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Cold War Guide

A Review PowerPoint over the Cold War

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Cold War Guide

  1. 1. AMERICA CHANGING: THE COLD WAR ERA 5th Grade – American History
  2. 2. LIFE IN THE US – THE 1950S!  The years after World War II were sometimes called the “boom years…”  Because the country was experiencing a “boom” of economic growth and prosperity!  The following factor most contributed to the growth of suburbs after World War II:  Greater availability of automobiles and highway systems!
  3. 3. LIFE IN THE US – THE 1950S  What is the main idea of the following information?  Rock and Roll Music becomes popular.  Television becomes the cetner of American family entertainment.  Advertised goods such as slinkies and coon skin caps are in high demand.  The Impact of Mass Media after World War II!  American “consumerism” had a major effect:  Service industries expanded to meet
  4. 4. LIFE IN THE US – THE 1950S  New technology was changing the lives of Americans during the 1950s…  More people began to use commercial airlines!
  5. 5. THE COLD WAR  The US had a main goal for their Cold War Foreign Policies:  We wanted to stop the spread of communism!  The end of the Cuban Missile Crisis had a major effect – a good one!  The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed.
  6. 6. THE COLD WAR  There was a special word that described the post-war era known for spreading the fear that communist spies were attempting to overthrow the government…  McCarthyism  What would make a good title for this list?  highlighted the need for an excellent education system  promoted the development of consumer technology  was a unifying force for American industry
  7. 7. AFTER THE WAR  What became a symbol of the differences between the Soviet Union and western democracies?  The Berlin Wall  What is the main purpose of the United Nations?  Find peaceful solutions to international issues.
  8. 8. AFTER THE WAR – MORE!  NATO is an acronym – what do the letters stand for?  North Atlantic Treaty Organization  Why is OPEC an important organization to the US?  OPEC determines the price of petroleum (oil).
  9. 9. USE THE T-CHART TO COMPARE THE GOALS OF THE US TO THOSE OF THE SOVIET UNION! • Democratic Government • Promoted personal freedom • Promoted free enterprise • Communist Government • Little personal freedom • Government owns all businesses and land  United States  Soviet Union  (USSR)
  10. 10. THE U.S. INVOLVEMENT IN THE KOREAN AND THE VIETNAM WARS KOREAN WAR VIETNAM WAR • US fought to stop the spread of communism. • Most Americans supported the war. • The US helped win the war, and South Korea remained non-communist. • More than 33,000 US troops were killed • Lasted from 1950-53 • US fought to stop the spread of communism. • Many Americans disagreed about the US involvement in the war - Hawks and Doves • The US lost, and South Vietnam became communist. • More than 57,000 US troops were killed • Lasted longer from 1963-1973 A Comparison: 10
  11. 11. POLITICAL CARTOON #1  Use the cartoon to answer the following questions. 1. What does the caption say? 2. What are President Kennedy and the leader of the Soviet Union trying to do? 3. What message do you think the creator of the cartoon was trying to send?
  12. 12. POLITICAL CARTOON #2  Use the cartoon to answer the following questions. 1. Read the text in the political cartoon below. Explain the significance of this cartoon during the Cold War Era.