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Mac Profile


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The early years

Published in: Business
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Mac Profile

  1. 1. PROFILE<br />MAURO “MAC” CALCANO<br />Demonstrating superb human resources leadership skills with highest degree of energy, focused and intensively driven professional with eyes upon the totality of the business – not merely viewing the HR function and proven very adroit in the crossing of functionallines to impact the bottom line. A fully-faceted HR executivewho iseffective at the selling of ideas and strategies and comfortable with manufacturing and sales environment as the heart of business success as well as in the C-suite. Experienced in both tactical and strategic arenas in matrix and complex organizations – upon both field and HQ stages. Possesses expertise at change management, cultural infusion, with a communication style of continual electrical charge with asense of urgency and accountability.<br />Born in Caracas, Venezuela (6’1’ – 200 lbs. ) – coming to Miami, Florida at age 17 and became a US citizen Mauro’s wife, Isabela is native to Costa Rica with grown children (Cristina and Marisable). Mauro is a runner and cyclist and has a passion for tropical parrots. Currently Mauro is managing the transition from his summer home in Lake Norman, North Carolina and is open to relocation.<br />Mauro was raised in Venezuela and educated in the USA (English language skills are native as well as Spanish). Mauro,, Sr ((father) had a 30-year executive career with Esso de Venezuela petroleum company. Mauro and family lived through-out the oil fields in South America. Moved to attend high school in Hollywood, Florida, Mauro was an excellent athlete and member of baseball, basketball and football teams and President of several clubs and associations.<br />.<br />Going directly from high school to George Washington University, anticipating a foreign service career, was active in the international Washington community, working in public relations as sophomore through senior years with the Organization of American States in Washington, D C. Mauro was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity, held responsibility leadership positions as social director and fraternity president his senior year. Received B.A. – Public & International Business Affairs from George Washington, D.C Mauro began his professional career with General Foods de Venezuela.<br />