The Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells Presents….                    The Gossip                              March 2012    ...
Page 2      March—Literacy MonthLiteracy is a skill that can be acquired by    where 93% of the population can readindivid...
Page 3                  The Rotary Club of Hannans                      Annual Literacy ProjectChristmas comes early for t...
Page 6General Meeting Announcement                    The Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells will be holding a General     ...
Page 7Trip to Tassie — Anthea McCormickDuring my trip to Hobart I was lucky enough      something important for the first ...
Page 8Event Review—The Bowl-A-ThonThe 25th of February saw the running of the AnnualBowl-A-Thon for the Rotaract Club of C...
Page 9Introducing  ….  Stunning  Simone!!!Name: Simone Amy JoyceAKA: Simmy, Monie, MoeCurrent Role held: Member, First Lad...
Page 10 The RYLA Experience 2012—Bryn Butler For those who do know about RYLA or Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, its a 7 d...
Page 11 The  RYLA  Experience  2012  cont….. Immediately after RYLA some fellow Rotaractors and I raced back to Perth for ...
The Rotaract Club of    City of Gosnells   Meeting InformationWhen: 1st and 3rd Sundayof each monthMeeting Time: 6pm arriv...
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The gossip march


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The gossip march

  1. 1. The Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells Presents…. The Gossip March 2012 Issue 2A word from our President Dates to rememberFebruary has been a really goodmonth! Aside from being World 4th March—General Meet-Understanding Month, we also ing  @  Laura’s  housecelebrated the 107th anniversaryof Rotary International. The Rota- 15th March— Worlds Greatest Shaveract Club of City of Gosnells hadits second anniversary on the 8th 16th—18th March—Youthof February 2012, and our spon- Conferencesoring club, The Rotary Club ofGosnells had it 52nd anniversary 1st April—Next meetingon the same day. 14—15th April - Relay for LifeMarch looks to be just as busy. having some new member in-The club is looking forward to the ductions in the upcoming 28th April—AmandaRotary Conference & Youth Con- months. Young Ballference to be held on 16 – 18th ofMarch in Kalgoorlie. We will also In this past two months Tom 29th April—5th Sundaybe celebrating the World Rota- Hunter and I have been work- Social @ The Balmoralract week starting on the 13th of ing hard to get our club incor-March, to the 18th of March. porated. I would like to thank Tom for all the hard work he What’s  the  Goss?Our club had 5 members, (3 par- has put into this because with-ticipants and 2 facilitates) attend out him we would not have Monthly Theme 2-3the RYLA Program in February. I progressed this far.was fortunate enough to be partof this camp on the Rotary Com- I would also like to thank our Foto Bombs 4-5mittee. I have seen the 3 partici- beautiful Editor, Emmapants grow as leaders on this McLerie for all the hard workcamp; they have made me she has put into getting the Trip to Tassie 7proud to say that I am a Rotarac- bulletin up and running again.tor and their friend. I also wouldlike to thank Aaron and Anthea Now it gives me great pleasure Upcoming 8for taking the time to be Facilita- to announce that I am the Eventstors on this camp. DRRE (District Rotaract Repre- Member Profile 9 sentative Elect) for 2012/13. II would also like to thank all the am so looking forward to get-members of the club for their ting stuck into making this dis- RYLA Review 10dedication in getting new mem- trict one of the best districts inbers & visitors along to meetings. Australia.Watch this space as we will be Club Summary 12
  2. 2. Page 2 March—Literacy MonthLiteracy is a skill that can be acquired by where 93% of the population can readindividuals, through education one can and write.become literate, through literacy comesknowledge and with knowledge an indi- Globally, literacy rates are on the rise; upvidual can bring in wealth for their self 2.3% in the past 10 years, and 10.6% inand their family. the past 20 years. While women still lag behind – representing 64% of illiterateThe United Nations Educational, Scien- adults—they have made significanttific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) gains over time. Since 1985, the femaleInstitute of Statistics reported the follow- adult literacy rate has risen 15%, which ising findings from the latest data taken in about double the growth of the male2009. literacy rate.Literacy is a cornerstone of human de- From the above facts, there is a clearvelopment and economic growth, yet direction for us when planning our ser-according to the latest data (2009), vice projects and so I encourage everysome 793 million adults -- two thirds of Rotaractor to brainstorm about ideas onthem women -- still lack basic reading some meaningful projects. In the nameand writing skills. of Rotary & Rotaract we can make a difference.Included in that figure are 127 millionyouth, aged 15 to 24, who will For more information on this study pleasebe hobbled in their ability to contribute go to www.uis.unesco.orgto the long-term economic andsocial development of their families and communities.1.0The region of South and West Asia ishome to more than one half of theglobal illiterate population (51.8%), whilesub-Saharan Africa represents 21.4%.However, rates can vary widely acrosscountries in a region. In Mali, for exam-ple, merely 26% of the population is liter-ate in contrast to Equatorial Guinea
