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Kuwadro™ Digital Marketing Co.


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This will show you what kind of services and rates we offer for micro, small, and medium enterprises so you can decide if we're the right agency for you.

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Kuwadro™ Digital Marketing Co.

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Pricing
  2. 2. Service Menu — Monthly Retainer Fee *PhP5K Offer • 1 Page Website, WP Template Design • Email Set Up: Up to Two recipients • 1 Social Network: FB, Twitter only *PhP10K Offer • 3-Page Website, WP Template Design • Email Setup: Up to Five recipients • Social Network: FB, Twitter + 1 Other • Email Marketing • With Monthly Consultation and Analytics Report *PhP20K Offer • 5-Page Template Website, WP CMS, Original Design • Email Setup: Up to 10 recipients • Social Network: FB + 3 Others • Email Marketing, CRM • With Analytics Report, Consultation, and Campaign Strategy *Does not include domain registry and hosting fees
  3. 3. Additional Services Website Builder Express, PhP1,000/month • 1-page website • Designs based on Existing Wordpress templates • Wordpress Install • Wordpress Training Website Builder PREMIUM, PhP20,000 • 5 pages of templates • 3-revision Original designs based on Wordpress • Wordpress Install • Social Media Integration • Contact Form • Google Analytics • Wordpress Training Consultation Builder, PhP1,500/ hr • Social Media Strategy • Social Media Training • Content Marketing • Building Audience • Maximized Post Scheduling Campaign Builder, PhP50,000 min. • Website Builder + Consultation Builder • Social Media Campaign • eCRM • eMail Marketing
  4. 4. Not included in the fees Rush Work (+30%) Initial Set Up (PhP1,500) – one time fee Filming, Photo shoots, Design works Premiums, Prizes DTI fees
  5. 5. Thank you.