BEST EMBEDDED PROJECT CENTER CHENNAI-Mobile phone controlled pick&place robotics with AI


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BEST EMBEDDED PROJECT CENTER CHENNAI-embedded projects Mobile phone controlled pick&place robotics with AI

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BEST EMBEDDED PROJECT CENTER CHENNAI-Mobile phone controlled pick&place robotics with AI

  1. 1. Mobile Phone Control Pick and Place Robot with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE In industries, manufacturing units’ etc, in which there is no continuity between the conveyor belts our prototype our robot can be used to make the necessary transfer of goods. For a set of conveyor belts we use only one set of azimuth and elevation co-ordinates. If the goods are placed on the conveyor belt at regular intervals judged by the time required for the arm to make the placement on the second conveyor regular transfer can be achieved. Again the operation is quite simple. We provide the two coordinates of the conveyor belt from which the goods have to be transferred. At this time the arm picks up the material from the first conveyor and places it in the second conveyor belt onto which the material has to be placed. This enables the arm to make the placement. Thus continuous transfers of goods between two distant conveyors are achieved. The Movement of the robot can be controlled through a mobile phone. Apart from this the robot is built with some Artificial intelligence for its safety. It has a built in Fire sensor, heat sensor. This project is divided into modules for better understanding of the circuit. The modules include Cell phone Control Circuitary PIC Microcontroller Board Artificial Intelligence Circuits 89. Rangarajapuram main road,(Near SBI Bank) Kodambakkam Chennai-600024,
  2. 2. DC Motor Cell Phone Control Circuitry This Board is used to convert the commands given by the cell phone to logic level signal and provides the input to the Embedded microcontroller. PIC Embedded microcontroller Board: This is the board which contains PIC Embedded microcontroller Chip as well as the clock Circuitry, Reset Circuit and Power Supply for the PIC Embedded microcontroller. Dc Motor: The internal configuration of a DC motor is designed to harness the magnetic interaction between a current-carrying conductor and an external magnetic field to generate rotational motion. Flame Sensor An LDR is used as a flame Sensor. And the output is given to a Digital input of the Controller. So when the Flame is sensed we can give alarm +Visual Indication and immediately. Temperature Sensor A Thermistor is used a Temperature Sensor. When Over Temperature is detected we can stop the movement of the Model. Also we can give the Visual +Alarm Indication. 89. Rangarajapuram main road,(Near SBI Bank) Kodambakkam Chennai-600024,
  3. 3. Block Diagram: Alarm +5V Power Supply DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) Board Microcontroller PIC16F877 Mobile Phone Head Set Temperature Sensor Flame Sensor +12V Power Supply Relay Driver 2 Relays Forward/Reverse 2 Relays 2 Relays Left/Right Up/Down Robotics Model 89. Rangarajapuram main road,(Near SBI Bank) Kodambakkam Chennai-600024, 2 Relays Pick/Place