  3. 3. Page 3 The Rotary Club of Hannans Annual Literacy ProjectChristmas comes early for the children of The club aim is to reach within and em-the East Kalgoorlie Primary School when brace humanity through literacy and it’sthe Rotary Club of Hannans presented great to be able to give the childreneach child in the school with a book in these books. The smiles on the childrensearly December each year. faces say it all as they come up to re- ceive them.Improving literacy worldwide is a majorgoal for Rotary and the Rotary Club of The children really appreciate theirHannans has been sharing the gift of books. East Kalgoorlie Primary School isreading with the primary school since a predominately indigenous community1997. and has a lot of disadvantaged children and its great to have this focus on liter-Literacy is of great importance to Rotary. acy and getting books into homes.This year will be the fifteenth year of giv- The school has a valued partnership withing books to the children in the school. the Rotary Club of Hannans and areOver the past decade and a half we grateful for their support.have given close to 1,500 books andthe children love receiving them. AG Linda McLerie Rotary Club of Hannans ‘The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go’ - Dr Seuss. ‘I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!’
  6. 6. Page 6General Meeting Announcement The Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells will be holding a General Meeting in which all members are invited and encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held on Sunday 4th March 2012 at Laura’s house. The meeting will start at 7pm sharp but feel free to call around from 5.30pm and have a BBQ dinner. BYO meat & please bring a salad to share. Don’t forget your bathers & The purpose of the General Meeting is to undertake a vote on towel as we the implementation of the Constitution and By Laws. Make sure plan to crank your vote counts and we will see you there!!! the sauna!!!Worlds Greatest Shave—Tenille FrickerI will be shaving my head on Anyone is welcome to bid. Im beingThursday March 15 at Murdoch They can either email me at brave !Law School sometime after or Im raising10.30 am. All are welcome to write to me on Facebook money tocome down and watch. A num- (only the highest bidder at supportber of other students will also be 8pm Sunday March 11 willshaving and colouring their hair. be required to pay in their blood cancerWe will also be selling chin bis- funds). patients andcuits for $2 with all money going to fund vitaldirectly to the Leukaemia Foun- research.dation. Otherwise please go to http:my.leukaemiafoundatio am hoping to raise as much to as possible. So far a lot ofpeople have shown interest indonating but getting people to All donations, largefollow through has been difficult. and small, are greatlyOne of the ideas I’ve had is to off the right to shave myhead. The highest bidder so far Tenilleis one of my friends, John. Hehas bid $50. xxx
  7. 7. Page 7Trip to Tassie — Anthea McCormickDuring my trip to Hobart I was lucky enough something important for the first time andto randomly meet up with a Sullivan Cove they could help each other. This was one ofRotarian with whom I was able to discuss the first times they felt good about them-some of the clubs charities and project. selves, about what they were achieving and they belonged to a team.What really interested me was the club com-mitment and involvement with disadvan- Suggest - don’t shove They had beentaged youths in the Tasmanian area. A few kicked, punched, put down and they didntyears ago they initiated a project called want any more of that treatment. We only‘Relink through the Street Work Program’ picked Coaches and Staff that were positivewhere they encourage youths off the street people and were encouraging, built self es-with activities. teem, looked at their positive aspects. We didnt want any negativity.I have included some of the tips he hasgiven me that worked for their project and Give them more than they bargainedcould help us with our future projects. for Add to the programs with extras like their own team song, their own jumper, a BBQ atYou can lead a horse to water, but you the end of the game, their photos in the pa-can’t make it drink, but you can make it very per, special games with High Profile AFL play-thirsty. ers attending, presentation of certificates, having someone to talk to after a game, get-We found what the young people wanted ting their work orders or arrest warrants dealtto do, through sitting down and chatting with, without the threat of arrest on gamewith them over a bite to eat. days, getting them into courses, getting them part time work, giving them responsibility and trust, getting