Mobile Marketing on the Go Assignment 1 Atienza


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The Service Delivery form is part of the mobile marketing plan that is required by mobile carriers of clients when a campaign requires mobile SMS effort.

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Mobile Marketing on the Go Assignment 1 Atienza

  1. 1. SERVICE DESCRIPTION DOCUMENTPlease fill out all highlighted items below.Target Launch Date : April 1, 2012 Service End Date : April 30, 2012Content Provider : August 16 Movement Access Number : 0917 765 4321Service Name : Chill  N’  Go’s  Green  Tea  Beach  Party  PromoService OverviewChill N’ Go will use a SMS Promo to highlight/juxtapose its new Green Tea variant with Fun Beach Partyingin the Philippines to increase brand awarenessPlease tick (X) what applies.Target Subscribers Service Category Charging TypePrepaid X Postpaid X SMS Promo MO “Mobile MT “Mobile Originated,” Terminated, X the user is charged ” the user is charged when an when the SMS is sent SMS from his arrives on phone his phoneContact Persons Contact Name Contact No. Email AddressAccounts Kristoffer Atienza 0922 333 0987 Katienza1234@gmail.comTechnical Malou Atienza 0918 555 1234 msatienzaako@gmail.comReviewed and approved by: (if necessary) (if applicable) Juan dela Cruz Maria Clara Cristina Paner Kristoffer Atienza Content Manager Section Head Dept Head *Marketing
  2. 2. SERVICE DESCRIPTION DOCUMENTANNEX  1   SERVICE  DESCRIPTION     SERVICE  NAME   Chill  N’  Go’s  Green  Tea  Beach  Party  Promo   MODE   MO   TERM     April  1  –  30,  2012   ACCESS  NUMBER   0917  765  4321    1. OBJECTIVE  OF  THE  SERVICE    Chill  N’  Go  will  engage  its  market  by  juxtaposing  its  brand  of  Green  Tea  flavor  variant  with  Beach  Partying  in  the  Philippines  and  gather  as  many  ideas  from  contestants  joining  the  game.    2. DETAILS     2.1. Abstract   Chill  n  Go  aims  to  design  and  utilize  a  mobile  SMS  service  that  can  help  Chill  n  Go  in  increasing  brand   awareness,  product  management,  and  customer  loyalty/engagement  through  a  mobile-­‐  based  promo.     2.2. Mechanics     2.2.1. Service  Mechanics     (Explain   here   how   the   service   works,   step   by   step.     This   should   be   detailed,   with   syntax,   corresponding  reply  messages,  examples,  and  different  scenarios.)  No  purchase  necessary.  Promo  participants  can  join  the  promo  and  submit  as  many  entries   as  they  want  as  long  as  they  meat  criteria  set  forth  in  the  promo  mechanics.  Entries  must  be   complete  with  information  and  following  the  format  shown  in  the  promo’s  guidelines  below.     2.2.2. Promo  Mechanics   (If  applicable.    Please  refer  to  Annex  6.    If  service  is  not  a  promo,  indicate  “Not  Applicable”.) The   contest   is   open   to   all   Filipino   citizens   who   are   of   legal   age   (at   least   18   years   old   at   the   time  of  submission  of  entry)  and  permanent  residents  of  the  Philippines. Each   entry   should   contain   the   contestant’s   experience   in   a   unique   beach   destination   in   the   Philippines,  which  includes  experiences  while  traveling  to  that  destination  and  the  activities   available  therein.  Only  one  entry  per  participant  will  be  accepted. Entries  should  be  in  SMS  format. Answers  will  be  limited  to  5  sentences  answering  the  question,  “What  makes  beach  partying   more  fun  in  the  Philippines?” The   call   for   entries   and   media   launch   will   be   on   1   April   2012   at   Travel   Café   Philippines   in   Greenbelt  5,  Makati  City. Submission  of  entries  will  be  from  1  April  2012  until  5:00  p.m.  of  30  April  2012.  Entries   may   be   submitted   to   09177654321.   b.   Entries   must   contain   the   following   information:   • Name   ii)   Birth   Date   iii)   Home   Address   iv)   Mailing   Address   v)   Email   Address   vi)   Telephone  No.  vii)  Mobile  Phone  No.   *Incomplete  entries  will  automatically  be  disqualified   Contestants   agree   that   upon   submission,   all   entries   along   with   all   its   components   become   property   of   Chill   n   Go,   Inc.   and   may   be   used   by   the   company   for   promotion,   publicity,   advertising,  marketing  and  all  other  similar  purposes,  with  or  without  consent  from  the  sender.  
