Addtional information mauro calcano


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Addtional information mauro calcano

  1. 1. MAURO A. CALCANODemonstrating superb interpersonal skills and a highest degree of energy, focused andintensively driven HR professional with eyes upon the totality of the business – not merelyviewing the HR function only and proven very adroit in the crossing of all functional lines insupport and to impact the business function. A fully-faceted global executive and very effective atthe selling of ideas and HR strategies and comfortable in C- suite as well as in country projectworks which are the heart of business success. Experienced in both tactical and strategic arenasin matrix and entrepreneurial organizations – strong coaching competencies both union and non-union environments. Possesses expertise at change management, cultural in fusion, andexcellent communication style and a continual electric charge of sense of urgency and leadershipand accountability. Born in Caracas, Venezuela – coming to Miami, Florida at age 14 andbecoming a US citizen in 1980.