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  • ObjectiveBudgetConsumer engagement profile (creator, joiner, etc)
  • Do you need to run a competition? Look at other ways to reward the right contributions and the more engaged fans like surprise and delight
  • A game of skill requires entrants to use their mental or physical strengths and abilities to win. Skilled competitions that are currently popular in Australia are 25 word or less answers, providing captions, or answering a question.In these competitions, judges decide who wins the prize based on the entrants' creativity, literary skills and entertainment value.  Chance has nothing to do with who wins.But in competitions that are games of chance, the winner of the prize is drawn at random from all eligible entries.  This means everybody who enters has an equal and fair chance of winning.
  • Google needed a few tweets to explain their comp but it works within the rules
  • I won a Toshibalaptp through a YouTube comp. I watched a video and told them what I wanted in a laptop of the future.
  • CommBank are giving people a reason to comeback
  • Not allowed
  • Westfield have also released a statement regarding the promotion:"Westfield said today that its Christmas Gift Card promotion on Facebook is a registered promotion. Westfield worked closely with Facebook to develop the competition and Westfield has legal advice that the promotion does not breach the Spam Act."Westfield have also updated both their fan page and application to prominently include links to their terms and conditions.They have also confirmed the agencies involved were M&C Saatchi and Ikon Communications
  • 86k people sent to 822k friends, achieving 9c per entrant. We saw 2.7 million views, and achieved a 14% online sales spike above forecast.The sheer scale of response forced Facebook to literally rewrite their rulebook, and heavy online debate ensued.Removed after three days.
  • Fan gating is ok as long as you’re just asking them to like a page to get access to the competition informaion
  • Take it off Facebook – sometimes building a page on your website it easier than building an app
  • People don’ like losing, especially if the competition is personal (cutest baby, best photograph etc)
  • Social contests

    1. 1. Social ContestsMandi Bateson@mab397
    2. 2. Surprise and delight
    3. 3. things you should know about competitions
    4. 4. Skill vs chance
    5. 5. All I want for Christmas320,000 entries in just3 days6734 fans on thecompetition page12,349 Westfieldmentions in statuses67,423 Westfieldmentions in comments
    6. 6. All I want for Christmas
    7. 7. The naughty list
    8. 8. Fan-gating
    9. 9. Wildfire Competition App
    10. 10. CRISIS COMMSBe prepared to deal with the human factor
    11. 11. GET IN TOUCHCONTACT USNeed to discuss this in more detail?Whether you want to clarify our approach to strategy or just have aburning question about social in general, please contact me at any time.And feel free to stalk me online as well – here’s a few places you canstart. Address: Level 15, 65 Berry Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Phone: 02 9287 8505 Email: