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Rules of life


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Life requires Rules for Being Human.

Published in: Lifestyle
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Rules of life

  1. 1. RULES of LIFE Jean Noel Macaque
  2. 2. If Life Is a Game Life requires Rules for Being Human Life have a clear set of Personal Rules to live by Life needs Rules in behavior, relationships, communications, and human personality
  3. 3. Be Honest with yourself One of the most valuable skills in life is the ability to Live in Accordance with your Values Everyone has a different idea of what’s important and what it means to be a good person If you try to align your life with someone else’s values, you’ll likely feel unfulfilled
  4. 4. Negatives Emotions are contagious Toxic Emotions can poison yourself your family your relationship a team an organization
  5. 5. Make Peace with your Past Your Past screw up the Present Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” ~Brian Tracy.
  6. 6. Do not focus on what others think of you The opinion which other people have on you is their problem, not yours
  7. 7. Time heals almost everything Be Patient with yourself GIVE TIME TIME
  8. 8. Give Time Relax Make Silence Meditate Pray Be in Harmony with your Mind, Body and Soul
  9. 9. Physical Exercise
  10. 10. Don’t compare your life to others STOP playing the Comparison Game Don’t underestimate yourself Don’t let comparison steal your JOY
  11. 11. Never Hate anyone Live with LOVE
  12. 12. Forgive Forgiveness is the key to FREEDOM If we really want to Love We must learn how to Forgive
  13. 13. Always Be KIND STOP bullying Be Kind and Polite to yourself as you are to others You Deserve it
  14. 14. Stop thinking too much Start Doing Do what makes you happy
  15. 15. No one is in charge of your happiness EXCEPT YOU Have a collection of Happy Moments
  16. 16. Happiness is a CHOICE Your CHOICE
  17. 17. Have FAITH Don’t Be Afraid Believe in yourself
  18. 18. Accept yourself Accept your difficult situation Accept your difficult relationship
  19. 19. Be Positive One Positive thought in the morning can change your whole day Negative Habits have a very strong Influence on Life
  20. 20. SMILE You don’t own all the problems in the world
  21. 21. Choice
  22. 22.