Creating and Managing Your Online Self: Putting Yourself Online


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Creating and Managing Your Online Self is a two-part presentation for an Oberlin Conservatory of Music course, Professional Development for the Freelance Artist.

The first class was dedicated to putting yourself online, specifically utilizing a online social calling card site called

Part two of this presentation can be found here:

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  • \n
  • You probably think I’m here to talk about social media. \n
  • I am, but I’m more here to talk about personal branding. You see, people are a judgmental bunch and not having information about yourself available is more harmful than having incorrect information out there. I don’t want these either of these things, nor do you. \n
  • What we’re here to do is to get you started controlling your own message.\n\nThe most important thing I wish to impart from you during these two classes is that it is vitally important to showcase yourself and your work through your preferred means. Have you ever Googled your name?\n
  • \n
  • I’m lucky that I’m the only Ma’ayan Plaut out there, but what’s significant in this search is that of all the things you see on the first page, I control all but two of them (the second is farther down, beyond this screen shot). The more traffic your owned content gets, the higher the results the next time someone else visits your site, so why not direct people to your own place first?\n
  • I know I am here under the auspices of talking about specific online platforms, which I will be talking about in just a moment, but what I am here to share is that what you do, what you make, what you’re proud of, what you’re thinking about -- that’s all you and others want to know that. Keep track of it. Share it. React to it. Be your own detective. Those actions keep you on top of your own personal brand, which is why we’re here to learn together.\n
  • We’re going begin by thinking first about online presentation. The first step in the process is to get yourself an online foothold first, so we are going to start by creating an online calling card. Think of it kind of like a business card but with more personality.\n
  • This is a mini-website about yourself, again, with a bit of networking and connection thrown in, but luckily for you, it’s a piece of cake.\n
  • We’re going to spend the rest of today working on the creation of our online business card through a site called This is our first exercise in online presentation, since identifying your interests and work will be vital to the development of your online presence.\n
  • It really is awesome. Claiming a username will give you the URL Classy and easy to remember. also has some nice little perks, like the ability to direct private messages to your email inbox and some internal number-crunching to help you find out how people are finding you (this is the link I put every single site that asks me for a website, and now I know where people are leaving my other online presences to find out more about me). And as you can see, it is the highest hit when it you Google my name. The more you use it (and people click on it) the higher this site returns in your search results -- and this is great, because you have control over everything that’s displayed on this site.\n
  • The very basic things you need to make an page:\n\n- An email address (to sign up and for internal messaging system)\n- Photo (this will be your background, so I encourage something with your face)\n- Short bio (paragraphs or bullets)\n- Tags -- things you’re passionate about or would like to be known for.\n- Any relevant outside links you’d like to share -- including any social media sites you might be using and want to showcase.\n
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  • Examples:\n
  • Examples:\n
  • Examples:\n
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  • Examples:\n
  • Examples:\n
  • Let’s get started!\n
  • Creating and Managing Your Online Self: Putting Yourself Online

    1. 1. Creating and Managing Your Online Self Day One: Putting Yourself Online
    2. 2. Why I’m hereSocial Media
    3. 3. Why I’m hereSocial MediaPersonalBranding
    4. 4. Why I’m hereSocial MediaPersonalBrandingMessage Control
    5. 5. Go Google Yourself!
    6. 6. Go Google Yourself!
    7. 7. Be Your Own Detective Image by Antonu CC- BY-SA 3.0
    8. 8. Online Presentation Useful but boring:
    9. 9. Online Presentation Useful and Awesome:
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Why use messagingNumber crunchingImpacts Google resultsControl
    12. 12. Basics for about.meEmail addressPhotoA short bioTagsOutside links
    13. 13. Email AddressUse for sign upAllows for private messaging Goes to my email inbox without displaying it publicly.
    14. 14. PhotoGives your page personalityRecommended: your face, lots of unbusyspace Background allows for Face! the focus to be my bio and my face.
    15. 15. A short bio Say something about yourself: less is more. Links encouraged! Links areShort thoughts: personal* Basic skills citations* What I do within* Personal/ your bio.personality
    16. 16. Tags Allow for networking. Quick “what are you all about?” bitesThis is me in tenwords/phrases Find othersor fewer. who listAccurate! these tags as interests.
    17. 17. Outside links Social links: use as an aggregate. Cite yourself!Social medialinks allow Additionalothers to view sites you canyour presences find me/mywithin work.
    18. 18. Sample pages
    19. 19. Sample pages
    20. 20. Sample pages
    21. 21. Sample pages
    22. 22. Sample pages
    23. 23. Sample pages
    24. 24. Sample pages
    25. 25. Sample pages
    26. 26. Sample pages
    27. 27. Sample pages
    28. 28. Sample pages
    29. 29. Sample pages
    30. 30. Sample pages
    31. 31. Sample pages
    32. 32. Sample pages
    33. 33. Let’s get started!