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  1. 1. Inventors
  2. 2. Activating Strategy What do you think was the most important invention EVER? Discuss with your partner your choice, and then explain to them WHY you think it is so important.
  3. 3. Inventors and Inventions!
  4. 4. How did inventors change America? Tens of thousands of inventions were being created during the 1890’s. The inventions led to the creation of new businesses and industries. The United States was nicknamed the “invention capital of the world.”
  5. 5. Thomas Edison Facts pg. 168-169 Teachers thought he was “slow.” Thomas went to school for only a few months. Thomas taught himself by reading constantly (all the time), and doing experiments in his basement. He built a telegraph set when he was 11years old. He never attended college.
  6. 6. In 1876 Thomas set up a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey He had the nickname “The Wizard of Menlo Park.” Edison had a record 1,093 patents! Many of these inventions were improvements to old inventions. His staff were called “muckers.” He and his muckers created a light bulb that could last for 13 hours. They DID NOT invent the light bulb, but they did made it better. He made first power station for people who needed electricity.
  7. 7. The phonograph was his favorite invention. - phono means sound - graph means to record - a phonograph records sound
  8. 8. Thomas Edison also helped invent… - the kinetograph (video camera) - the kinetoscope (video player) - battery - cement mixer
  9. 9. Let’s Review Important Thomas Edison Facts • his lab was in Menlo Park, New Jersey-staff was called “Muckers” • favorite invention: the phonograph • built a power station in New York City to provide electricity to homes • Edison DID NOT invent the light bulb; he DID improve it and make it usable • His improved light bulb changed the way factories operated in the late 19th century Notes
  10. 10. Alexander Graham Bell pg. 167 Bell was a teacher of the deaf (people who can’t hear) He wanted to make something that could send the human voice through a wire.
  11. 11. In 1876, Bell transmitted (sent) the first message using his invention.
  12. 12. By 1900, over 1,500,000 telephones were in use. Mr. Bell helped start the General Electric company (”GE, we bring good things to light”) Mr. BELL also helped start the Bell Telephone Company (Does BellSouth sound familiar?)
  13. 13. Let’s Review Important Alexander Graham Bell Facts • Bell invented the telephone • he turned his invention into a corporation – Bell Telephone Company (later AT&T) • like Edison, Bell had a laboratory where he and his workers created new things Notes
  14. 14. The Wright Brothers pg.172 Orville and Wilbur Wright were brothers who had a dream to fly. 1900 – the brothers began working with gliders. 1902 – they flew a glider 600 feet. 1903 – they added an engine to their glider.
  15. 15. On December 17, 1903, Orville Wright became the first person to fly an airplane. He flew only 100 feet! Thinking Question Why did Orville and Wilbur choose Kitty Hawk, NC as their flight test location? ?
  16. 16. Let’s Review The Wright Brothers Experimented with “flight” for many years 1903 – In Kitty Hawk, NC the brothers’ motorized plane flew for 12 seconds They started the aircraft industry with their experiments in manned flight Notes
  17. 17. How Can One Invention Change Society? New Jobs Other Lifestyle Changes New Businesses or Related Businesses Airplane Telephone Light Bulb Choose one invention Work with your group to complete the graphic organizer