Dennis Rader


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Dennis Rader

  1. 1. DENNIS “BTK” RADER Melissa Gonzalez
  2. 2. CHILDHOOD Oldest of four brothers grew up in Wichita, Kansas Father was Marines Showed signs early-- hanged stray cats from trees when a kid
  3. 3. ADULTHOOD Married in the 70s. Was married for over 30 years Had 2 children-- boy and a girl ( unknown if they were loners ) Worked for ADT Security Services from 1974- 1989, and also the US Census Bureau in 1989 Served in Air Force in Vietnam from 1965-1969 Attended Wichita State University; Graduated with a degree in Administration of Justice
  4. 4. MOTIVES Called his victims "projects" Wanted to strangle victims because he wanted COMPLETE CONTROL Obtained sexual pleasure from strangulation Very narcissistic; A perfectionist Factor X or "little friend"-- frog demon thing drawn in his mind was present during killings
  5. 5. METHODS AND RITUALS "Bind them, Torture them, Kill them" --Dennis Rader Suffocated them with a plastic bag Multiple bruising on victims necks from different objects being used for strangulation
  6. 6. VICTIMS Mostly women; all ages. Children- Elderly; did not matter the age 10 people total First 4 kills were the Otero family
  7. 7. GETTING CAUGHT Being pulled over at a red light Sending a tape to KSAS-TV radio station. DNA and other samples matched to Rader
  8. 8. SENTENCING Wasnt given the death penalty because crimes were committed when Kansas didnt have the penalty Letters sent to 175 ( life ) police
  9. 9. ORGANIZED CRIME SCENE: PLANNING SHOWN1. Planned offense2. Body hidden3. Controlled conversation4. Demands submissive victims5. Missing weapon or evidence6. Victim is a stranger7. Personalizes victims
  10. 10. DISORGANIZED CRIME SCENE: SPONTANEOUSACTIONS1. Body left at crime scene2. Evidence or weapon left at scene3. Victim or location known4. Body left in view5. Depersonalizes victims6. Sexual acts after death7. Minimal conversation
  11. 11. MIXED CRIME SCENEShows characteristics of both organized and disorganized crime scenes. Could indicate presence of two offenders, or the offender planned crime was interrupted.
  12. 12. ATYPICALCrime scene that can’t be classified by the data available. Decomposed remains fall under this type. The police or profilers may have to take other things into consideration when faced with this crime scene.
  13. 13. INTERESTING INFORMATIONThe most surprising was the confession Dennis Rader gave at his trial. How emotionless he was and how he has no remorse for his victims or their families. I was also surprised at how well he contained his impulses from his regular life.
  14. 14. RESOURCES d