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Ringtennis 3


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Ringtennis is now looking for players to train to represent US on the International Tournament of Ringtennis (WRF) in South Africa. The 2010 was played in Koblenz, Germany in August 2010 and US was not able to represent. We are now preparing to make the next world cup and we want you on the team. You will get the necessary training and support. Just pick up your application by writing to:

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Ringtennis 3

  1. 1. Executive Summary RINGTENNIS SPORT
  2. 2. RINGTENNIS G@ME is [ n_w innov[tion th[t will provi^_ high qu[lity t_]hni][l, _nvironm_nt[l [n^ h_[lth _n_fits to its ]li_nts. RINGTENNIS is s]h_^ul_^ to l[un]h its op_r[tions in F_ru[ry, 2011 or wh_n th_ fun^ing is ]ompl_t_. RINGTENNIS will _ [ p[rtn_rship, own_^ [n^ op_r[t_^ y Mi]h[_l @io^un [n^ UNITED ST@TES OF @MERIC@ RINGTENNIS FEDER@TION (USRF) whi]h is [ p[rt of th_ WTF - WTF - Int_rn[tion[l T_nnis F_^_r[tion (worl^ t_nnis f_^_r[tion) ]urr_ntly op_r[ting out of Kol_nz, G_rm[ny.
  3. 3. Intro^u]tion: B[si] Ch[r[]t_risti]s of th_ Sport Ringt_nnis The basic goal of Ringtennis is to throw a ring of solid rubber with one hand over a net into the opposing half of the court in such a wise, that the ring hits the ground or the opponent is unable to catch, control or return the ring. While the continuous alternation of throw and catch of the ring during a match, the players of Ringtennis combine a variety of different techniques to shoot and types of defensive and offensive shots with a skilful manner to catch a receiving ring with one hand. A typical offensive shot for example, is a long shot with spin, thrown as a kind of lop into the back part of the opposing half of the court or a short shot with spin, thrown narrow across the net into a corner of the front part of the opponent’s half of the court. A typical defensive shot for example, is a high throw without spin, thrown into the back part of the opponent’s half of the court in order to keep the opponent away from the net. To present an attractive, fast and sportsmanlike match, all actions of the players have to be executed in fluidly motions without unacceptable delays during the process from the receiving to the delivery of the ring.
  4. 4. RINGTENNIS will provide a wide array of fun, competition, enjoyment and therapeutic application to its market which includes: Extracurricular Recreation, Competitive Activities; Physical Rehabilitation; Employment Opportunity and Manufacturing; Nationwide Competition; Formation of League; Technical Third Party Services; Provide kids and adults alike other means of Exercise and Distribution Services. RINGTENNIS will target schools and colleges, recreational centers, sports outlets, and government organizations within the State of Michigan and across the country as well as Southern Ontario. RINGTENNIS will seek major contracts with medium and large size sports outlets and Institutions. Founded in January 2008, USRF – United States of America Ringtennis Federation is a sports federation that provides athletes, youths and adults the opportunity to enhance their athletic skills mentally and physically by playing the worldly game of RINGTENNIS. Furthermore, the USRF will simultaneously promote health awareness and obesity prevention through our unique events, seminars and instructional camps. By focusing on our strengths, key cliental and values, USRF seeks to acquire total revenue between $2,000,000 and $7,000,000 in three years.
  5. 5. This will be acquired while also improving the gross margin on clients, sales, cash management and working capital. Our business plan directs the path. It defines our vision and strategic focus. It also provides the step-by-step plan for continuously improving our business and service to our clients. During promotion and marketing, Ringtennis will seek interested individuals throughout US and Canada with a commitment to an application fee of $75 per applicant in good faith generating revenue up to $7.5 million within the first 90 days (1.0% of target audience) about 100, 000 applicants. Business Growth Highlight: Objectives 1. Increase statistics in the number of PLAYERS worldwide. 2. Increase statistics in the number of PLAYERS who participate in WTF WORLD GAME TRYOUTS. 3. Assist former professional athletes in continuing their sports career. 4. Create a new middle school and high school physical education curriculum. 5. Heavily promote health awareness to youths, parents and communities. 6. Develop significant relationships with small and large businesses and create Corporate partnerships
