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YouTube and Video Sharing


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OMX Melbourne presentation

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YouTube and Video Sharing

  2. 2.
  3. 3. things youshould knowabout YouTube
  4. 4. 70% of AU internet users visit the site 18% mobile social networkers visit YouTube via their mobile 16% do it daily 63% watched online video for a product/service 4th most visited website in AustraliaSource: The Nielsen Company,Alexa,
  5. 5. Viral is a reward,not an intent - B.L. Ochman, Sr
  6. 6. myths of viralvideo
  7. 7. examples ofgreat content
  9. 9. tips to getyou on yourway
  10. 10. AMPLIFYCreate content that attractsattention and make it serve multiplepurposes
  11. 11. Episodic content, breakdown intocategories or themes
  12. 12. OPTIMISE:Create content that is shareable
  13. 13. CRISIS COMMSYou know your pain points so beready for a storm
  14. 14. last thingbefore I go
  15. 15. WHAT NOW?:Don’t try and boil the ocean
  16. 16. GET IN TOUCHCONTACT USNeed to discuss this in more detail?Whether you want to clarify our approach tostrategy or just have a burning question aboutdigital in general, please contact me at any time.And feel free to stalk me online as well – here’s afew places you can start. Address: Level 15, 65 Berry Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Phone: 02 9287 8505 Email:
  17. 17. Image creditsohalasi_zsoltojaredotoday_is_a_good_dayofliegender