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  • YouTube is the most popular video platform for video engagement in the blogosphere with 81.9% of total embedded and linked videos; followed by Vimeo (8.8%), Daily Motion (4%) and MySpace (1.1%). YouTube engagement across genders is 58% male and 42% female. Within YouTube, the most active demographic group engaging with video is 20-35-year-olds; three times larger than the second-most active demographic.
  • “you might as well try to plan for a terrorist attack or some other random event….’We cannot predict what is going to happen,’ [Duncan] said. ‘Things happen randomly. You want strategies that don’t depend on being right, but do depend on being able to measure things very well. You throw things out there, with as low cost as you can manage and with as great a diversity as you can stand and then you see what gets taken up.’”“Things happen randomly if you do not plan and test, and throwing things out there risks a potential backfire. The one factor that is not considered by Duncan’s analysis is the “stickiness” of the idea behind a viral campaign, and that is certainly not immune to testing. There is no reason why you cannot pre-test a viral campaign. The objective would be to ascertain the likelihood that people would share the ad with others and it would reduce the chances of failure by ensuring people did find the content relevant, compelling and worth sharing."
  • Go viral
  • John Bell
  • runaway hits like Dove Evolution can rack up millions of views and lots of related word of mouth (WOM), these are the exception, not the rule. Television remains the great 'reach' medium. The Internet is the great 'engagement' medium. Trying to use the internet simply to raise awareness via a reach strategy ignores it's basic value. Online video offers a gateway to engagement one-click away.
  • A viral video is a video that you hope will grab people's attention to the point that they will tell their friends about it. It is something that must be remarkable (literally), surprising, insightful or otherwise engaging. It may last as much as a few minutes. And then it is done. Providing them with a LOL video (we could only hope for laughter) is certainly one way to provide value - entertainment value.
  • It says that something that is worth talking about will find its own audience organically (i.e. with no marketing effort) and will gain viral velocity until it reaches millions. Duncan Watts would point out that most 'viral' things die off before reaching what anyone would claim is a tipping point of volume. If part of a digital strategy includes video(s) that will grab people's attention then we need to support them with smart, authentic promotion. Viral videos go better with outreach and advertising.
  • "Can't you just tell bloggers about the video and they will chatter about it on their blog?" Even if a traditional marketer doesn't utter these exact words, it is often in their head. Paid media is one thing. But to engage people in word of mouth the "it" must pass the "who cares" test. If so, then you have earned their coverage. What we are good at is creating compelling experiences that engage people genuinely. Videos can be a part of that but are rarely the centrepiece.
  • Episodic content, breakdown into categories or themesCameramen?Editing?Permits?Rehearsals?talent?Your objectives?When in doubt . . . KISS
  • MySpace plans to launch a new video product
  • In Australia year on year there has been a decrease in one word search terms of 2.3% and two word search terms of 1.9%. Hitwise, November 200937. Search requests longer than three words have increased over the past 12 months by 2.8%. Four - words have increased 1.2% and 5 words plus have seen a solid increase over the past two years, with a 1.2% increase in the past 12 months. Hitwise, November 2009
  • Need – a good title, key message (including links) in the start of the description. YouTube truncates the description, don’t rely on fans to click through to more.
  • Music – copyrights
  • Managing negative sentiment – you know your customer’s pain points so get ready for them to be aired. Although sometimes it is not worth engaging. Your audience likes to vent and if you try and problem solve you could create more angst. Monitoring in the digital landscapeWhat tools are required? – Monitoring requires subscription tools and the resources of someone who can qualify the conversations quickly and efficiently. You should re-evaluate keywords and queries on a regular basis and use your Google Analytics reports to highlight new search terms that you may not have realised link to your brand. What if we stuff up?Immediacy of social media can mean that human error becomes amplified - wrong time posted, personal/professional account mix up, reveal before launch. Westpac’s tweet “oh so very over it today” – posted from wrong account. Deleted the tweet although it was receiving a lot of positive feedback for being human
  • You can’t really get your arms around this stuffThere is no manualThere is no rulebookThere is only what’s happening todayStart with one thingDo three things for me:Get a senior championIdentify the people in your organization who are passionate about digital even if they are not digital practitionersDon’t focus on technology
  • YouTube and Video Sharing

    2. 2.
    3. 3. things youshould knowabout YouTube
    4. 4. 70% of AU internet users visit the site 18% mobile social networkers visit YouTube via their mobile 16% do it daily 63% watched online video for a product/service 4th most visited website in AustraliaSource: The Nielsen Company,Alexa,
    5. 5. Viral is a reward,not an intent - B.L. Ochman, Sr
    6. 6. myths of viralvideo
    7. 7. examples ofgreat content
    9. 9. tips to getyou on yourway
    10. 10. AMPLIFYCreate content that attractsattention and make it serve multiplepurposes
    11. 11. Episodic content, breakdown intocategories or themes
    12. 12. OPTIMISE:Create content that is shareable
    13. 13. CRISIS COMMSYou know your pain points so beready for a storm
    14. 14. last thingbefore I go
    15. 15. WHAT NOW?:Don’t try and boil the ocean
    16. 16. GET IN TOUCHCONTACT USNeed to discuss this in more detail?Whether you want to clarify our approach tostrategy or just have a burning question aboutdigital in general, please contact me at any time.And feel free to stalk me online as well – here’s afew places you can start. Address: Level 15, 65 Berry Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Phone: 02 9287 8505 Email:
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