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Aileen wuornos


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Aileen wuornos

  1. 1. During her childhood Aileen never knew her father, which was probably a good thing because he was a psychopathic child molester. He then hung himself in jail. During all of this she and her brother were raised by her grandparents: Lauri who was a alcoholic, and Britta who died due to unknown causes. She did not know at first that they were her grand parents, but when she found out she rebelled, and got whipped. By age 14 she was pregnant, the baby boy was adopted.
  2. 2. Aileen dropped out of school and started hitchhiking and prostituting to provide money for herself. Her brother died, and her grandfather committed suicide. Aileen was lonely, and while hitchhiking she fell in love with a 69 year old yacht club owner. Once she started participating in bar assaults, and getting thrown in jail, Fell decided it was time for a annulment.
  3. 3. She then got more involved in theft, armed robbery, forgery, and prostitution. A lifestyle of drinking and doping lead her to a suicide attempt, which failed. In a slump she met Tyria Moore, and they fell in love. Tyria quit her job as a maid, and relied fully on Aileen’s prostitution income, but after her profits started to fall they resorted to other options.
  4. 4. They were in need of money and transportation.• Use of .22, with several shots.• The bodies were dumped along interstates, and back roads.• Vehicle, or items usually taken.
  5. 5. All of the victims were men, and most of them were truck drivers. The men were all willing to pick Tyria and Aileen while hitchhiking.
  6. 6. Hitchhikers were not being picked up nearly as much. Tyria and Aileen got into a accident with one of their stolen cars, and a woman sitting on her porch that witnessed the accident and provided a profile image to police. Fliers were distributed to citizens, and they were recognized. Police followed Aileen down a street and to a bar before arresting her.
  7. 7. Aileen plead guilty to six charges of first degree murder, and received six life sentences. She then tried to convince the judge that it was all self defense, but attorneys tried to get her on the electric chair. After the self defense story, she was executed by lethal injection on October 9th 2002.
  8. 8. Serial killers like Aileen hardly ever have feeling of sympathy or love for others in pain. Many of them blend so well into society it is hard to notice them, they dress nicely, are polite and charming. Many of them even try to become major figures in society in the hopes if makes if easier to prey on their victims.
  9. 9. Organized: Disorganized:• Planned •Body left at crime scene• Body transported •Spontaneous offense• Body hidden •Weapon or evidence present •Victim or location known• Conversations controlled •Body left in view• Submissive victim •Depersonalizes victim• Missing weapon or evidence •Act of sex after death• Victim is a stranger •Hardly any conversation• Personalized victim •Hardly ant restraints •Sloppy• Reflects control •Sudden violence• Restraints• Aggressive act before death
  10. 10. Mixed:Has both traits of organized and disorganized. The scene could have been staged, or interrupted, or possible have to killers.Atypical:When scene cannot be classified as any other. These scenes often have decomposed remains that cannot reveal any other clues.
  11. 11. What surprises me the most about serial killers is that they can continuously go about killing random, innocent people and never feel any type of guilt or remorse. I also find it interesting that crimes have their on classifications.