them to talk to Rotary and otherProvide activities they want to do Such as service clubs with a free lunch and gettingFooty, Cricket, Fishing, an alter- dressed up in smart clothes, having them MCnative to drinking and using drugs. special events, involving them in planning meetings and having an equal say.............Get in step with the young people - Under-stand where they have come from, theirbackgrounds issues and why they do thethings they do, why they have trouble trust-ing people, why they were violent and whythey hung around shopping centres.Make them part of the program – Give themownership—They set the rules, we just facili-tated things and guided them through theprocess. It was their program, and be-cause they enjoyed it so much and therewas a team ethic and they didnt want to By Anthea McCormick andlose that. They felt that they belonged to tips provided by Kim Smith
  8. 8. Page 8Event Review—The Bowl-A-ThonThe 25th of February saw the running of the AnnualBowl-A-Thon for the Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells.The BBQ was fired up, friends were gathered and vic-tory was in the air. Bowling was the game and fund-raising was the aim!It was wonderful to see so many friends of the club come down and support us inthis event. I was over the moon to see fellow Rotaractors from both districts to-gether as well as Rotarians, RYLA friends & family members. We are very fortunateto have your support.A massive thank you to Aaron & everyone who helped make this day such a suc-cess. As I’m sure you are aware, proceeds of the day went to Amaroo Village.Amaroo Village is a retirement home and the money raised will go towards fundinga gardening patch were residents can get outdoors and keep physically & men-tally healthy. Emma McLerie Did you know March is National Epilepsy Awareness Month?Dig out the best of your purple garb - March is National Epilepsy AwarenessMonth. Marked by a huge range of community activities, media campaignsand events, the month culminates on Purple Day on 26th March. Be part ofthe movement and help spread the word by wearing purple on March 26th.
  9. 9. Page 9Introducing  ….  Stunning  Simone!!!Name: Simone Amy JoyceAKA: Simmy, Monie, MoeCurrent Role held: Member, First LadyMember Since: June, 20111. What did you want to be when you werelittle? A highflying artist like Leonardo Da Vinci!But I soon realized that you don’t get really fa-­mous until you’ve been dead for awhile.2. What’s the next planned event yourelooking to in your life? I’m really looking for-­ward to Relay for Life this April. I did the event ment;; I’ve started to turn my life around. Start-­when I was in high school and I enjoyed myself ing to feel myself again, which I have really feltso much that I can’t wait to do it again. Also for such a long time.knowing that I’m doing it with some awesomepeople and all the mischief we’re going to get 9. Tell us something about yourself not manyup to would make anyone excited! I’ve had a people would know? Earlier this year I was diag-few people suffer with cancer, some have lost nosed with Depression. I’ve had lots of bloodtheir fight and others are still fighting. I want to tests and ultrasounds; the doctor came backshow my respect and support for them. and told me I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which has contributed, to my De-3. What word describes you best? Creative pression amongst other things. Polycystic Ovar- ian Syndrome is a complex disorder, basically is a condition in which there is an imbalance of a4. If you were invisible, where would you womans female sex hormones. This causes ago? I would like to go and spy on god. Since whole lot of problems with your body, which ishe so fond on spying on me, and the rest of why its called a ‘syndrome’ not a disease or dis-­the world, I’d like to see what he gets up to! order as there is such a wide spectrum of symp- toms PCOS causes. Surprisingly 1 in every 85. What is your favourite food? Chocolate! women have this Syndrome, its one of the mostIts orgasmic! My second love is Italian cuisine; under publicised health issues in Australia.since I’m part Italian I’ve always had pasta, Sometime in the future, I would like to changeroasts, meat, garlic and then more garlic. I’m a that. Although I have support from my friendsproud Italian that has converted Johan to love and family (those that I have told), there is notgarlic too! much support from the wider community.6. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, 10. What words of wisdom or inspirational mes-who would you meet & why? Leonardo Da sage would you like to leave us with? ……. I’veVinci, he was and still is one of the biggest gen- struggled with Depression for quite a few years,iuses. I would love to be taught a few things by I only admitted to myself last year that I neededhim! to get help. My message is don’t suffer in si-­ lence. Once you admit to yourself that you7. What is your favourite thing about Rota- need help and seek it, your life will change forract? The people, everyone is great. From the better. The hardest thing is to take the firstHandicamp and RYLA my bond with most of step, but know that you can do it. I’ve a livingyou have strengthened, you all enrich my life. example of that. I know I’ve only started the road to recovery, but I can see the light at the8. What is your greatest accomplishment? I end of the tunnel.think starting off 2012 is my greatest achieve-
