How To Register For Exhibitor's Booth in Christmas In November


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We want our exhibitors to understand and decide to join Christmas In November - Our Pre-Christmas, Thanksgiving Family Gathering in California Garden Square

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How To Register For Exhibitor's Booth in Christmas In November

  1. 1. Exhibitor’sRegistration Christmas In November
  2. 2. Some reasons why your business need tobe in this 2+ days event. People have more money to  There are 17,000+ residents who spend! November is 13th Month will bring in their guests and Pay Time friends You have two days of time to sell  It’s the season of gift buying for your product + four more bonus loved ones hours on the first evening.  CGS Residents are affluent 2 days, 4 hours of rent for only PhP1,800* is very affordable (*early bird rate) Some companies give their bonuses this month.
  3. 3. How do I join?
  4. 4. Registration1. Register Online or Manually2. Pay Registration Fee • PhP1,800.00 (early bird rate-residents) • PhP2,000.00 (regular rate after Nov 15) • PhP2,000.00 (standard non-resident rate) • Get your receipt!1. Set your booth up on Nov 23, 3 PM • Don’t forget to claim your gate passes and exhibitor’s ID
  5. 5. Where to pay? Deposit your payment to our BDO Checking/Current Account at:6 90 800 1472 | California Garden Square Community Support Group, Inc.
  6. 6. After depositing payment…Please send us proof of payment by doing the following…
  7. 7. Scan BDO receiptScan receipt with 200dpi resolutionand save it JPEG or PDF with thisfilename: Company NamePayment.jpgEmail the scanned BDOreceiptEmail scanned receipt with yourFull Name, Company Name,Mobile Number and Phone numberSend SMS a reportText message: FullName<space>CompanyName<space>Emailed BDOReceipt<space>Date of DepositSend to: 09209595747
  8. 8. …Or just give us a photocopy of your BDO receipt(c/o CGS Security Guard in your cluster)Write your Name, Phone Numbers, and your Company Name
  9. 9. That’s It! Get more updates here: LIKE now!
  10. 10. Someimportant details…
  11. 11. Last Day to get EARLYBIRD rateRegister and Pay until Nov 15 andyour fee is only PhP1,800*.(Note: Non-CGS residents/tenantswill pay PhP2,000.00)Pay Nov 16 and beyond,registration fee is PhP2,000LIKE our Facebook page!Get more details and updates as we postnews and promote our November eventin this
  12. 12. House Rules & Reminders Bring your own tables, POS,  CGSCSG will not be responsible for receipts, and electric fans any Food Poisoning, Broken Merchandise, Injuries related to Additional fees may be asked like accidents, or any misdeed that took use of electricity, etc. place during this event that involves the exhibitor Bring your own electric fans, tables, chairs, and food  You cannot sell what you did not indicate in your registration form in No Exhibitor ID, No Entry order to respect the imposed zoning for tenants to follow. Guard your merchandise, your personal belongings – CGS, CSG will not be made responsible for any loss of items.
  13. 13. Friday, Nov 23Ingress: 3 PMGates Open: 6PM – 10PMSaturday, Nov 24Gates Open: 8 AM – 10 PMSunday, Nov 25Gates Open: 8 AM – 8 PMIngress: 7 PM onwards