  3. 3. SERVICE DESCRIPTION DOCUMENT Final  judging  of  entries  will  be  re-­‐scheduled  to  a  new  date  (to  be  announced). Winners  will  be  announced  in  May  2012.  Winning  entries  will  be  announced  via  radio   Magic  89.9  and  not  later  than  two  (2)  weeks  after  determination  of  winners.  Winners   will   also   be   notified   via   email,   phone   call,   and   registered   mail.   A   write   up   of   winning   entries  will  also  appear  in  broadsheets. Chill   n   Go   reserves   the   right   to   cancel   this   contest   in   the   event   that   the   contest   becomes  impossible  to  continue  due  to  fortuitous  events.   2.2.3.  Criteria  For  Judging 1  winner  will  be  selected  based  on  the  following  criteria: a.  Uniqueness  of  answer b.  Creative  Impact  of  the  answer  c.  Clear  explanation  of  the  answer The  set  of  judges  will  be  comprised  of  travel  editors  from  leading  publications  and  company   representatives  from  the  participating  organizations.   2.2.4.  Prizes  for  the  Winners The  winner  will  be  given  the  following  prizes: a.  A  3-­‐day/2-­‐night  all-­‐expense  paid  trip  for  two  (2),  consisting  of  two  roundtrip  airline   tickets  and  accommodations  to  Boracay Provincial  winners  will  be  flown  from  their  residence  directly  to  the  destination.  If  no  direct   flights  are  available,  they  will  be  first  flown  to  Manila  for  a  connecting  flight  to  their  intended   destination. All  prizes  are  not  transferable  and  not  convertible  to  cash. Winners  shall  have  at  least  thirty  (30)  days  from  the  date  of  the  publication,  announcement,   and  notification  of  winners,  whichever  comes  last,  within  which  to  claim  their  prizes.  Winners   shall   present   2   valid   IDs   as   evidence   of   his/her   identity   and   entry.   A   detailed   set   of   instructions  for  claiming  of  prizes  will  be  sent  through  registered  mail. To  avail  of  his/her  prize,  contestant  must  be  fit  to  travel  on  the  scheduled  dates.  A  medical   certificate  must  be  submitted  prior  to  the  trip. Contestants   agree   that   if   they   are   chosen   as   winners,   their   trip   will   be   documented   by   Studio   23  and  will  be  featured  in  NewsCentral.  One  destination  shall  be  featured  each  month. Contestants   agree   that   if   they   are   chosen   as   winners,   they   will   be   accompanied   by   a   travel   editor  (each  one  of  the  judges  will  be  assigned  for  each  destination)  on  their  winning  trip.  The   travel   editors   shall   document   the   trip   and   produce   a   box   of   travel   guides   about   the   destination. For  each  trip,  the  following  facets  of  each  destination  will  need  to  be  featured: a.  Food  b.  Leisure  c.  Where  to  stay  d.  History  e.  Shopping  f.  Activities  g.  Local  Trivia                                
  4. 4. SERVICE DESCRIPTION DOCUMENT 2.3. Test  Script/List  of  Content    *For  regular  services   Primary  User   Secondary  User   DESCRIPTION   ACTUAL  REPLY  MESSAGE   TARIFF   Keyword   Keyword  Primary   Secondary   Description  of   Actual  reply  message  to  be  received  by  the  subscriber.   Rate  for  keywords  are   keywords   the  scenario   the  placed  in  this   and   should  be   specific  column.   parameters   placed  here.   keywor are  placed   d.    If   here.     free,   Parameters   indicate   should  be   FREE.     enclosed  in   Refer  to   brackets  <  >.   Annex   3.  CHILL   PROMO  <5   Submits  an   Thank  you  for  joining  Chill  N’  Go’s  Green  Tea  Beach  Party   Php2.50   sentences   entry   Promo.  We’ll  inform  you  if  you  win  this  May.  Keep  Chillin’   answer>   with  our  Green  Tea  flavor  teas.   <space>   <name/   bday/  home   add/mailing   add/email/   land   no/mobile   no