  10. 10. Page 10 The RYLA Experience 2012—Bryn Butler For those who do know about RYLA or Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, its a 7 day long program for 18 - 28 year olds, it aims to chal- lenge individuals while providing unique op- portunities for developing leadership skills, public speaking, team building and a place where you get to meet amazing people. The seminar program has a strong focus on personal and leadership development. It assisted us to become aware of our own strengths and weaknesses, to understand the basics of leadership and to apply this knowledge to develop our leadership capabilities. For me personally, the course really challenged me to look deep with in myself, to truly study what are my core personal values and also what I want out of life. What I discovered was I have natural leadership capabilities. It wasn’t me who identified this, but my peers. They gave me the opportunities and confidence to help lead a team to accomplish tasks of which I’m proud of, and for that thank you. It goes with out saying that one cannot lead others without people to follow you, fortu- nately throughout the whole camp any single participant who stepped up was supported by some of the most remarkable and inspiring young people, who’s atti-­ tude made the job of leading a group so much easier. These are the sort of results you get when you put a remarkable group of young people together inside the confines of the "RYLA bubble". The positivity and atti- tudes radiating from the participants confirms that our future is in safe hands with these leaders of tomorrow. A primary component of RYLA is small groups, it’s where our 38 participants were broken up into 5 teams, but by day 7 we were undoubtedly 5 families. Literally to the point where my team were calling our Facs (Facilitators) “Mum and Dad”, now as you can image this followed on to many other jokes, specifically centered around our existence, of which I couldnt possibly repeat here. These small groups provided a platform for us to get to know each other in a deeper and more personal way, all while being in a comfortable private setting. Strangers quickly became friends and peoples deepest secrets were revealed to the group in a supportive and friendly atmosphere, putting participants and Fac’s at ease with them selves and others, which ultimately gave a massive boost to their confidence and attitudes.
  11. 11. Page 11 The  RYLA  Experience  2012  cont….. Immediately after RYLA some fellow Rotaractors and I raced back to Perth for our meeting at The Rotaract Club of the City of Gosnells. There Matt French and I made our case known to our club as to why we should be the next Vice President/ President. I think it’s safe to say what Matt and I learnt on RYLA will play a phe-­ nomenal role in how we choose to tackle the responsibilities of holding the office of VP/President, and that’s just one of the examples of how RYLA is already chang-­ ing my life for the better. RYLA is known for giving participants an epiphany like realisation about what they want from life, I learn that I wanted to direct my time more towards what I’m pas-­ sionate about, to do more in the community, to live a happier life, but ultimately to chase my dreams. I am confident that what I took away after that week in February has prepared me for a lot of life’s curve balls, or at the very least tackling my personal goals. It is a real task to attempt to summaries such an experience, I remember reading a quote someone made in regards to their RYLA adventure which sums it up per- fectly: “Can’t be described or understood – only experienced”. I and 37 other friends of mine would not have been able to have this once in a life time adventure if it wasn’t for the selfless efforts of many teams of special people working together to see the betterment of the life’s of young people. Unfortunately, I can’t thank everyone in depth here in this article, but you know who you are and how much you helped change our life’s, thank you so very much. Bryn Butler RYLA Graduate 2012
  12. 12. The Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells Meeting InformationWhen: 1st and 3rd Sundayof each monthMeeting Time: 6pm arrivalfor 6.30pm startLocation: CY OConnorVillage Pub The Rotaract Club of625 Warton Rd,Piara Waters City of Gosnells The Rotaract Club of City of Gosnells was charteredClub President: on the 8th of February 2010. The club has roughly 25Johan Maasdam members aged between 18-30 years, who participate in a number of projects stretching from assisting the local community, Australia and the World. And the best thing is……. We have fun doing it!!!CHECK US OUT ONLINE— What R.I.F.J.A.M? the editorDo you have something you would like included in thebulletin? Maybe you have some suggestions or ideas?Email me at before the22nd of the month to make the cut off for the followingmonth’s edition. Emma xxx