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International women's day


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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International women's day

  1. 1. International Womens Day
  2. 2. Matias VelozoTeacher: Stella maris saubidet oyhamburuSubject: English5º2ª
  3. 3. Alicia Moreau de JustoAlicia Moreau de Justo was aDoctor and politiciam in ArgentinaShe was also am eanding figureof feminism and socialism
  4. 4. Azucena Villaflorwas am Argentina social activistone of the founders of the Associationof Mothers of Plaza de May
  5. 5. Emma de la Barra was am Argentina writer.
  6. 6. Juana Manuela Gorriti was am Argentina writer although it has been made ​ famous by the adventures of his life and notorious for having had the taste of being a cook.
  7. 7. Manuela SáenzManuela Sáenz was am Ecuadorian patriotand girlfriend of Simon BolivarShe was Also known as Manuela Sáenz asLiberator of the Liberator
  8. 8. Trinidad GuevaraGuevara Trinidad was a Uruguayan theater andactress
  9. 9. Victoria Ocampo Victoria ocampo was am intellectual writer. She was also am essayist and translator in Argentina