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Windows Azure Web Sites – things they don’t teach kids in school - AzureConf

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  4. Web Worker IIS ARR (LB) Azure Runtime Other LB DB databases Storage Controller
  5. Web Worker IIS ARR (LB) Azure LB Other databases Storage Controller
  6. Web Worker IIS ARR SQL Azure (LB) Site (W3WP.exe) Blob storage Site (W3WP.exe) Site (W3WP.exe) Runtime Windows Azure Worker DB Role Other Azure Metering databases LB DWAS Provisioning / API Frontend Storage Deployment Controller X-Drive Server
  7. Need more proof? Windows Azure Services for Windows Server ( ng/en/us/services.aspx) Or: post/2012/07/24/Hands-on- Windows-Azure-Services-for- Windows.aspx
  8. Project Kudu
  10. Kudu kung-fu
  12. us/develop/python/tutorials/web-sites-with-django/
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Editor's Notes

  1. Maarten
  2. Launch PhpStorm, create new websiteExplain command line toolsazure site create WAWSdeepdive --location "North Europe" --gitConfigure gitAdd index.php <phpphpinfo();Commit and pushDisplay in browser and go through “environment”COMPUTERNAME “RD….”NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS -> x-large instancesAll ARR___ variables (cookies for affinity and so on)WAWebSiteSID for determining the website SIDApparently C:\\DWASFiles\\Sites\\WAWSdeepdive seems “da bomb”Browse through the portal and note:All URLS for FTP and SCM are different hostnames and thus potentially a different group of serversazure site delete WAWSdeepdive
  3. Clone from git, run buildWhile build runs, explain what’s happening (NPM stage, …)Run Kudu.Webas administratorCreate a site, show folders, …KuduExec! – browse the filesystem and so onExplore someCd .. Until no more is possible and dir – show \\\\10,x,x,x
  4. Show logging applicationExplain nothing special configuredEnable through portalShow stream: azure site log tailstackedlogging(other options are download)Configure verbosity
  5. Create an application and use ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["MyKey"] tospecify a ‘dev’ variable or somethingShow environment variable printingUpdate setting in portalFTP into the system and note that the web.config is UNTOUCHED!We can use this for storing secrets
  6. Show Hg repository in which I have created two branches: the default one and a “staging” oneConfigure one production websiteConfigure one staging websiteExplain hostnames, scaling, configuration and so on
  7. Explain solution structure: two web projectsCreate .deployment fileAdd:[config]project = MultiTier.WebApi/MultiTier.WebApi.csproj
  8. Create .deployment fileAdd:[config]command=deploy.cmdAdd deploy.cmd@echo offecho Stacked is TEH AWESOME!echo We are deploying to %MYENV%- Set environment variable in portal
  9. Too long for slides!Run azure site deploymentscript --basicOr azure site deploymentscript –aspWAPRun through script
  10. Explain unit test projectDeploy with successDeploy with failure