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The opportunity in
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B2B event sponsorship by the numbers (infographic)

Since we started working on Sponsez, we have been reading a lot about sponsorship. Probably more than all of us ever read together in 12 years of school. There is so much information, so we decided to follow the great trend of info-graphics and share with you important insights about the industry we are in.

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B2B event sponsorship by the numbers (infographic)

  1. 1. sponsez presents: The opportunity in B2B EVENT SPONSORSHIPS BY THE NUMBERS © sponsez 2013 +280,500 Events takeplaceeveryyear EXPOSING SPONSORS TO MORE THAN 51Million Potential clients $12K AVERAGE SPONSORSHIP SIZE WITH PACKAGES RANGING FROM $500 >$100k And sponsors of all sizes 75% OF SPONSORS ARE CONSTANTLY LOOKING FOR NEW PARTNERSHIPS In-house/outsource? Will outsource some part of the activity to agencies will manage all aspects of sponsorship completely in-house 77% 23% SPEND 5.5% Expected 2013 sponsorships Growth in north America Sponsorship Advertisement Making the sponsorship slice bigger then ever before Total advertisement budgetSponsorship Growth Raising the stakes, increasing the number of internal decision-makers involved, and place many more demands on rightsholders to prove value and return. Most popular sponsorship objectives* MORE THAN DOUBLING The total growth in advertisement Change/Refine Image Increase Brand Loyalty Increase Visibility Show Social Involvement Drive Business Traffic Experiential Branding Showcase a Product Lead Generation or Why are brands engaged in sponsorship? * Relates to sponsorships targeting both consumers and businesses More than a year $1B Most are in: Medical Legal Finance Followed by Tech, Energy and Agriculture Sources: IEG (2013 Sponsorship Outlook, 2013 Sponsorship Decision Maker’s Survey), CIC (The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy) & UPTO sponsez⌂