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BIOMEDICAL PROJECT ABSTRACT:Smart clothes and associated wearable devices for biomedical ambulatory monitoring


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BIOMEDICAL PROJECT ABSTRACT:Smart clothes and associated wearable devices for biomedical ambulatory monitoring

  1. 1. Smart clothes and associated wearabledevices for biomedical ambulatorymonitoringDittmar, A.; Lymberis, A.Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, 2005. Digest of TechnicalPapers. TRANSDUCERS apos;05. The 13th International Conference onVolume 1, Issue , 5-9 June 2005 Page(s): 221 - 227 Vol. 1Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/SENSOR.2005.1496398Summary: Health smart clothes which are in contact with almost all the surfaceof the skin offer large possibilities for the location of sensors for noninvasivemeasurements. Head band, collar, tee-shirt, socks, shoes, belts for chest, arm,wrist, legs provide localization with specific purpose taking into account theirproximity of an organ or a source of biosignal, and also its ergonomic possibility(user friendliness) to fix a sensor, and the associated instrumentation (batteries,amplifiers, signal processing, telecommunication, alarm, display). The research isoriented toward two complementary directions : improving the relevancy of eachsensor and increasing the number of sensors for having a more global syntheticand robust information.
  2. 2. Body Area NetworkAim: The scope of this project is to develop a system which constantly monitorsthe health status of a person (even while walking on the roads) and if anyabnormalities is found, it is immediately transferred to the nearest hospital,seeking the attention of the doctor.Project Description: Our project is a working model, which incorporates sensors to measure allthese parameters like Body temperature, Respiratory Temp, ECG and Heart Beatrate, all enclosed into a coat. An Embedded Micro controller scans data from allthis sensors and transfer it to the hospital if there is an emergency situation. It alsoenables an alarm beep sound to indicate the patient. Moreover this system ispowered using a Battery, which enables us to use this system even when we are inmobile.Modules: 9 V Battery for Power Supply Sensors and Transducers Signal Conditioning Board PIC Microcontroller Interface Board Alarm and its Driver Circuits
  3. 3. Project Assembly
  4. 4. Block Diagram CPU RF Receiver Serial In Hospital PortHardware Fixed in COAT Heart Beat Sensor RF PIC16F877 Signal Transmitter Microcontroller Conditioning Body Board Board Temperature Relay Drivers Resp Temperature Alarm ECG Sensor