding the number of advertisements structure recommendation “The work of reorganization will not be simple or easy, within the six-college structure via a referendum. for clients in the weekly newspaper and monthly magazine. expected. By Brittany Doohan but necessary given our budget outlook,” said University spokeswoman Ellen Griffin. “I’m confident we will be a stronger, more student-responsive University as a result, Whalen said that Corrigan valued the perspective of the campus community and wanted to provide ample op- portunities for faculty to contribute to these decisions. MAGAZINE and I look forward to working with the deans and faculty as work gets under way.” “Other CSUs have made similar decisions with far less input from faculty, staff and students,” Whalen said. The job involvedADVISER interaction with the Journalism weekly one-on-one SF State President Robert A. Corrigan released a letter With SF State’s anticipated loss of $32 million hinging After the voting process is complete, a decision will be Department, clients, and networking with future clients. to faculty Feb. 4 accepting the University Planning Advi- sory Council’s recommendation to reorganize the eight on the acceptance of Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2011-2012 budget proposal, UPAC’s report claims that the merger will save made and reorganization will begin, according to Corri- gan. Once reorganization is finalized, a related UPAC rec- Don Menn colleges of the University into a six-college structure. The majority of the UPAC’s recommendations, which were released in a report by the council Jan. 20, were ac- SF State at least $1 million annually. “The failure of the state to adequately fund the Cali- fornia State University system puts the quality of educa- ommendation encouraging partnerships among smaller departments and programs will be considered. But many faculty members are concerned that the re- cepted by Corrigan, with the exception of a few key mod- ifications. Corrigan stated the reorganization of colleges will be tion for our students at grave risk,” said Academic Senate Chair Shawn Whalen. “The UPAC recommendations are aimed at finding ways that we might be able to reduce structuring of colleges could change the very nature of education at SF State. “Unless further clarified this Friday, the real purpose By James Garcia screens, are fi the broadest and most challenging of the recommenda- tions, but he accepted the general concept with a slight costs while maintaining our institutional excellence and insulating the student experience from these cuts.” UPAC continued on Page 15 ADVERTISING JFGARCIA@SFSU.EDU compete agai O & BUSINESS theaters like A SF police may Barbara Landis ne of the oldest theatres in San Francisco will It’s ironic th is so prevalent move to Tasers Sam McClellan close its doors on Sat- urday. The Clay Theatre self on preser historic buildi Stun guns may ing to high school and college soon be required news publications. A medical researcher at Wake Forest University Baptist Medi- sammclellan711@ has been entertaining people for 100 New Mission T for all city officers cal Center in North Carolina published the first study of inju- years, since it opened as a nickelode- today and has By Brenda Reyes ries from Taser use in 2009 and according to his findings, serious injuries happened in less than 1 on in 1910. ever since it w San Francisco police have been involved in three recent incidents percent of 1,201 Taser uses by law enforcement officers. “Tasers appear to be very Joe Midgley It would be nice to say this is an iso- veloper in 200 that called into question their use of firearms. safe, especially when compared to other options police have for dt07jcm@ lated incident, but unfortunately this trict’s Alexand occurrence is becoming increasingly a vibrant and The latest officer-involved subduing violent or combative shooting in San Francisco oc- suspects,” said William P. Boze- curred Jan. 4 when police shot man, M.D., in his study. a man in a wheelchair who had been vandalizing city vehicles with a knife. “That is not to say that injuries and deaths are impossible. Police and medical personnel need to be common. The Clay Theatre just hap- film, but now I.T. pens to be the latest landmark of its 2004 closure. SAM E. HELLER— [X]PRESS CHILI: Zach Shelton enjoys a meaty serving of assorted chili and hot dogs at Bottom of the Hill’s third Now, the police commission is aware of the potential for serious annual “Heavy Metal Chili Cook-off and Stuporbowl Party” on Sunday Feb 6. slated to review its stance on the injury and look for evidence that use of non-lethal weapons, in the a person subdued by a Taser has CONSULTANT kind to go under. Over 15 classic sin- dust and 99 o its ‘Stuporbowl’ Sunday98 form of stun guns. been hurt.” Interim Chief of Police Jeff Vance McLaughlin, an expert Godown and a group of experts will stand before the Police Com- in use-of-force and a professor in the criminal justice department Arun gle frame theaters have closed down is now an eye
  51. 51. Web Showcasing two websites designed for individual assignments; the first is my online portolfio that was designed to accompany my personal identity package and the second is a site displaying theDesign. content of Buckminster Fuller’s “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth”, again to accompnay the book design of Fuller’s work. Online Portfolio. 101
  52. 52. BuckminsterFuller.102 103
  53. 53. Sketching & Illustration. A compilation of sketches, renderings and illustrations from both design projects and personal interests.104 105
  54. 54. 106 107
  55. 55. 108 109
  56. 56. 110 111
  57. 57. 112 113
  58. 58. 114 115
  59. 59. 116 117
  60. 60. 118 119
  61. 61. 120 121
  62. 62. 122 123
  63. 63. 124 125
  64. 64. 126 127
  65. 65. 128 129
  66. 66. smContact Me.I hope you enjoyed my DESIGNportfolio. Please feel freeto contact me at any timeif you are interested in any Samuel J. McClellan e: m: 0780 941 1138 my work or would likea copy of my CV . Thank you.130 131