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Problems and Fixes with Progressives!

How did we fix our giant list of problems in the US during the turn of the 20th century? Here's some info!

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Problems and Fixes with Progressives!

  1. 1. Solving the Problems!
  2. 2. You have 2 minutes to discuss a problem that was occurring in the US during the late 1800s to early 1900s. Group 1 – Tenements Group 2 – Sanitation Group 3 - Water Group 4 – Business Issues Group 5 – Government Corruption
  3. 3.  VOCABULARY:  tenements  sweatshops  labor union  Blue Laws  progressives
  4. 4. Read pg. 226  Progressives were people who helped fight for those people who couldn’t fight for themselves.  The Progressive Movement developed to address problems that arose with the growth of cities and industries during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
  5. 5. Choose the that title best completes this graphic organizer? A. Concerns of Big Business in the Late 19th Century B. Concerns of the Middle Class in the Late 19th Century C. Concerns of Prohibitionists in the Late 19th Century D. Concerns of the U.S. Government in the Late 19th Century TURN & TALK: Study the graphic organizer to answer the question.
  6. 6. Read pg. 264, 266-267 Some Famous Progressives/Muckrakers: Upton Sinclair was an author who wrote The Jungle which was a book about issues with the meat packing factories Ida Tarbell was an author who wrote about trusts President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt • was a “trust-buster” • passed Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act to help with issues within the food and drug industries • created national parks to preserve and conserve our natural resources. Lewis Hine traveled the country and took pictures of
  7. 7. Muckrakers wrote articles about corrupt business practices and unsafe conditions.
  8. 8. Read pg. 226  Overpopulation Fixes: Public Baths were created to help with water and sanitation issues! Building codes were enforced to help with unsafe and unsanitary housing! City parks and beautification projects were created!
  9. 9.  Immigration Fixes: Immigrants often lived in communities with others from their home countries this helped to make adjusting to life in American easier. Settlement houses were created to help immigrants adjust to life in the US. They were large buildings in crowded immigrant communities. The workers provided services for immigrants and helped to remedy poverty. The Hull House in Chicago established by Jane Addams was a settlement house. Settlement House services might include: library nursery art studios post office gymnasium theater kitchen dining room music school day care job assistance medical facilities
  10. 10. Read pg. 265  Business Fixes: Progressives fought against child labor! Progressives fought to pass laws to make monopolies and trusts ILLEGAL. Progressives worked to make factories safer by taking and distributing photographs of unsafe practices. Progressives thought that work days shouldn’t be so long Progressives didn’t like labor unions.
  11. 11. Read pgs. 195-197  Remember Labor unions helped fight for…  shorter workdays  better wages  safer workplaces  They did this through…  Negotiations between the workers and the owners  strikes (sometimes these got violent)  Samuel Gompers and Mary Harris Jones were known for being strong union leaders.
  12. 12.  Moral Fixes: The 18th Amendment was passed stating that alcohol was illegal! This was also called Prohibition. Blue Laws (also known as Sunday laws) were designed to restrict some shopping, or ban the sale of certain items on specific days, most often on Sundays.