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Serial killer proj


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Serial killer proj

  1. 1.  Unidentified serial killer who was largely active in the impoverished areas of London, England Was never caught and tried, but a number of suspects have been tried and convicted Especially active in the Whitechapel district in 1888 His name originated in a letter by someone claiming to be the murderer Other nicknames that were given include:  The Whitechapel murderer
  2. 2.  Montague John Druitt  Born August, 15 1857 – Early December 1888  Dorset-born barrister who worked as an assistant schoolmaster in Blackheath, London  Some modern authors suggest that Druitt was homosexual  Both his mother and grandmother suffered mental health problems, because of this he was in fact teased as a child. Especially by young women  It is possible that he had an
  3. 3. Seweryn Kłosowski alias GeorgeChapman  Born December, 1865 – April 7, 1903  Polish Immigrant that moved to London shortly before the start of the murders  Before moving to England, he was a serial killer in Poland  Known as the Borough Prisoner  Worked in the Whitechapel district as a barber  Was Enrolled to a course of practical surgery at the Warsaw Praga Hospital  Took several mistresses, who often posed as his wife, three of whom he successfully poisoned to death  Mary Spink  Bessie Taylor
  4. 4.  Dr. Thomas Neill Cream  Scottish-born serial killer  Claimed his first proven victims in U.S, England, and possibly Canada and Scotland Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Cream was raised outside of Quebec City, Canada  Attended McGill University and studied medicine and surgical practices Married Flora Brooks whom he impregnated and almost killed over an abortion  Famous last words before execution on November 15t, 1892: “ I am Jack the …”
  5. 5.  No known motives/most suspects were in fact deemed insane Attacks typically involve London prostitutes from the slums Most attacks were performed after dark Attacks were done in “secluded” areas Number of victims remains unknown  Throats were slashed open suggesting the weapon of choice was a knife.  Throats slashed prior to mutilations  Removal of Internal Organs led to proposals that the killer had anatomical or surgical knowledge.
  6. 6.  Mary Ann Nichols  Body found Friday August 31, 1888.  Throat was severed deeply by two cuts  Lower part of the abdomen partly ripped open, along with several other inscisions Annie Chapman  Body found Saturday September 8, 1888  Throat was severed deeply by two cuts  Abdomen slashed entirely open; several organs were missing Elizabeth Stride  Body found Sunday September 30, 1888  Throat was severed with one clean cut  Authorities suggest the mutilation was interrupted Catherine Eddowes  Body found Sunday, September 30,
  7. 7.  Mary Jane Kelly  Body discovered Friday, November 9, 1888  Throat severed down to the spine  Abdomen emptied of all its organs  The heart was missing  Face had been hacked away
  8. 8.  Able to blend in Stalk and gain the trust of their victims Hide behind a constructed façade of normalcy Able to stimulate normal behavior by observing others Manipulative act/entice people to their act Most psychopaths have a role of authority
  9. 9.  Organized Show of planning, premeditation in an effort to prevent detection The body is usually hidden from plain sight Restraints have been used Evidence is missing as well as the murder weapon Scene reflects control  Disorganized Frenzied assaults Victim is selected at random Murder is where the encounter took place Murderer uses the materials at hand  Mixed Crime Scene Shows characteristics of both disorganized and organized Indicate the presence of two offenders Planned attack, but was interrupted  Atypical Classified by the evidence available Decomposed remains of the victim Compared to other scenes
  10. 10.  Its amazing how well a serial killer can blend in How serial killers are able to gain the trust of anyone they meet It makes me question the people around me How well serial killers cover up their tracks How well they can keep their psychopathic traits hidden