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project details......project details......dont hesitate, pl call me..........,dont hesitate, pl call me..........,


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ipt/projects full details....PL VISIT (projects list,abstract,video,photo gallery)

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  1. 1. IEEE 2012-2013 PROJECT TITLES-ALL PROJECTSHARDWARE(KIT BASED_100%OUTPUT)1. Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPSTracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles.2. Real-Time Hand Gesture Detection and Recognition Using Bag-of-Features and Support Vector Machine Techniques.3. Automatic Docking System for Recharging Home SurveillanceRobots.4. Designing Buildings for Real Occupants: An Agent-BasedApproach.5. A Real-Time Wireless Brain–Computer Interface System forDrowsiness Detection.6. Energy-Aware Pipeline Monitoring System Using PiezoelectricSensor.7. Embedded System Integrated Into a Wireless Sensor Networkfor Online Dynamic Torque and Efficiency Monitoring in InductionMotors.8. Design and Implementation of Intelligent Energy DistributionManagement with Photovoltaic System.9. Induction Machine Fault Diagnosis using Microcontroller andReal Time Digital Simulation Unit.10. Power Consumption Measurement and Clock Synchronizationon Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks.11. A Model Driven Software Framework for Zigbee based EnergySaving Systems89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024
  2. 2. 12. An Early Warning System Based on Reputation for EnergyControl Systems.13. Exploring User-Centered Intelligent Road Lighting Design: ARoad Map and Future Research Directions.14. PIR-sensor-based Lighting Device with Ultra-low StandbyPower Consumption.15. A Distributed Wireless Body Area Network for MedicalSupervision.16. Selective Device Activation for Power Reduction inAccelerometer-Based Wearable Guidance Systems for The Blind.17. An Electronic Travel Aid for Navigation of Visually ImpairedPersons.18. Universal Architecture Prototype for Patient-Centric MedicalEnvironment.19. The custom focus design of Bio-medical wireless sensornetworks.20. Video Monitoring System: Counting People by Tracking.21. Hand Gesture based Interface for Aiding Visually Impaired.22. TFRS: Thai Finger-Spelling Sign Language RecognitionSystem.23. Hand Data Glove: A New Generation Real-Time Mouse forHuman-Computer Interaction.24. Moving Objects Detection Based on Embedded VideoSurveillance.89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024
  3. 3. 25. Image Localization in Gesture Recognition.26. The Role of Gesture Types and Spatial Feedback in HapticCommunication.27. New Hand Gesture Recognition Method for MouseOperations.28. Design of Zigbee Gateway in Intelligent Monitoring System forAgriculture.29. Intelligent Biometric Detection System for Disabled People.30. The Research of Double-biometric Identification TechnologyBased on Finger Geometry & Palm print.31. A Method of Remote Con trol for Home Appliance Using FreeHand Gesture.32. Performance of Iris Recognition using Low Resolution IrisImage for Attendance Monitoring.33. Research on Personal Identity Management System Based onRFID Technology.34. Building Lighting Automation through the Integration of DALIwith Wireless Sensor Networks.35. Efficient Group Key Management of ZigBee Network for HomeAutomation.36. Multisensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System.37. The Design of the Steering Wheel with Anti-fatigue Driving forVehicles Based on Pattern Recognition.89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024
  4. 4. 38. The Ship Monitoring and Control Network System Design.39. Intelligent Car Control and Recognition Embedded System.40. A Realization of Remote Control System Based on CellInjection Robot.41. Design of Zigbee Gateway in Intelligent Monitoring System forAgriculture.42. A Multidimensional Critical State Analysis for DetectingIntrusions in SCADA Systems.43. Ship Surveillance with Terra SAR-X44. Multimodal Interaction for Service Robot Control.45. Tank-Like Module-Based Climbing Robot Using PassiveCompliant Joints.46. An Autonomous Robot Based on a Wheelchair.47. Developing sensors and real-time controlling software for arobot.48. Developing a general purpose data collector framework forrobots.49. An Accelerometer-Based Digital Pen With a TrajectoryRecognition Algorithm for Handwritten Digit and GestureRecognition.50. MEMS Accelerometer Based Nonspecific-User Hand GestureRecognition.51. Multisensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System.89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024
  5. 5. 52. An Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Recognition System forMobile Devices.53. Wireless System for Monitoring and Real-Time Classificationof Functional Activity.54. Detecting Software Theft in Embedded Systems: A Side-Channel Approach.55. Safe Driving Using Mobile Phones.56. A Reliable Transmission Protocol for ZigBee-Based WirelessPatient Monitoring.57. Sensor Network Based Oilwell Health Monitoring andIntelligent Control.58. Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System forWellness Determination of Elderly.59. Design of Emergency Remote Security Monitoring and ControlSystem Based on ARM.60. Mobile application as a tool for urban traffic data collectionand generation to Advanced Traveler Information Systems usingWi-Fi networks available in urban centers.61. Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Basedon ARM and ZigBee.62. A WiFi based Smart Wireless Sensor Network for Monitoringan Agricultural Environment.63. Wireless Black Box Using MEMS Accelerometer and GPSTracking for Accidental Monitoring of Vehicles.89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024
  6. 6. 64. A Low-Cost Hand Gesture Human-Computer InteractionSystem.65. Using Cellular Automata on Recommendation Mechanism forSmart Parking in Vehicular Environments.66. Overview for Solid Waste Bin Monitoring and CollectionSystem.67. A System for Mobile Assisted Living.68. A Solution for Reallocating Public Bike Among Bike Stations.69. Robot Navigation System with RFID and Sensors70. Low-Cost. High-Accuracy, State Estimation for VehicleCollision Prevention System.71. Vision-based drowsiness detector for Real Driving Conditions.72. Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) Using LED-LDR Assembly.73. A Wireless Smart Sensor Network based on Multi-functionInterferometric Radar Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring.74. Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of WaterQuality Based on GSM.75. Automatic Ambulance Rescue System.76. Design of Concealed Alarm System Based on GSM.77. Field Variables monitoring in real time (GPS, soil moisture,temperature) with Precision Farming Applications89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024
  7. 7. 78. Creating Innovation with Systems Integration – Road andVehicle Integrated Electric Transportation System.79. Aided Navigation Techniques for Indoor and OutdoorUnmanned Vehicles.80. Issues and Challenges of Wireless Sensor NetworksLocalization in Emerging Applications.81. The Monitoring system design of Harmful Gas inside specialVehicle.82. Study of a Scenic Spot Tourist Location System Based onRFID Technology.83. A Smart Energy Meter Architecture in Indian Context.84. ZigBee Based Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting ControlSystem.85. A Web-Based Remote Laboratory for Monitoring andDiagnosis of AC Electrical Machines.86. Design of Automatic Meter Reading based on Zigbee.87. A Zigbee-Based Wearable Physiological ParametersMonitoring System.88. Centralized Heart Rate Monitoring Telemetry System UsingZigBee Wireless Sensor Network.89. Accelerometer-based Body Sensing for Healthy Aging.90. An Indoor Navigation Approach to Aid the Physically DisabledPeople.89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024
  8. 8. 91. Genetic-Based Biometric Security System for WirelessSensor-based Health Care Systems.92. Fall Detection by Built-In Tri-Accelerometer of Smartphone.93. Ultrasonic Spectacles and Waist-belt for Visually Impaired andBlind Person.94. Home Healthcare Self-Monitoring System for ChronicDiseases.89. RANGARAJAPURAM MAIN ROAD(NEAR SBI BANK)KODAMBAKKAMCHENNAI-600024