  6. 6. USRF - WORLD GAME TRYOUTS USRF WORLD GAME TRYOUTS are a unique way to easily motivate new players and U.S.A. team hopefuls to learn and perfect the game of ring tennis. Our 6 week national tryout sessions will build national recognition at a fast pace while influencing the curiosity of the game and our products. Every participant per session has determined that he or she will dedicate the time to build knowledge of the game and pay a $75 participant fee. Therefore, utilizing our services, the U.S. team candidate will participate in a series of evaluations including drills and athletic test. If the participant fits the criteria we have placed to move on to out final tryout session, he or she will have the opportunity to be one of the 12 players chosen on the USRF roster.
  7. 7. TENNIQUOIT (RING TENNIS) INFORM@TION@L BOOK Before being published in New York, U.S.A. extensive research was conducted in order to establish the purpose, definition, rules and culture of the game. Our studies have shown that the most powerful key for success in all aspects of any Tenniquoit athlete’s life is to fully understand one thing…TENNIQUOIT its self! Simply understanding the game is far from enough, the manual will acts as a powerful method for success when playing or coaching ring tennis. The manual is a 250 page book with 65 pages of illustrations that will sell for $12.95 ($1,295,000) and MAY be published in several different languages. The power of the mind is immeasurable. Athletes can physically and mentally evolve into who they want to be. The manual is here to assist athletes in achieving maximum levels of athleticism, confidence, mental toughness, and a championship spirit!
  8. 8. RING TENNIS PRODUCTS AND MATERIAL Our website will provide website visitors, 24 hours 7 days a week exposure to our events, press releases and ring tennis material to purchase nationally and internationally. In order to compete with family and recreational games such as Volleyball and Badminton, we have arranged for customers to pay only $49.99 ($4,999,000) for a Ring Tennis set. The sets that will include an official sized net, net stand (indoor and outdoor), a carrying bag and two rings. Additional rings and material will be sold separately
  9. 9. @im of th_ G[m_ What do you need? A Ring A Court A Clock
  10. 10. The initial start up expense for Ringtennis include: capital $275,000, marketing $225,000, and business support $150,000. Capital funds will be used to purchase/lease building improvements, specialized field equipment software, and technical field equipment. Marketing funds will be used for trade show booth design, trade show attendance, company apparel and various print materials and advertisements. Business support funds will be utilized to hire an accountant including working capital. In order to properly fund the start up of Ringtennis, the financing package consists of personal equity, federal assistance and traditional borrowing. Michael Abiodun’s contribution is a total of $200,000 or 30% of the project's total capital costs which includes expenses to date. Federal Grant will be approached to invest $200,000 or 30% of the project's capital costs. The remaining balance of $134,000 or 20% will be financed by a commercial bank over a four year term.
  11. 11. M[rk_t S_gm_nt[tion: The athletic and fitness industry is highly competitive with millions of athletes and few legitimate marketing services available to them that will create an opportunity for athletes to represent the U.S.A. internationally. Without the status of being an All-American, All-Region, All-State and Draft lottery pick, etc, many athletes are excluded from receiving the respect and identification as a “potential prospect” or “American Hero”. USRF will: Allow athletes to develop their athletics skills. Promote health issues and concerns. Allow USRF coaches and scouts to identify overlooked athletes. Allow the athlete to market themselves to U.S.A. RTF scouts and coaches. Allow USRF scouts and coaches to easily access each prospects profile on our own personal database 24/7.
  12. 12. OTHER @PPLIC@TIONS: •Provision of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to Disables (Muscular Disabilities) •Effective Strategies to aid Learning Disabilities •Youth and Disable Recreational Program •Recreation Youth Engagement
  13. 13. During th_ 2010 Int_rn[tion[l Tourn[m_nt (WTF) in Kol_nz, G_rm[ny, 13 of th_ Countri_s _low p[rti]ip[t_^:
  14. 14. The back cover of the Ringtennis manual – sales price $12.95 (schools, libraries & participants)