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Albert fish-Katelyn Barrick


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Albert fish-Katelyn Barrick

  1. 1. By: KatelynBarrick
  2. 2.  He was a small, gentle looking man, he appeared kind and trusting, but once alone with his victims his true monster self was released His crimes were so perverse and cruel they seemed almost unbelievable Eventually he was executed and rumors say that he turned his execution into a fantasy of pleasure
  3. 3. • Birth name is Hamilton Fish• He was born on May 19th, 1870 in Washington D.C.• His family had a long history of mental illnesses• His father died when he was 5• He was abandoned by his parents at a young age and he was sent to an orphanage• Fish claims that at the orphanage he was exposed to regular beatings and sadistic acts of brutality• At age 7 he was reunited with his mother
  4. 4. • Had very little formal education• Grew up learning to work more with his hands then with his brain He fell from a cherry tree causing severe head trauma After graduating from high school, he started working odd jobs and traveling around the country. This is when he began committing small crimes He also began calling himself “Albert,” discarding the hated first name, which led classmates to tease him, calling him “Ham and Eggs.”
  5. 5.  He married in 1898 and fathered six children His children had average lives up until 1917, when his wife left him for another man After his wife left him his children recall him occasionally asking them to participate in his sado- masochistic games. One of these games he wanted them to play included the nail laced paddle he once used on his victims He would ask his children to paddle him with the weapon until blood ran down his entire leg He would also find enjoyment in pushing needles deep into his skin
  6. 6. Across state lines He developed a skill as a house painter and worked in different states across the country Rumored that he selected states largely populated with African Americans because he believed the police would spend less time searching for African American children then Caucasian children Several of his victims were black children selected to endure his labeled “Instruments of Hell” They included the paddle, a meat cleaver and knives.
  7. 7. Methods He would lure them away from their homes, torture them in various ways including using a paddle laced with sharp nails, and then rape them As time went on his sexual fantasies grew more fiendish and bizarre The crimes would begin ending in murdering and cannibalizing his young victims
  8. 8.  He observed and experienced numerous acts of perversions including forced masturbation in front of other children He was abused These acts lead up to his further obsession with sado- masochism. He was never in a stable environment
  9. 9.  Young children Race and gender did not matter
  10. 10.  The police traced the letter that was anomalously written to the Budd family on the case of their missing daughter back to a flophouse were Fish was living He was arrested and immediately began confessing about killing Grace Budd and several hundred other children Fish would smile as he told the detectives about the grizzly details of the tortures and murders he committed He appeared to the detectives as the Devil himself
  11. 11.  On March 11, 1935 his trial began and he pleaded innocent for the reason of insanity He claimed that he had voices in his head telling him to kill those children Despite the numerous physiatrists who described him as insane he was still found guilty Charged with (look up what degree) The jury found him sane and guilty after only a ten day trial He was sentenced to death by electrocution On January 16, 1936, fish was electrocuted at Sing Sing prison Reportedly a process Fish looked upon as "the ultimate sexual thrill" but later dismissed as just rumor.
  12. 12. So difficult to spot? They blend in, camouflaged in contemporary anonymity. They lurk in churches and malls, and prowl the freeways and streets. Like all predators, they stalk their victims by gaining their trust. They hide behind a mask of fake emotions
  13. 13. Organized : Disorganized: offense planned  spontaneous offense victim a targeted stranger  victim or location known personalizes victim  depersonalizes victim controlled conversation  minimal conversation crime scene reflects overall  crime scene random and control sloppy demands submissive victim  sudden violence to victim restraints used  minimal use of restraints aggressive acts prior to death  sexual acts after death body hidden  body left in view weapon/evidence absent  evidence/weapon often transports victim or body present  body left at death scene
  14. 14.  I learned that there are people out there that can cause them to do so much damage in a life time Its just awful to learn how someone can cannibalize children
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