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Click! Online Advertising Assignment #1


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The assignment calls for the creation of a Facebook ad that will promote Digital PR Certification Program for Digital Marketing Practitioners.

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Click! Online Advertising Assignment #1

  1. 1. Assignment # 1Click! Online Advertising Agatep-General, Kevin Keith Atienza, Kristoffer Bautista, Jan Cortes, Michelle
  2. 2. Assignment InstructionsBefore working on the assignment, please remember to refer to the Click! Online Advertising Framework, as this will be the main foundation of your work. NOTE: For every every step of the process that you complete, please take a screenshot and then compile the images into a folder. Please submit these along with the rest of your output. Note that this assignment will be done by group. For your reference, we will be posting a document of your groupings.Also, since this assignment will be dealing with Facebook ads, you may use your own Facebook accounts to follow the steps in creating a Facebook ad and taking screenshots of every step. Discuss among your group whose screenshots will be submitted, as only one set of shots is needed per group. For your reference, you may review the lesson on Facebook Advertising to help you with this assignment. Keep in mind that youll be working on the marketing brief of Digital PR. You can also view this brief at the bottom of Assignment 1 in the Lessons page.
  3. 3. Additional Instructions and URL for Assignment #1Hello, Heres the URL information that your group will be assigned to for the instruction in Assignment 1. Please note that each group is assigned with separate URLs or landing page for your FB Ad campaign that we will run on your behalf once youve completed and submitted the assignment 1 output., Kevin KeithAtienza, KristofferBautista, JanCortes, Michelle
  4. 4. #1. Logon to your Facebook Account
  5. 5. 2. Click the “Advertising” linkbelow the page (see image below)
  6. 6. 3. Click “Create an Ad”
  7. 7. 4. Fill in forms• Fill in pertinent information in fields to target your audience where the ad will show up on users’ profile pages. On this one, fill in with the URL target address where FB users will proceed after they click your ad.
  8. 8. Add headline, Body text, and image for the ad
  9. 9. It’s now time to chooseyour audience who willsee your adIt would be useful to organizers of theevent to target specific demographicalfeatures and geographical relevance.In this case, we specifically targetedcities in Metropolitan Manila andspecified the age of 22 – 55 as perclient’s recommendation.
  10. 10. Indicate your target’sinterestSince this is specific to PR practitionersin the field of Digital Marketing, itwould only make sense that – asidefrom CEOs and Marketing Executives –to target people who are in Sales-related field.We also targetted bloggers, politicians,people who are concerned in crisismanagement, entrepreneurs, andthose who are also involved inpromotions and events.
  11. 11. 5. Set your budgetI am not sure how to change currencybut since I’ve made Facebook adsbefore, my default banknote is Peso,(PhP).I converted the assignment required,US$10 to PhP420 (whereas, US$1 =PhP42).I also put our pricing to Cost per Click(CPC) and gave a PhP2.57 per clickrate. (Note: Facebook disallows theunit “0.01” as we received error inprocessing our ad. We also took notethat Facebook didn’t process our adwhen the budget was pegged only atPhP420. The error didn’t appearanymore when we placed the budgetto PhP1,000.00)
  12. 12. 6. Review Your AdThere’s nothing better to do than to besure your ad gets maximum exposureand cost. Edit and review your entriesand details.As soon as you’ve edited your work,hit “PLACE ORDER”
  13. 13. 7. Wait for Facebook to Approve the ad you submitted.
  15. 15. In the course of making theassignments, I came across these…Error: Budget too low Error: Ad Bid too low
  16. 16. Insights• Your ad budget has a higher minimum than US$10• Your Ad bid cannot be 0.01 whether in dollars or in Pesos.• Use original images. Facebook can tag your ad and black list it.• Edit. Edit. Edit. Your ad, your bad grammar can overshadow the real value of your product.
  17. 17. Agatep-General, Kevin KeithAtienza, KristofferBautista, JanCortes, MichelleFINISH.
  18. 18. Assignment # 1Click! Online Advertising Agatep-General, Kevin Keith Atienza, Kristoffer Bautista, Jan Cortes, Michelle