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10 keys cultivating character


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Character Education for Virtuous Persons. Character Attributes are Qualities. A Good Character is the basis of Healthy Relationships

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10 keys cultivating character

  1. 1. Coach: Jean Noel Macaque 10 Keys
  2. 2. Character Education Character Attributes are the Basis of Healthy Relationships
  3. 3. Character Education Fairness Treating everyone in a just and accepting manner
  4. 4. Character Education Honesty Being Trustworthy, Sincere and Truthful
  5. 5. Character Education Empathy Understanding how someone else feels
  6. 6. Character Education Respect Valuing Self Valuing Others Valuing Environment
  7. 7. Character Education Perseverance Staying Purposeful and Committed
  8. 8. Character Education Responsibility Being Reliable and Accountable
  9. 9. Character Education Courage Facing Challenge
  10. 10. Character Education Integrity Doing what is Right and Honorable
  11. 11. Character Education Optimism Choosing Positive Attitude
  12. 12. Character Education Compassion Loving Caring Showing Consideration