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Art of love


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The Art of Love. The Colors of Love

Published in: Lifestyle
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Art of love

  1. 1. The Art of LOVE Jean Noel Macaque
  2. 2. LOVE is a POWER
  3. 3. Love is not only in words Live is in Action
  4. 4. The Practice of Love Practice Justice Practice Truth Practice Grace
  5. 5. Joy If joy is your weakness! We would encourage you to be more enthusiastic
  6. 6. Patience If patience is your weakness, you tend to expect results too quickly, and affects your relationship with yourself and with others. You will mature in love as you learn to give yourself and others time to grow naturally
  7. 7. Goodness If goodness is your weakness You definitely could be "harder" on yourself and others.
  8. 8. Peace If peace is your weakness, you should deliberately strive for reconciliation in the relationships around you.
  9. 9. Faithfulness If faithfulness is your weakness, you could make great progress in your growth process by learning to be more reliable in your commitments. Be faithful in small things
  10. 10. Self-Control If self-control is your weakness, pay attention to discipline, it will benefit you in your personal life
  11. 11. Kindness If kindness is lacking in your life, you should try to project a more winsome attitude. It's especially important that you develop an eye for the little things that bring joy to other people's lives.
  12. 12. Gentleness If gentleness is a weakness in your life. A big step toward is to become a more loving person
  13. 13. The present moment is the only moment available to us and it is the door to all moments