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GDE Book 'Be Good to Your Self'


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Be Good to Your Self will help you to master your #Self-Awareness, #Self-Esteem, #Self-Confidence, #Self-Affirmation, #Self-Love, Self-Needs, Self-Realisation and Self-Actualisation

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GDE Book 'Be Good to Your Self'

  1. 1. Self Development Be Good to Your Self Practical Book of 90 pages includes 12 Instrumental Tools Author: Jean Noel Macaque
  2. 2. Special Events 2008 – 2015 The Book ‘Be Good to Your Self’ is dedicated to the 7th Anniversary of GDE
  3. 3. G.D.E Coaching Workshop on Sunday 26th July 2015 with the launch of the new practical book ‘Be Good to Your Self’
  4. 4. Be Good Be Good is a Virtuous A Morally Excellence Be Good is to be Better and the Best you can !
  5. 5. Be Good O A Satisfactory in Quantity of Life O A Wellness for the Whole Person O A High Quality for an Excellent person O A Well-behaved, such as : A Good child, boy, girl, man, woman, spouse, parents, friends, worker… O A real Beneficent in relationship: To do a good deed O Honorable and worthy: Good standing , Good O name
  6. 6. Be Good Be Good is Kindness Be Good is Conscientious, Efficient, Honest, Faithful, Truthful, Reliable….. Be Good is an universal act for all Humans. Be Good is the ideal of goodness in Traditions, Cultures, Religions for its Morality and Relationship
  7. 7. Be Good Be Good is an attitude of Human’s nature. All individuals are born free and good within. We develop bad attitudes through negative feelings, thoughts, beliefs and habits, when we experience life and facie phenomenal problems in relationship
  8. 8. Be Good 'Be Good' is an attitude to practice daily 'Be Good' is a behavior to be developed in all real personal situations, with parents, family, spouse, children, friends and colleagues. ‘
  9. 9. Learning Philosophy The image 'To Be Good' that we like to use is the irrigation drip in a desert environment Watering is done: At the right time (at dawn, when the sun is not too hot so the water does not evaporate); In the right place (at the foot of the plant); In drip (that the plant can absorb, otherwise a part of the water "precious" would be wasted)
  10. 10. Why Choosing ''To Be Good" O Time Saving O Effective O Good Practice O Simplicity
  11. 11. Story of the Eagle Good Habits Bad Habits Characteristic of Leaders
  12. 12. 21 Days Breaking Bad Habits
  13. 13. Development of the Whole Person
  14. 14. Development of the 3 L Life, Light and Love
  15. 15. True Self - False Self
  16. 16. We hope that the seeds sown in your inner earth will be implemented and give good fruits, and not be a vague memory for not having been watered sufficiently.
  17. 17. Behave Your Self