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Plantijn presentatie

  1. 1. Search Engine Marketing @maartenvherck
  2. 2. Hate to disappoint you…
  3. 3. SEM SEM SEO SEO SEA SEA(on & off page) (on & off page)
  4. 4. Basically it’s simple … Or is it?
  5. 5. So what’s the REAL difference?SEO: SEA:-Great long-term ROI -More expensive-High ceiling & volume -Lower ceiling & volume-More exposure & awareness -May be subject to ad blindness-Though to quantify -Highly measurable-Lot’s of work -Less development needed-Takes a while (not for short term) -Quick setup
  6. 6. Search engine marketing process Immediate Immediate Long term Long term Ongoing communication Ongoing communication exposure exposure visibility visibility SEA: SEA: SMM: SMM: SEO: SEO: Pay per click Pay per click Social media Social media Search Engine Search Engine advertising advertising marketing marketing Optimization Optimization
  7. 7. The relevance of Search Engines “Since the inception of web search, the activity has grown to heights of great popularity, such that in December of 2005, the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 90% of online men and 91% of online women used search engines. Of these, 42% of the men and 39% of the women reported using search engines every day and more than 85% of both groups say they "found the information they were looking for.” – SEOMOZ
  8. 8. Why is it important?• The ROPO effect: search online – purchase offline “40% of buyers have used a search engine through the research process, helping drive incremental offline sales”• Proven that SEM works really good together with traditional campaigns.
  9. 9. Importance of a good performance • SEO: – top 3 results : 100% visibility – 2nd page: 4% • SEA: – results on top of page: 80 -100% – on the right side: 10 – 50%
  10. 10. Focus on Google 42.1% of all internet users access Google each day
  11. 11. It’s all about keywords…
  12. 12. SEOAKA organic search optimization
  13. 13. Why is it important?• Only 6% of all searches conducted reach the second page of the Google search results “The best place to hide a dead body, Is page 2 of Google search results”
  14. 14. Steps to optimize your website
  15. 15. How to measure site performance• Google Page Rank• Alexis Ranking• Measure with SEO Quake
  16. 16. On page SEO
  17. 17. Strategy• Decide which are the most important facts you want to highlight• Make clear for the consumer and search engines what’s important by the build up of the site• Make sure that every page has internal links to other pages of the website. These will improve your SEO
  18. 18. Strategy
  19. 19. Content• Find out which keywords are important per page• use the keywords 2-3 times within the copy• Put keywords in bold. This way Search Engines recognize them easier• Use the most important keywords in titles and url tabs• Important to use a lot of in-copy links between the different pages
  20. 20. Content
  21. 21. Technical• Make sure the website is built up with H1 / H2 /H3 title tags• Implement meta data: alt tagging / meta words/ meta keywords/ meta description• Use robots.txt to guide Search Engines through your site• Use sitemaps
  22. 22. Technical• Take loading speed into account• Make URLs user friendly• Measure your site in SEO browser
  23. 23. Off page SEO
  24. 24. Linkbuilding• Search Engines are very sensitive for inbound links.• Links need to be relevant• Better one inbound link from a site with PR7 than a hundred with PR1• Work with affiliates
  25. 25. Blogging• Help being relevant for a website• Try to use as much keywords as possible• Link to different pages of your website• Use tags
  26. 26. Blogging
  27. 27. SMM• When having a good conversation and relevant content, Social Media can boost your website’s page rank• Link frequently to pages of your website• G+ will be very important for SEO due to the +1 button on Google and because all public shares are indexed
  28. 28. SMM Though search engines and e-mails keep the most used online, social media is dramatically growing importance.
  29. 29. But this all doesn’t meanyou can’t be creative
  30. 30.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. SEAAKA paid search
  33. 33. More than only Google Search Results – Google properties: Gmail, Youtube, Google docs,…
  34. 34. More than only Google Search Results – Google Content Network
  35. 35. More than only Google Search Results – Make your own mediaplan with Google Doubleclick
  36. 36. Keywords• Important: search, investigate and work with the top keywords  Based on relevance CTR and CPC• 3 types of keywords: – Generic – Specific – Brand
  37. 37. Keywords match types in AdwordsType Inserted in Appear when example adwordsBroad Caribbean All sentences containing Caribbean holiday Cruises /match Cruise this word or combination Cruise holiday in the of these words in any Caribbean order is used in the queryPhrase “Caribbean Keywords are typed in Cheap Caribbean cruisematch Cruise” the exact order specified /Caribbean Cruise dealsExact [Caribbean Keywords must be only Caribbean Cruisematch Cruise] end exactly what the user types inNegative e.g. Ads will not appear when No ad appears whenmatch -Tom this search term is someone types: Tom Cruise Cruise entered in the query
  38. 38. Adwords campaign
  39. 39. Quality Score The higher the quality score, the lower the CPC Furthermore it plays a huge roll in determining whether you appear above the search results
  40. 40. An online auction• Possibility to put more pressure on one keyword than another• Possibility to put more pressure on certain time periods• Possibility to target geographically and demographically
  41. 41. An online auction
  42. 42. QnA
  43. 43. Assignment
  44. 44. assignment1. Analyze the current situation on Avignonesi (on page, off page, SMM,... )2. Find out which keywords to use. Hint: Tuscany is really important to the brand3. Make up an SEO strategy and find what we could improve or adjust (check SEOMOZ ‘s beginners guide)4. Build an SEA strategy. Which keywords to use , how much they cost, what the lead generation will be AND make up a budget for it.