Endorsement quotes 4 14 2010


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Endorsement quotes 4 14 2010

  1. 1. Praise for Silent Selling, Listening for the Sounds of Success “Managers have to manage sellers yet few know how to pick winnable races for their sellers and few know that different selling skills are required for transactional vs. relational accounts. This book dissects the process in simple steps. This is a must read for anyone who manages sellers”-- Dan Bennett Vice President/Market Manager, Cumulus, Dallas/Fort Worth “I’ve read dozens of books on selling, and 'Silent Selling' is one of those books you go back to again and again. Mac Brand's emphasis on actionable activities and specific methodologies for achieving the results you want make his book stand head and shoulders above other sales skills books. His decades of experience as an extraordinarily successful sales professional and trainer are evident in every word, from his discussion of the limbic brain and its role in developing unconscious skills competence to his insightful listening and questioning techniques. I'll be quoting freely from 'Silent Selling' in my training programs”. Art Fox, Chief Instructional Designer, quickbizskills.com" “Mac’s system enabled our selling teams to pursue potential customers that were the best fit for our capabilities and strategic direction. Mac’s teachings in how to identify, understand and manage the buying influences were critical in dramatically improving our success rate with large customers”- Craig Hettrich Sr. Director, Sales, Nestle USA “When first introduced to the sales philosophy I immediately had negative thoughts regarding yet another thought provoking “learning experience”, boy was I wrong! After shedding my old ways and understanding the true anatomy of a needs assessment meeting, I have since used the philosophy to determine if the customer fits my needs, not the other way around like we were all trained to do in “the good old days”. The hardest part is retraining your brain to understand your customers needs and not make them need you and your product, ultimately it is okay to walk away from a prospective customer, something the old me would never do. A true eye opening and life changing sales course...”Marci Fechter Sales Manager Southeast region, f ‘real foods “Mac Brand’s Silent Selling process elevated the competency of multiple sales staffs I led who benefitted from his sales process evaluation and training. He worked with our customers to determine our true value proposition, which resulted in an improved sales process that was recognized and valued by our customers. This is a must read for all who sell or manage a sales team.” John J Poulos, Founding Partner, DiscoverLink, Inc
  2. 2. Silent Selling, Listening for the Sounds of Success has changed my selling techniques. During our first work with, Mac suggested I put my laptop bag back in the car and that we would only need pen and paper. He emphasized that “customer will lead us to product”. Although skeptical, that is exactly what happened! David Willenborg, National Accounts Sales Manager, Bay Valley Foods, LLC “There are those who write books about sales theory and there are those of us who read them to obtain the silver bullet of sales. There is no silver bullet in sales success, but if you read Silent Selling, I am confident that you will learn about a sales process that when used consistently will definitely help you on your journey towards sales success. Mac is allowing us to continue on our journey of being students of our craft by writing Silent Selling and sharing his sales expertise that he has practiced and taught with tremendous success.” Dimitra Rizzi, VP Sales, Farmer Bros. Co.