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Mobile	  Applica,on	  Design	      Flow	  Document	  APPLICATION	  NAME:	  Elles	  myGrocery	  App	  APPLICATION	  CATEGOR...
Applica,on	  Flowchart	                   Main	                               Secondary	                                  ...
Main	  Page	  Step:	  The	  applica,on	  opens	  with	  three	  choices	  for	  its	  menu:	  Today’s	  Deals,	  Delivery,...
Today’s	  Deals	  Offer	  Today’s	  deal	  will	  give	  shopper	  the	  op,on	  to	  opt	  in	  for	  the	  deal	  and	  b...
Meal	  Calculator	  Today’s	  deal	  will	  give	  shopper	  the	  op,on	  to	  opt	  in	  for	  the	  deal	  and	  becaus...
Male	  Market	  Targeted	  Promo	  Effort	  Aside	  from	  Beers,	  the	  promo	  will	  also	  introduce	  promo	  	  that...
Get	  the	  	    Elle’s	  myGrocery	  App	  today!	                         Thank you!               MMOG	  Assignment	  2...
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Mobile Marketing Assignment 2 Atienza


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Assignment 2 called for creating a Mobile App for a non-existing company called Elle's Supermarket. The objective of this assignment is to make the app attractive to men, the younger market, to promote fresh food, and to create an engaging promo that will promote loyalty.

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Mobile Marketing Assignment 2 Atienza

  1. 1. Mobile  Applica,on  Design   Flow  Document  APPLICATION  NAME:  Elles  myGrocery  App  APPLICATION  CATEGORY:  Mobile  U,lity  (Lifestyle-­‐Shopping)   App  SUPPORTED  HANDSETS:  iPhone,  Android,  and  BlackBerry  APPLICATION  OVERVIEW:    Elles  Supermarket  shoppers  will   be  informed  about  the  App  and  how  they  can  take   advantage  of  deals  that  can  only  be  found  by  using   this  program.  ANNEX  1  APPLICATION  NAME:  Elles  myGrocery  App  TARGET  HANDSETS:  iPhone,  Android,  and  BlackBerry    OBJECTIVE  OF  THE  MOBILE  APPLICATION:  Elles  Supermarket   currently  has  eleven  supermarket  stores  located  in   posh  communi,es  in  Metro  Manila.  Their  current   customer  base  come  from  affluent,  A  and  B  market,   mostly  females  aged  30  -­‐  55  who  shop  for  their   household.  The  store  carries  a  product  mix  of  more  premium  and   important  products,  organic  fruits  and  vegetables,   farm-­‐fresh  produce  like  meats,  seafood,  poultry,  and   crops  of  many  kinds,  and  a  wide  selec,on  of  wines   and  other  premium  alcoholic  beverages.  Elles  myGrocery  App  aims  to  raise  awareness  for  its  new   fresh  food  offerings,  promote  a  healthy  lifestyle,   promote  customer  loyalty,  and  increase  male   shoppers  and  younger  audiences  who  is  not  the   stores  frequent  visitor.  The  companys  execu,ves  ini,ally  think  that  the  app  can   inform  users  of  their  featured  diet  plans.  Ingredients   for  these  diet  plans  are  available  in  Elles  Supermarket   Chain.  The  app  will  help  them  come  up  with  a  grocery   shopping  list  based  on  the  diet  plans  that  they   choose.  Moms  will  encourage  buying  fresh  fruits  and   veggies.  Such  messaging  around  fresh  foods  can  be  easily  relevant  at   this  ,me  year,  when  consumers  are  thinking  more   about  salads  and  grilling.  The  task  of  the  marke,ng  is  to  screen  all  these  sugges,ons,   come  up  with  new  ideas,  and  put  it  together  into  a   mobile  applica,on  that  meets  these  objec,ves.     MMOG  Assignment  2_A,enza          3/26/12   1   Kristoffer  C.  A,enza  
  2. 2. Applica,on  Flowchart   Main   Secondary   Op,ons   Process   Menu   Ac,on   Pick  Up   Today’s   Register   Deals   Choose   (Opt-­‐In)   Check  Out   Paypal   Deliver   Categories   Check  out   Register   Paypal   Deliver!   Grocery   Delivery   Favorites   Check  out   Register   Paypal   Deliver   Pick  Up   Budget  Calc   Meal  Menu   Check  Out   Paypal   Deliver   Meal   Splash  Page   Calculator   Pick  Up   Calorie  Calc   Meal  Menu   Check  Out   Paypal   Deliver   Seafood   Our  Store   Appe,zers   Poultry   Recipes  and   Meals   Category   Entrée   Category   Beef   Desserts   Secondary   Menu   Pork   Store   Store   Locator   Engage  GPS   Loca,on   Contact  Info   Blog   Password   Profile   User  Profile   Menu   Delivery   Address   MMOG  Assignment  2_A,enza          3/26/12   2   Kristoffer  C.  A,enza  
  3. 3. Main  Page  Step:  The  applica,on  opens  with  three  choices  for  its  menu:  Today’s  Deals,  Delivery,  and  Meal  Calculator  (Registra,on  is  an  Opt  In  process  found  in  features  that  the  App  will  offer)  Main  Menu  •  odays  Deals   T•  rocery  Delivery   G•  eal  Calculator   MSecondary    Menu  Our  Store  Recipes  and  Meals  Store  Locator  Blog    User  Profile   MMOG  Assignment  2_A,enza          3/26/12   3   Kristoffer  C.  A,enza  
  4. 4. Today’s  Deals  Offer  Today’s  deal  will  give  shopper  the  op,on  to  opt  in  for  the  deal  and  because  they’re  an  exclusive  App-­‐user,  he/she  can  reserve  one  kilo  of  the  beef  offered.  If  this  was  the  op,on  then  the  user  is  required  to  put  in  personal  details  that  can  help  finalize  the  deal.  User  can  opt  in  to  use  Paypal  to  pay  for  their  reserved  meat.   MMOG  Assignment  2_A,enza          3/26/12   4   Kristoffer  C.  A,enza  
  5. 5. Meal  Calculator  Today’s  deal  will  give  shopper  the  op,on  to  opt  in  for  the  deal  and  because  they’re  an  exclusive  App-­‐user,  he/she  can  reserve  one  kilo  of  the  beef  offered.  If  this  was  the  op,on  then  the  user  is  required  to  put  in  personal  details  that  can  help  finalize  the  deal.  User  can  opt  in  to  use  Paypal  to  pay  for  their  reserved  meat.   MMOG  Assignment  2_A,enza          3/26/12   5   Kristoffer  C.  A,enza  
  6. 6. Male  Market  Targeted  Promo  Effort  Aside  from  Beers,  the  promo  will  also  introduce  promo    that  the  male  target  market  is  interested  in:  • Liquor    • Barbecue  Meat    • Deodorants    • Contracep,ves    • More  beers    Studies  show,  though,  that  men,  unlike  women,  would  rather  shop  online.  This  means  that  Elle’s  can  offer  fresh  produce  too  and  other  items  that  their  spouse  would  probably  ask  them  to  buy  for  the  house.   MMOG  Assignment  2_A,enza          3/26/12   6   Kristoffer  C.  A,enza  
  7. 7. Get  the     Elle’s  myGrocery  App  today!   Thank you! MMOG  Assignment  2_A,enza          3/26/12   7   Kristoffer  C.  A,enza