We Made This: Curating Community Content #psuweb13


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Presented by Ma'ayan Plaut and Rob Engelsman on June 7th, 2013 at #PSUweb13

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  • Ma’ayan! I LOVE OBERLIN. Also I write things. And photograph things. And in general make a lot of stuff. Social Media Coordinator @OberlinCollege. ROB. He does things. Used to do them at Ithaca. Now does them for really really really big corporations (sell out… that runs and advises social for a client on the retail side of a $500 billion dollar company)
  • robertson 2010 $20 million in small and large grants for community projects, voted on by the general public (do good while promoting your product)
  • plaut Fans photos featured every week.
  • robertson Improv Everywhere invites the unsuspecting community to help create its gloriously fantabulous content.
  • plaut More eyes and ears in more places
  • plaut More eyes and ears in more places. See it to believe it.
  • plaut It shows that you are part of the community and not just a broadcaster of “marketing and PR” materials. You’re able to megaphone it all to more people. We’re here to elevate!
  • ROBERTSON Harness brand ambassadors, involve them, then send them on their way with super awesome stuff to share!! People are vain (in the best way possible), More people involved = more people to spread the story, Also we like to see ourselves on screen
  • PLAUT \\It makes us harder, better, faster, stronger: more competitive, more differentiated, more awesome, and more nimble.
  • PLAUT Create something with the help of an in-tune community
  • PLAUT Pick up on a trend and elevate
  • PLAUT People make cool stuff. We find it. We ask permission. We showcase it! Tumblr, Pinterest and all those other fun sites.
  • PLAUT KNOW WHERE TO LOOK. If you’re looking for photos, look on photo sites (Insta, Flickr). If you’re looking for blogs, look at blog rolls or Google search.
  • Interacting and working with communities You’re a guest in social spaces. Respect it.
  • Interacting and working with communities You’re a guest in social spaces. Respect it. Cool kids use creative briefs to map out their strategy and identify pitfalls early on Who’s the primary audience? Secondary? How much will it cost? Who’s gonna do all the work? What assets will we need? What’s the timeframe? What potential problems are there? Where will it live? Who’s the lead?
  • Specific – What are you doing? Measurable – How will we know it will be successful? Attainable – Can we actually do this? Relevant – Does it make sense for you, now? Time-bound – When will it all happen?
  • bothhhhhhhhh Timeframes At IC, I planned projects three months in advance. That way you’re over prepared and have time to imagine every possible issue and outcome. Oberlin is so fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants. Months of planning never got us anything more than doing something in a week.
  • Bothhhhhhh Tech and tools Always goals before tools, but these tools are pretty cool: Storify, ThingLink, Tumblr, dozens of apps for video/photo/etc
  • robberrtson
  • robertson Following typical social media conventions Are you using the tool the way it was intended? Are you following the terms & conditions?
  • Robertson Ethical lines Ensure the community members in the content approve of their use Is using their content legal? If you don’t get explicit permission, be damn sure they’ll be *pleasantly* surprised by what you create and that you have legal standing
  • robertson Will this appeal to all of our audiences (probably not, so lie) Is your time worth it for this project (hard to prove ahead of time, so lie) Can’t someone else do this? (maybe, but lie) “ I like a story well told. That is why I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.” – Mark Twain (famous people quotes are money in arguments like this)
  • robertsonnnn Getting it right and pleasing all parties involved Will people be happy this project exists? Will it enrich their day/week/month/year/life? If it doesn’t work 100%, are there pieces that can still be salvaged and repurposed?
  • bothhhhhh You can’t manufacture this stuff. Also, consider that viral is a relative term. Things can go viral in your community. Sometimes it’s not immediate. Define what viral means within your community. Don’t set unrealistic goals.
  • bothhhh Timing/How often we tell people Release all at once vs. staggered approach on different platforms
  • bothhhh Where we put our content once it’s made Seeding the social sharing: letting participants know they were involved gives us a great first push (“leak” it)
  • Robertson Paying to play: giving your content an extra little push via a promoted post
  • Bothhhhh Seeding the social sharing: letting participants know they were involved gives us a great first push Tease the release of the content (behind the scene photos, quotes, etc.)
