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Kayla Rhome-SerialKillerProject

  1. 1. Serial Killer Project By: Kayla Rhome
  2. 2. Childhood Born in Oklahoma in 1914 His parents moved around frequently and eventually settled in Arkansas Dropped out of school in 4th grade to help his family on the farm His friends and family described him as stubborn and insubordinate Not much is known about his childhood
  3. 3. Childhood Born in Arkansas in 1920 Family had little money She was raised in a dirt floor cabin with 6 siblings. Her family was very close and “tight knit”
  4. 4. What was theiradult life like? They got married after 6 months of dating No schooling for either of them Ray began his crimes at the age of 20 5 kids; 1 girl and 4 boys
  5. 5. What was their adult life like? All of the crimes were done by Ray Copeland First crime was committed against his father when he stole one of his pigs and sold it to another farm for his own profit. Major crimes began at the age of 20. He was constantly stealing livestock and forging government checks. He went to jail repeatedly and decided to change his tactic….
  6. 6. What motives did the killer have for these killings? What methods and rituals did they perform? What was the profile of their victims? Ray decided to hire men to give their names to buy livestock at auctions and write faulty checks for the purchase. These men were always in their late twenties After they “wore out their welcome” he would murder them He murdered 5 men and killed each with a single gunshot to the back of the head.
  7. 7. What factors led to them getting caught? What were they charged with and sentenced to? Ray was caught when a worker of the Copeland’s farm caught on to something fishy and called the police. The police went to his barn where they found 4 men buried all by death of a single gunshot. Ray was taken to court and given the death sentence. His wife, Faye, was charged also with death sentence, but nobody really knows if she knew about his acts of murder. They were the oldest couple that received the death sentence.
  8. 8. 1. Why are serial killers so difficult to spot?Because we as humans look for the abnormal people thatstand out. These people are in disguise and hide their“abnormalness.” 2. List the Characteristics that make up the four types of serial killer crime scenes. Planned offense, Transports body, body hidden, controlled conversation, demands submissive victim, missing weapon or evidence, victim is a targeted3. What are the most surprising pieces ofcrime scene reflectsfrom stranger, personalizes victim, information you learneddoing this web quest?-how sick and nasty people are and aggressive acts done control, restraints used, before death.-how much your environment when you grow up can effect your adulthoodand actions
  9. 9. 3. What are the most surprising pieces of information youlearned from doing this web quest?-how sick and nasty people are-how much your environment when you grow up can effectyour adulthood and actions
  10. 10. www.google.com/imageswww.trutv.com/library/crime/serial_killers/partners/Copelands/4.htmlhttp://www.trutv.com/library/crime/serial_killers/notorious/tick/1b.htmlhttp://members.tripod.com/SerialKillr/SerialKillersExposed/crimescenes.html