Movie poster analysis


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Movie poster analysis

  2. 2. The title of the film being in red makes it stand out from the otherwise subdued colours which stick to aclear blue, black and white palette. As the red is quite clashing in comparison to the blue, which fades in a spotlight manner to a dark navy, it draws attention to the striking title and makes it seem urgent, reminiscent of a government document. The bold font and rounded edges add to the similarities with a government top secret stamp, it dominates the page heavily. The way the 15 certificate has been placedright next to this focal point means that any viewers would know whether this film is suitable for them and shows that this is clearly a complex film, better for more developed minds.The reviews are of a high quality, from magazines and sources which are respected and would be unlikely to rate highly unless it were a well thought out and directed film. They give a clear indication of the genre of the film and the audience it would appeal to, calling it a ‘superior thriller’ and ‘sophisticated’, this is a good sign of whether they would enjoy it or not to someone who views the poster as it makes it clear that thisfilm would appeal to those who like to think and analyze as opposed to mindless film watching. The biggestand most central quote from sky movies is very much a quote which states the film is of the highest possible standards and basically makes a viewer feel as though they have to see it by saying ‘of the year’, this makessomeone feel that it’s an important thing not to miss and if they should only see one film this year, it should be this one. The fact it’s based on a ‘best selling novel’ reassures the viewer that it must have a clever and successful plotline.
  3. 3. The coding on the background gives the vibe of something secret and government style documents. It is a clear signal to the audience that within the film something will be encoded or covered up, a mystery to solve. The fact that these letters and numbers are very subtle and small, almost fading into the background, also adds to the element of mystery and intrigue.The actors’ names are large and clear and as they are recognisable this draws in a whole audience that theymight not have otherwise attracted. This is clever, this movie appeals to quite a particular audience but as theactors have been in a range of productions they highlight upon this with big bold font so as to attract the varioussorts of fans they have gained from other works. The way Gary Oldman’s name is the largest draws attention tohim being the main figure in this film which is supported by his character having the central, sole colour image.The billing box is typical of most movie posters, following the usual running order of production companies,various producers/directors and such. It is large enough to allow the people who have worked hard on it to getsome sort of credit but not so large that it overtakes the general theme and feel of the poster.
  4. 4. This image of a male character, the most central image, is the only entirely This image of a man in what appears to true coloured image and be a library or a place where files are therefore makes the poster stored appeals to another type of a little more eye catching. audience by giving off the idea that this The stern look implies a is a film for an educated or intellectual serious film, full of twists person and will be a thinking, as well as and interesting plotlines. visual, pleasure. The suit implies professionalism and the glasses appeal to the stereotype of the clever, educated man.The gaze of all the actors is slightly averted and not makingeye contact with potential audience, this makes it seem This image of a man holding a gun issecretive and undercover. It also adds an element of near the centre of the poster and thesuspicion or paranoia, added to by the use of light and audience will almost definitely see it.shadows within all the images, and lets the audience know It implies that there will be somethat there will be much confusion and accusation in this film. explicit violence/weaponry within the film and so, if offended by that not to watch it. But if it’s something that appeals to a viewer then they must go! It’s also very typical of a spy film and so is sticking to that convention.
  5. 5. This is a very well known actors name and would attract a far greater audience, they have highlighted on this and made it one of the very few select bits of text. The continuation of the use of this font throughout all the text adds an eerie feel and since this is the second biggest bit of text, after the title, the viewers eye is attracted to this and it may well appeal to them.The title is the biggest piece of text making it immediatelynoticeable and eye-catching, without ruining the feel of the posterby keeping it in this slightly chalk-esque fading white font. Theplacement of the text just below the almost hidden image of aghostly face implies that the figure could be a reference to the title,perhaps this is ‘the woman in black’? The way the release date isjust below the title means that it is not missed and increasesanticipation for it’s release and instantly means people are waitingfor it. The website address is also just below this but slightly smaller,so whereas it’s not quite as important as the other pieces ofinformation, if someone were to want to find out more it is easilypossible to see how. This small piece of text instantly raises questions amongst the audience and gives a clear indication that this film is predominantly about the supernatural. The word ‘believe’ is emphasized, making it seem like a more enforced and imperative thing, perhaps suggesting that whether you do or not, this film may change your opinion or terrify you anyway. The word ‘you’ shows interaction with the audience, making them feel instantly more involved and as though they should go see the film to test their beliefs.
  6. 6. This image is obscure and slightly hidden and distorted, this adds to the mysteriouslook of the poster, with the grainy monochrome colours. This implies that perhapsthe audience will be scared by what they can’t fully see, it’s the possibilities andmystery which is scary. It also makes the potential audience intrigued, as they maywant to understand what this figure is and to see it in a more uncovered and clearway. This image shows direct eye contact with the potential audience/viewer making them feel as if they are involved or being called upon to watch the film. The eye itself is clearly edited to be brighter which makes it very eye catching in contrast to the subdued and almost monochrome colour scheme of the rest of the poster. The eye also looks haunted or in shock of sorts, which raises questions amongst the audience.