  • Robertson We can push content all we want, but if we over-amplify the project can lose authenticity.
  • Bothhhhh Listen listen listen Add extra Twitter searches, keep strong anecdotal examples (good & bad) Screenshots are your BFFs. Archive archive archive Use a service to track hashtag use, evaluate sharing Reflect reflect reflect Write up a top line summary that even college presidents can understand (BURN)
  • Ma’ayan Unfiltered first person perspectives on the Oberlin experience by students, faculty and staff. This is the only example that is also a paid position, because we want this content to live for a long long time.
  • Ma’ayan A patchwork quilt of Oberlin anecdotes submitted by students, faculty, and staff. Initial goal: 1000 in a year, totally didn’t happen, but it’s amazing evergreen content so at this point, we don’t care.
  • Ma’ayan We solicit designs from current students, admissions/communications narrow down the designs, turn over the designs to the EDI students, then the shirt is sent to all accepted students (we encourage them to take photos with their shirts and share on FB).
  • Ma’ayan Collected haikus shared by students, faculty, staff, and alumni via social media and read by the Oberlin campus community.
  • Ma’ayan Hand-traced turkeys that showcase the things we Obies are thankful for this year. Updated periodically throughout Thanksgiving day on Facebook and Tumblr. Co-opted by UChicago Law School in 2012. 2011: http://on.fb.me/12xMcO4 2012: http://on.fb.me/12xMfJV
  • Ma’ayan Demonstrate your enthusiasm for Oberlin in 60 seconds or fewer. 2011 winner: Hugs for Oberlin, Oberlin is for Lovers. 2012 winner Leaving for Lorain. Co-opted by Middlebury for the MiddLove video contest.
  • Demonstrate your enthusiasm for Oberlin in 60 seconds or fewer. 2011 winner: Hugs for Oberlin, Oberlin is for Lovers. 2012 winner Leaving for Lorain. Co-opted by Middlebury for the MiddLove video contest.
  • In which Ma’ayan documents her whole college life via a personal blog, the communications office discovers it and helps make it into the new “ viewbook ” – a 30 ” x40 ” poster that documents a whole year in Oberlin in photos (with admissions information on the back). Now being updated yearly with crowdsourced photos. *blushes furiously*
  • A final, serious note: Following the cancellation of classes on March 4 th , 2013 for a campus-wide teach-in, I struggled with how we share the community’s story. The only way I could conceive of tackling something this big, this complex, and this personal was to utilize as many people’s eyes and ears as possible. I received thousands of photographs via social media requests, and managed to reconstruct the full story using 58 photos collected from 24 photographers.
  • Promote the visit of Good Morning America weatherman Sam Champion by setting up a green screen on campus where people can try to do the weather. Went well with young people, but older alumni thought it made our students look stupid.
  • When accepted students blogged about their acceptance, we gave them personalized notes and GIFs. Eventually the freshman starting posting their acceptances with gifs all on their own!
  • A few times a year we’ll ask our community to suggest different things like advice for new students or reasons they’re thankful for the college.
  • Whiteboards, nostalgia and a camera created the greatest post in IC’s facebook history. We then reshot many of these students in their caps and gowns and used it in advertising and such.
  • Turn a stressful day into fun and games with gift certificates and awards. Takes work though. Covered 13.3 miles on foot this day.
  • Over 200 tweets about why people love Ithaca for valentine’s day. As the day went on, we filled the heart with their avatars. Then we storify’d our faves.
  • Disposable cameras, gopros, and trust in your community
  • Ma’ayan 24 hours of crowdsourced community content. Second year running!
  • Ma’ayan A video constructed from videos found on Youtube of students recording their acceptances to University of California schools.
  • Ma’ayan Crowdsourced blog posts and stories from around IU’s campus.
  • Robertson
  • Robertson
  • We Made This: Curating Community Content #psuweb13

    1. 1. WE MADE THIS:Curating Community ContentMa’ayan Plaut & Rob Engelsman@plautmaayan @rcengelsman#psuweb13
    2. 2. Hi. Hey. Hello. Sup.
