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Cloudish notes


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Cloudish notes

  1. 1. Cloudish Notes By Mabrook Lebragg
  2. 2. Definition • Cloud Storage (or Cloud Computing) is what all the I-T world are coming to nowadays. In simple terms, it is a technology aiming to make all content (Personal and Public) stored on external servers that can be logged into online, instead of keeping everything on traditional local hard drives.
  3. 3. Expectations 2018 2020
  4. 4. Examples Google Drive SlideShare Microsoft SkyDrive
  5. 5. Microsoft OneNote
  6. 6. Microsoft OneNote
  7. 7. Why use ? Cloud Storage • Virtual notebooks automatically sync to your SkyDrive account, nothing will be lost. • Multi-Device support (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) You can edit whatever You want, however you want. Limitless Work Space • OneNote is NOT a word processor, so it allows You to type anywhere in the page, . If u are using a touch screen you can even add your own notes by hand. • You are not bound by any page layout or structure, all the content can be organized later in case you want to print it. Text Recognition • OneNote comes with a built-in text recognition system able to identify words in images and transform them to editable format. • PDF pages can be imported to the file, same with Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and Outlook schedules.
  8. 8. Everything is already there… • 80% have a PC PC • 60% have a laptop Laptop • 20% have a tablet Tablet
  9. 9. Everything is already there… • 70% have Internet at home Home • 30% go to Cyber- Cafe Cyber- Cafe • 10% pay for a 3G service 3G
  10. 10. Students More Interesting Better Performance Higher Marks Teachers Less Work Less Tiring Relaxed Teachers Everybody Wins!!!
  11. 11. Turkey Algeria? South Korea