    3. 3. WTF? Community Content?• Motivating communities to participate in thestory• Using things created by the community toenhance your brand• Making your life easier (sorta)
    4. 4. A Nice Cold Onehttp://www.ypulse.com/uploads/original/2010/09/pepsi_refresh_everything-1.jpeg
    5. 5. Taste the Awesomehttps://www.facebook.com/skittles
    6. 6. Make ‘Em Laughhttp://youtu.be/tA3OhZBhh20
    7. 7. Why Use Community ContentHeather Bradley - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    8. 8. Authenticity (+1000)See it to believe it.Patrick Lanigan - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    9. 9. Listen up, down, and aroundDuReMi - CC BY-SA 2.0
    10. 10. You’re so vain…Ed Siasoco - CC BY 2.0
    11. 11. Be Daft, Punkhttp://youtu.be/K2cYWfq--Nw
    12. 12. Getting the Content Party StartedThomas Hawk - CC BY-NC 2.0
    13. 13. Themed partiesKid’s Birthday Parties - CC BY-NC 2.0
    14. 14. Trend-setting partiesSan Diego City College - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
    15. 15. Curation PartyMarshall Astor - CC BY-SA 2.0
    16. 16. Party StoreThink Milly - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    17. 17. Party GuestsWalton & Talitha - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
    18. 18. Brainstorming PartyRachel Ford James - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    19. 19. The SMART(ER) PartyLibraRonin - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    20. 20. Party PlanningKrissa Corbett Cavouras - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
    21. 21. Party SuppliesSandy - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
    22. 22. Squishy Things
    23. 23. Understand the Tool
    24. 24. Can we even do that?
    25. 25. You need to think…
    26. 26. We cool?
    27. 27. Making the Magic HappenDanny Sullivan - CC BY 2.0
    28. 28. Call A FriendFlorian Seroussi - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    29. 29. All Things Have Their PlaceUwe Hermann - CC BY-SA 2.0
    30. 30. Paying to PlayVince - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    31. 31. Drive TrafficMike Smail - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
    32. 32. But know when to step back
    33. 33. Oh Shit, It Actually Went ViralJulia Frost - CC BY-NC 2.0
    34. 34. Rock the Casbahhttp://undertheoaksblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/macklemore-ryan-lewis-thrift-shop-4.jpg
    35. 35. Oberlin Blogshttp://blogs.oberlin.edu/
    36. 36. Oberlin Stories Projecthttp://stories.oberlin.edu/
    37. 37. Oberlin Tshirt Design Contest
    38. 38. Oberlin Winter Haiku Projecthttp://inside.oberlin.edu/haiku/
    39. 39. Thankful Turkeyshttp://oberlin-college.tumblr.com/tagged/thankful
    40. 40. ObiEager Video Contesthttp://youtu.be/46s5YdcjqU0
    41. 41. ObiEager Video Contesthttp://youtu.be/wtO5MkEs5CY
    42. 42. A Year in the Life of Oberlin Collegehttp://admissions.oberlin.edu/poster/
    43. 43. A Day of Solidarityhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/oberlin/sets/72157632933016886/with/8534406516/
    44. 44. Green Screen Challengehttp://youtu.be/kNEKC3dMaJg
    45. 45. Accepted Students on Tumblrhttp://ithacacollege.tumblr.com/search/accepted
    46. 46. Storify of Advicehttp://storify.com/ithacacollege/advice-for-the-class-of-2016
    47. 47. #ICthankshttp:// facebook.com/ithacacollege
    48. 48. Move In Day Awardshttp://facebook.com/ithacacollege
    49. 49. #IHeartIChttp://fuse.ithaca.edu/sharing-the-love-iheartic-34183/
    50. 50. Life at IChttp://lifeatic.tumblr.com/
    51. 51. #UWrightnowhttp://uwrightnow.wisc.edu/
    52. 52. California Dreamin’http://youtu.be/jPRy6uhsE7Y
    53. 53. We Are IUhttp://www.weareiu.com/
    54. 54. Photo Friday @ U of Rhttp://www.rochester.edu/largepics/photofriday/
    55. 55. Ask us things!
    56. 56. *drops mic*